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"Astrology is an empirical science of probabilities & experiences wherein we study the effect of planets on human beings. Happenings on this earth are not random but fully controlled & planets play an important role by virtue of their gravitational & unknown cosmic forces."

Dr. Arun Bansal - The Most Renowned Professional Astrologer in India

Dr. Arun Bansal needs no introduction in the field of Astrology which is more appropriately called Vedic Astrology, owing to the precedent he has set by creating the first-ever Vedic Astrology Software, LeoStar in 1978. Often referred to as the ‘Father of Computer Astrology’, Dr. Arun Bansal is the Best Astrologer in India due to his life-transforming predictions and remedies.
Being labeled an ingenious, he is the Founder and Chairman of Future Point- the #1 Astrology website in India and is also the President of "All India Federation of Astrologers’ Societies" (AIFAS)- the largest Indian Federation teaching Vedic Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Tarot Card Reading and Vastu Shastra to occult enthusiasts all over the world. His disarming simplicity endears him to all and his calm demeanor pleases everyone he acquaints. He has been globally acclaimed the Best Astrology & Vastu consultant.

Right from his early days, he was fired up by the twists and turns of occultism, which led to his fascination in the subject of Astrology. He knew that by virtue of his acumen in the Computer Sciences, he would be able to develop techniques that would facilitate quick and accurate calculations of as tricky a subject as Vedic Astrology. Therefore, he set his eyes on designing a user-friendly Astrology software.
That is how he worked in cahoots with the technology to incorporate the software with the concepts propounded by Sage Parashara, SageJaimini, Tajik, the approach of the Lal Kitab etc. to aid him in creating the #1 Astrology Software in India, Leo Star.

  • Founder of Computer Astrology in India
  • Author of Best Astrology Softwares LeoStar & LeoTouch Series
  • Biggest Propagator of Astrology & Other Vedic Sciences
  • Organized several successful national & international astrology conferences
  • Chairman of Most Reputed Astrological Organization FUTURE POINT
  • President of All India Federation of Astrologers Societies
  • Chief Editor of "Future Samachar" & "Research Journal of Astrology"
  • Authored several books & articles on astrology
  • Author of "Shatabdi Panchangam"
  • MSc Topper in Physics from Delhi University
  • M Phill in Computer Science from JNU
  • Ph.D. in Astrology from Mewar University

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Founded in 1985, FUTURE POINT (P) LTD. has been under constant amelioration and the company has acquired an enviable stature in the field of Astrological Software today. But Dr. Bansal’s inquisitive attitude and the strive to always move forward didn’t just stop there, he developed the most popular programs in the name of Leo-1, Leo-99, Leo Gold and now LeoStar based on various systems of Astrology like Parashar, Jaimini, Tajik and K.P. His research dominated thinking was what paved the way for all his astrological surveys that later proved to be of assistance when he started developing the first ever Indian Astrology Software. The brilliantly developed accurate software is the first & only choice of countless professional astrologers.

He stands tall in the global community of Astrology practitioners, reverberating respect and recognition at all levels. His great ambition is to disseminate knowledge of Indian Vedic sciences all over the world. Adding shine to Dr. Bansal’s career is the fact that he has been successfully organizing international seminars on Astrology in Mauritius, Singapore, Dubai (U.A.E), South Africa, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Colombia,, London (U.K), and Australia from 2001 onwards.

Dr. Arun Bansal is the Chief Editor of popular Astrology magazines "Future Samachar" and "Research Journal of Astrology". He is a celebrated author, who has written for and published many books and articles on Astrology and Vastu. Born and brought up in Delhi, besides doing B.Sc. in Physics from Delhi University, he also did M.Phil and research in Computer Science from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. Recently, the famous Astrologer added another laurel to his bag- Mewar University conferred him with a Doctorate degree in Astrology.

What type of Astrology Services does Dr. Arun Bansal offer?

Services offered by Dr. Arun Bansal are countless and cater to every single problem faced by an individual. The 40+ years of experience and his wide area of expertise has made him the ace of his game. Now if you are wondering- Who is the Best Astrologer near me?” then you can consult with Dr. Arun Bansal who is an incredibly talented professional astrologer. Mentioned below are some of the prime services offered by Dr. Arun Bansal in the field of Astrology.

  • Basic Horoscope Analysis Consultation: Consult Dr. Arun Bansal for a personalized reading of your Horoscope. People consult with Vedic Astrologer Dr. Arun Bansal for getting the best horoscope analysis and seeking answers to all their questions pertaining to various key domains of their lives. With accurate predictions and reliable service, you can be assured that you will get the best occult guidance to overcome all hurdles in life and arrive at meaningful solutions to your problems.
  • Couple Consultation: Dr. Arun Bansal provides consultation to estranged couples who have fallen off the wagon and are struggling to live blissfully. This service caters to those who believe that they are facing problems in their love life and would want a love specialist to look at it. Having catered to thousands of clients, Dr. Arun Bansal provides special love counseling through Astrology.
  • Family Consultation: Dr. Arun Bansal is the master when it comes to solving familial problems. Families that are facing issues or a couple with kids who have been feeling under the weather lately can take this consultation to get rid of their problems. The Family Consultation Service by Dr. Arun Bansal will equip a family with the insights based on what their future holds. Each individual of the family can know the best path forward that is the most suited to achieve peace, happiness & success in life.
  • Job Prospects Consultation: Individuals who have been facing problems with employment or are worried that the job they are currently doing is not bringing them closer to their goals, can take the Job Prospects Astrology Consultation from Dr. Bansal. The service aims at providing the individual with highly useful insights through horoscope analysis that enlightens him/her about the career domain of life and what future job prospects are signified in the individual’s horoscope.
  • Career Consultation: The Astrology consultation by world’s Best Vedic Astrologer- Dr. Arun Bansal will cover the career prospects and predictions for an individual based on the planetary positions in his/her horoscope. The guided career counseling by Dr. Bansal will enlighten you about your horoscope and what the stars have in store for you. In the career sphere, anything and everything that bothers you can be asked from Dr. Arun Bansal and you will be provided with a definitive roadmap backed by occult wisdom.
  • Finance Consultation: Those suffering in the domain of finance can now bid their sufferings goodbye with the Astrology Finance Consultation by Dr. Bansal. No matter what your problem is, the finance consultation will aid you in managing your finances properly and making informed monetary decisions.
  • Vastu Consultation Services: Being the most famous and Best Vastu Consultant in India, Dr. Arun Bansal has been implementing his knowledge of Vastu Shastra and its verticals for over 4 decades. The Vastu Specialist knows everything about a house in terms of the energies acting upon, just by looking at it. The Vastu Services offered by him are highly beneficial and diversified catering to a wide variety of properties ranging from houses, flats/apartments, bunglows, villas, shops, factories, offices etc. The myriad of genuine Vastu Services offered at Future Point by Dr. Bansal are designed in order to suit one and all, so that every little requirement of Vastu gets fulfilled.
  • Education Consultation: Those who are facing a serious dilemma or are anxious about what to choose from the options in the academic domain of their lives can take guidance from Education Astrology Consultation offered by Dr. Bansal. He provides profound horoscope backed guidance for making the right decisions in matters of education.
  • Health Consultation: The Health Consultation Service is beneficial for those who are frustrated because of faltering wellbeing or are wondering if their kundli or horoscope can help them decide what to do for achieving a sound state of health in life. The Health Consultation from Dr. Arun Bansal would unveil all the secrets of your kundli and will help you decide the most suitable course of action. You will know what health problems the planets are signifying for you and what changes you can implement to overcome those alongside adopting the remedies suggested.
  • Overseas Travel Consultation: People who are planning to settle down abroad or are wondering if they have overseas travel indicated in their horoscope can immensely benefit from this Astrology Consultation. The consultation would include a deep analysis of your horoscope and calculate all the probable times of travel, along with some remedies that might come in handy to speed up the process.
  • Legal Issues Consultation: Stuck in a legal matter and need an experts’ advice as to what should be your next step? Let your kundli or horoscope guide the way for you. Understand your life better through your horoscope and figure out what plan of action you must take in order to get out of legal troubles by going for the Legal Issues Consultation from Dr. Bansal.
  • Property & Land Issues Consultation: Solve the issues of disputed land or ancestral property under a special category of astrological consultation offered by Dr. Bansal. Here, occult based guidance is provided to those who seek assistance in their property or land related troubles. This is an incredibly effective consultation that aids you in getting what you want, as smoothly as possible.
  • Remedial Astrology Consultation: With the problems faced by people increasing day by day, it is only natural that we look for effective remedial measures. Dr. Arun Bansal is a master when it comes to suggesting remedies and antidotes for problems that we face in our daily lives. This consultation focusses on powerful & time-tested remedial measures that aim to find a perfect balance in one’s life.


Dr. Arun Bansal has penned down several books on a wide range of occult subjects. Along with collaborations, he has been a celebrated author of several books that deal with remedies. With several bestsellers to his name, here’s a list of some of the books penned down by Dr. Bansal.

  • Remedies of Palmistry
  • Remedies of Vastu
  • An Introduction to Numerology
  • Electional Astrology
  • Principles of Ashtakvarg

Apart from the above-mentioned names, Dr. Arun Bansal has also collaborated as an editor on numerous Astrology books.

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