Rashi Calculator

Rashi Calculator or Janma Rashi Calculator enables one to look up their zodiac sign and find solace in the traits and horoscope predictions for their sign. You can calculate your Rashi by various means, namely Rashi calculator by name, Moon sign Rashi calculator, or Sun sign Rashi calculator. Each of these calculators varies from each other and might produce different zodiac sign for you, but their predictions and characteristic trait are potent enough to let you know how your days will fare. Despite the popular belief, you can also find out your zodiac sign with the help of Rashi Calculator by name.

At Future Point, we provide Rashi by name calculator, which only requires you to enter your first name and find out which zodiac family you belong to. We have simplified it further by adding the Free Horoscope Predictions for your sign below the result so that you could have easy access to your future. In Vedic Astrology, much reverence is given to the Moon Sign Calculator which considers the placement of moon in your natal chart. Moon symbolises mind in Vedic Astrology and hence the importance.

In Western Astrology, Sun Sign Calculator is considered due to them placing Sun as the focal point of their research. Each of these calculators ultimately aims to get you closer to living your best life, no matter what planet or Nakshatra they consider. Our calculator can also function as a Rashi Calculator without birth time since all you need to do is enter your name.

The importance of Rashi Calculator is multifold due to a larger portion of it going towards the major areas of our life. All the activities carried out by a human is determined by the placement of planets in the birth chart. It also signifies the temperament and nature of the native of that particular sign. People also search for Rashi Calculator for Marriage to find out the compatibility between the partners and if their union would stand the test of time. This Free Rashi Calculator by Future Point can help solve your misery and bring you a step closer to finding out your future.

What is Your Rashi?