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Dr. Tanvi Bansal is a new generation astrologer and a leading writer in the field of astrology. She is keen in research work in the field of Astrology and has done a Phd in the same subject.A post-graduate in management studies from NIFT, New Delhi, She also holds a mathematics (Hons.) degree from Hindu College, Delhi University.

According to her, she feels truly blessed to be a part of the prestigious organization “Future point Pvt Ltd” where learning happens everyday. She has been part of the management since the past 9 years and her day to day participation in office management, astrology classes (online as well as offline),workshops, seminars and astrological research works have helped her in achieving immense experience and knowledge.

As a child she was always fascinated towards occult science and her inquisitive mind and strong logical approach always wanted answers to traditions, vedic mantras. Her strong cultural roots kept her very close to vedic shastras. Having worked in the field of astrology for over 10 years, she thinks this domain is too vast to be mastered in one life and one has to be a research scholar and an avid learner to pursue this field.

Mother to two beautiful children. She is known for her practical approach regarding the application and usage of Astrology in day to day life. She has gained immense popularity for her series of articles on “Astrology and Women” in popular astrology magazine Future Samachar and Research Journal of Astrology. Being modern and open minded is a very progressive approach to life but we should be modest and grounded and stick to our roots.

  • General Secretary of All India Federation of Astrologers Societies
  • Regular Author of "Future Samachar" & "Research Journal of Astrology"
  • Authored several books & articles on astrology
  • Mathematics (Hons.) degree from Hindu College, Delhi University
  • Post-graduate(MBA) in Management Studies from NIFT, New Delhi
  • Ph.D. in Astrology from Mewar University