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In today’s era of mishaps being common knowledge and happiness being the far-fetched fairy tale, it’s only viable that we look for solace in Online Kundli software and Free Kundli Matching to give us a little sliver of hope. The Free Astrology Software Online at Future Point comes from its predecessor, LeoStar which is trusted by millions worldwide. Accorded as the First Astrology Software in India, its proved its mettle over time. To provide its meticulous calculations and charts available to the masses at no cost, the creators of LeoStar have made it into a Free Kundli Software. It can help you create your birth chart or natal chart or as its called Kundli or Janam Patri in India in mere seconds. You will be able to calculate Nakshatras and Panchang with lightning fast accuracy and speed.

Take complete advantage of our Free Horoscope Software to calculate your Free Kundli or even that of your kith and kin with the promise of efficiency by Best Astrology Software. The Free Astrology Software by Future Point would work as your Free Kundli Software along with Free Match Making Software, both at the same time.

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Disclaimer: The above-mentioned software is an online/ internet based Astrology Software and is available to download through the below mentioned links in two formats: offline kundli software free download for pc.

The Horoscope Free Software provides all the necessary data predictions, along with chart calculations and matchmaking apparatus. All you need is a working internet connection and you are all set to have the best astrology software online at absolutely no cost. The features include calculation of your sun sign and moon sign, along with ascendant, Nakshatra, and the various aspects of planets on different houses of the natal chart. The Free Kundali Software also includes Free Horoscope predictions and charts calculating different aspects of life. Now you can also download Free Kundli Software, exclusively available at Future Point.

This Free Software for Kundli is your one-stop shop for all things astrology. Available solely on the browser for you, the Free Software is best for calculating mundane charts, but professional astrologers can seek expert advice and get for themselves the Best Astrology software, LeoStar for Windows, or LeoTouch Application for Android.

If you want an Astrology Software that’s worthy of your professional expertise, check out the excellent features of LeoStar and LeoTouch. You can also download Astrology Software for free at the Future Point website, through the link provided below. The Free Astrology Software Download might lack what a highly professional Astrology software could do with, but it still does the work that it advertses, of churning out excellent and accurate information.

The Free Astrology Software provided by Future Point works on the principles of Vedic Astrology while paving the way for a brighter future for the masses. With changing times, it’s only deemed fit that we evolve too! From letters, we have shifted to mobile phones and made our world a smaller place by connecting all the dots worldwide. With just a single touch of your finger, you can look up hundreds of charts and calculations for whomever you want. In the earlier days learned astrologers only possessed the esoteric knowledge of Vedas and Astronomy, who used to calculate Kundli using manual methods, but with time Best Astrology Softwares have come up and changed our world with their cutting-edge technology of creating Janam Patri’s with 100% accuracy. Now you do not have to find yourself a notable astrologer to look up your horoscope, all you need is our software that would calculate it for free!

From Kundli Making software to Free Horoscope Matching Software, you can find it all on our website and put them to good use. The software boasts a myriad of reports like Sade Sati Life Report, Lal Kitab, KP system, gemstone, rudraksha, Vastu, career, love, marriage, and baby horoscope, just to name a few. All that’s left for you now is to use our Free Horoscope Calculator and read your Horoscope Predictions for 2019.

Our Free Kundali Software comes from its predecessor LeoStar which has earned its name well in the astrology market. Being used since ancient times in India, the Kundli is a mirror of our life. Of how our nature would be, to how our temperament would change over the period of time. It depicts our life true to its core and has been around since the age of gurus. After a child’s birth, the most important task for the parents is to get a Janam Kundli prepared for the baby so that he/she doesn’t face any obstacles in life. It follows a straight path of set rules to come up with the accurate predictions along with the planetary positions of planets present in the natal chart to get to know what mahadasha or antardasha would affect the child and when. The Kundli also serves its purpose at the time of marriage, when Matchmaking is done by the families to decipher the true meaning of the union and the future of the marriage. Guna Milan and Ashtakoot Milan also hold great importance in Indian marriages. All you need to do to get your hands on this knowledge is enter your details and create your Kundli.

Our software also features time correction methods, including wartime correction mode.

If you want to further delve deep in the magical world of Occult Science, you can use our other free services like Free Kundli Software, Free Kundli Matching, Free Love Calculator, and Free Numerology to name just a few.

You can also avail our personalised special reports that come armed with a personalised handwritten response from our panel of expert astrologers with more than 40 years of experience. You can check out our Report Section here.

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The Free astrology software lets you hop into the delightful world of Vedic Astrology and be amazed at how much of our world depends on the planets and constellations. You can also figure out the importance of Gems and Rudraksha in your life with the Free Kundli Software. Everything that you have ever wanted through astrology can fit in your pocket with the Free Astrology Software Online that works on the internet. A functional internet connect is potent enough to connect you with the stars and planets present in your natal chart.

Climb up the social ladder by knowing what the future has in store for you. It’s only going to get better from here as you make use of the Free Online Astrology Software and put it to good use. You can also use it to calculate Rashifal 2023 or check our exclusive section of New Year Services launched to cater to your every need.