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What we do in life is what determines us. Some choose to stay idle, some choose to work, but what makes us is how we go about it each day of our life. The Career Astrology Report predicts the career path that could prove to be the most propitious for you.

The career prediction in this report talks about what kind of career suits your personality the best and what you can do to get into it. For those looking for a government job, the report also contains government prediction by date of birth and job prediction by astrology.

The Career Prediction by kundali and job prediction through astrology are both made true with the help of the birth chart. With just the time and place of birth, an astrologer calculates the birth chart, which along with the planetary positions and their malefic and benefic features help in finding out the best career options for you.

Career Prediction with Vedic Astrology

  • The astrologers focus on three major points to calculate and answer any question related to career and profession.
  • The first factor is the position of Planet Saturn. The planets that are aspecting Saturn and if they're malefic or benefic.
  • The second factor is the birth chart, that is calculated with time and place of birth.
  • Third and the most important stay the 10th house in the birth chart. The house lord of the 10th house and the planets aspecting this house.
  • Based on these factors, your work and professional life are calculated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best job as per your Janam Kundali?

Finding out the best suitable job for you through astrology is possible through Janam Kundli as it accurately predicts the right job that you should opt for. The perfect job doesn’t make you question your choices, instead, it makes you realise your dreams and keeps you positive. On the basis of your horoscope, the perfect job could be found out with careful study of the 10th house that denotes profession and career. The Career Astrology Report will mention the career best suited to your personality so that you get involved in a stable career at a great firm. Plan your future today with the Career Astrology Consultation provided by our expert astrologers.

How to be confident about a Job change?

Based on your birth chart, you can find out about any problem that you have in your life. In the Career Astrology Report, as per the question asked, one can get to know how to be confident about a job change. The report focuses on the most favourable profession as per astrology that will pave your way to money, fame, and bliss. Our astrologers will find out the best time for a job change and if the job that you are switching for is even worth it.

How to start working again after being on a break?

Being on a break can hamper your confidence and make you doubt yourself. To ease with this, the Career Astrology Report predicts the best career option for you to get involved in, so you can get your much-needed work juices flowing. Our astrologers will guide you towards finding your dream job that fares you well and helps you move forward in life. The planetary positions in your birth chart, along with the D-10 report helps determine the best career as per astrology. You can also get the Kundali matching done through your birth chart.

What role does horoscope play in profession and career?

Horoscope is the actual representation of the planets and celestial bodies that were present in the sky at your birth in their exact position at the time. The pattern thus created happens to go by the name, birth chart, which denotes the pattern of one’s life and events in general. Horoscope is not just a chart with some patterns, it can accurately predict your future, your behaviour and how your temperament would be in different scenarios. Based on the planets present in your birth chart, their transits, and the planets aspecting them, one can find out almost all of the attributes in their life. When it comes to career and profession, the career astrology report provides vital information regarding what career choices you must make and that too when the iron is hot! The Career Prediction Astrology finds out all the major career options suitable as per your horoscope, along with the career as per astrology.

what are the best Job options for me?

As per Job prediction by Astrology, the cue to finding the best job options for me is looking into the planets placed in the 10th house of your birth chart. the tenth house in your birth chart represents profession or career and hence the importance levied on it. The planet that is placed in the 10th house along with the lord of the 10th house decide what kind of job is best suited for you. The malefic and benefic planets aspecting these houses are also paid attention to in order to get the best result for you. The Dasamsa chart or the D-10 chart is the tenth part of your birth chart and holds the most importance when it comes to calculating your career and job preferences. The Career Astrology Report finds out through online career astrology which job suits you the best according to your personality or which job gets you to climb the social ladder quick.

Will I Get a Government Job?

Government job prediction by date of birth in the Career Astrology Report finds out the strong planets in your birth chart and if they’re helping your career move forward or not. The strength of planet Sun in your chart, along with the position of Saturn is the major deciding factor as to when and how you will get a government job. In addition to these factors, the position of the moon, 10th house and its lord, and if they make favourable connections with the Sun determine your fate in terms of career. Government Job Prediction in Astrology also keeps in the loop the Mahadasha period and D-10 chart when Career Vedic Astrology is considered.

Why I Am Not Getting a Job?

The most important thing to consider for job prediction by astrology is the placement of planets in the houses, 2nd, 6th, and 10th. These houses are the most important to consider whilst checking one’s kundali for career problems. The strength of these houses plays a larger role than led on. The analysis of these houses in your Kundali, along with the D-10 chart enables the astrologer to come up with effective remedies to help you find a job worthy of your time.

What is the best career choice for me as per Astrology?

The houses 2nd, 6th, and 10th are major determinants of career in one’s horoscope. The lord of these houses and the ruling planets in them, both contribute to finding out the best suitable career option for you. The ruling Mahadasha is also an important factor when it comes to career prediction.

How to know my career as per Astrology?

In order to get an accurate reading of your horoscope through Vedic Astrology, the study of Dashamsha Chart is extremely important along with the birth chart. The D-10 Chart is an expansion of the 10th house of your horoscope. The ruling planets and the period of their mahadasha also play a pivotal role in determining your career prediction by astrology.