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Online Astrology to get best remedies for your Problems

By: Dr. Arun Bansal | 20-Nov-2021
Views : 3050Online Astrology to get best remedies for your Problems

Astrology is ancient science of knowing future events. It is an established system of analyzing celestial bodies and their effects on our daily life. 

According to astrology, every planet affects our life in unique way based on their karakatvas and lordship in natal chart. 

Astrology seeks to study the effects and results these planets and stars bring in our lives based on running dasha and transit of the planets. 

Astrologers predict about future events and also suggest effective remedies to solve any kind of problems in your life. 

Online Astrology is the fastest way to get in contact with these expert astrologers. 

You may fix an appointment online and get the best astrological advice in no time within the comfort of your home.

In India, Vedic astrology is applied in almost every important decision and muhurata here is given utmost importance. 

Priests or purohits make use of astrology in knowing auspicious tithis and time period of the day. 

The importance of free online horoscope 

Astrologers have been an inseparable part of Indian belief system and people take astrology consultation before taking important decisions as well as to overcome any trouble in life.

Astrology may help you in following ways:

  • Know about the worst and best period of your life
  • Family life
  • Predictions about education, career, marriage, health, old age etc.
  • Chances of foreign settlement for work or studies
  • Financial status one may expect in this life
  • Happiness from kids
  • Earning from speculation or stock market activities
  • Success of love life
  • Spiritual progress
  • Fame and recognition through work

It is commendable to know that the stars though staying at a distance of thousands of miles away from the Earth but still are responsible for almost all our life events. 

Astrology is so powerful that it can predict even how your present moment will pass. 

Whether the day will bring prosperity or misery can also be effectively predicted with use of astrology. 

How Online Astrology works?

Online astrology requires a person to have internet connection and reliable astrology software. After that he/she just has to enter basic birth details like date, time and place of birth. You are ready with your free online birth chart! 

  • There are nine planets in astrology and each has specific karakatvas as mentioned in our ancient astrological texts.

They all have some roles to play in planetary cabinet like:

  •  Sun – King
  • Moon – Queen
  • Mars – Army Chief
  • Mercury – Prince
  • Jupiter – Minister
  • Venus – Minister
  • Saturn – Servant  

Not just this but they have their specific tastes, seasons etc. They give results as per their associations which are carefully scrutinized by a learned astrologer.

  • There are twelve houses and each house has covered significant areas of life. These houses are analyzed to know what results an individual may expect through these houses. There are certain vedic principles that check whether a planet will give good or bad results during dasha of that planet.
  • Various astrological yogas are checked too. These auspicious and inauspicious yogas are responsible for pleasures or miseries in life.
  • Sometimes we see a person makes commendable gains within a short span of few years. This is purely a result of favorable dasha which has poured blessings on the native. A talk to astrologer may help you know about the results of various dashas operating in your lifetime. 
  • Transit of planets is very important in bringing fruits of dasha and yogas formed in your kundli. Transit along with ashtakvarga system is checked to know the exact results the native will get. 
  • Nakshatra in which various planets are placed also keep an important place in the world of astrology and helps to make even more accurate predictions. Experienced astrologers make use of nakshatra siddhanta as well.    

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How online astrology makes your life trouble free?

  • Astrology helps you know things in advance and makes you aware of any adversities likely to come in future. If you know future in advance you remain better prepare for that and can also take timely precautions. For example- you may choose to stay at home on the day you have been predicted to meet an accident. Similarly, a prediction about a bad year for health makes you take good care of your health during that time so that no health issues trouble you.
  • We don’t say that astrology completely removes all miseries but as it is said prevention is better than cure, you may take required precautions to avoid unpleasant situations. They reduce the quantum of misfortune to bare minimum so that loss has been reduced to minimum possible limit.
  • Astrology suggests you about the right career path and the suitable line of education based on your planetary placements. This goes a long way in attracting fortunes in life.
  • You also get to know about appropriate time of marriage along with guidance about the most suitable life partner for you through kundli Milan. This helps the native to lead a successful and happy married life.
  • Foreign education and settlement is another area most people need consultation about. Astrology helps to know future aspects in foreign country and also the chances of success and fame in foreign land.
  • Each and every detail about your health can be summarized in the form of a health report which can be used by a person to know his complete health graph for his/her life.

Easy access of online astrology services

Smart phones and other gadgets have become an integral part of our life and we can’t imagine our existence without them. Online astrology consultation is just a click away and may be resorted to anytime through our smart gadgets. 

Since we all are aware of the benefits astrology is providing to us, we must make use of this wonderful service which saves us from all hurdles in life. 

Moreover online astrology doesn’t involve wastage of time required in commuting from one place to another. The best astrologers at Future point promise most genuine astrological consultation along with effective remedial measures that are sure to beat all blues in your life! 

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