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Your Monthly Horoscope

We plan our monthly budget and expenses based on our monthly salary or earnings. There is something important about the month’s planning because planning on daily or weekly basis is too short a planning and planning on yearly basis needs a long term vision. In such case, planning on monthly basis derives fruitful results. Monthly planning based on our monthly horoscope predictions is a sensible way to chalk out our monthly plans.

Astrology is a science of knowing future in advance and arrange for the unforeseen times ahead. There are many important decisions in life like sitting for a competitive exam, going overseas, change or transfer in job, marriage proposals, business proposals or expansion plans, financial decisions, medical conditions or some surgery etc. These and many others are life changing decisions and the native is required to know all the repercussions before zeroing on any final decision. In such situation if you are aware of coming times in the next month then it becomes easier for you to plan your month effectively to take maximum benefits in the coming month.

Why a Monthly horoscope is important?

A monthly horoscope gives you valuable information based on weekly basis. It gives a broader picture than weekly horoscope predictions and daily horoscopes. A daily horoscope facilitates a very short term planning based on the day’s forecast. Similarly, in a weekly horoscope also, you may plan for 6-7 days but in monthly horoscope, you get a fair idea as how the whole coming month will prove for you. It gives you a broader picture for more effective future planning.

  • Like other horoscopes, Monthly horoscope is also based on planetary transits. It is important to know that almost 4-5 planets based on their movements change signs every month. Out of these, the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus are sure to change signs except in their retrograde motion. We already know that the transits of planets largely affect our lives. So, the astrologers predict our monthly horoscope keeping due dates and effects of all transits in mind. This gives accurate picture of the times ahead and we can prepare well in advance.
  • The monthly horoscope also contains information about important tithis of religious significance. The information of solar and lunar eclipse if pertaining in that particular month can also be known through your horoscope. So, it becomes easier for you to understand which days are to be selected or neglected for your important tasks. Generally, people avoid eclipse days for carrying out any important work or activity.
  • Monthly horoscope is very important from the career and business prospects. If your monthly horoscope promises a bright month ahead, you can comfortably plan for expansion of your current business or enter some new business ventures. Employed people may successfully know the time of their promotion and other perks. One week may be better than the other and your monthly horoscope contains information on weekly basis as well. You may carefully select the dates as prescribed in your horoscope for monthly predictions to take benefits of the auspicious days.
  • One may easily get the monthly horoscope just by clicking on one’s zodiac sign. The predictions for the whole month including the days when you need to remain careful are told in advance. You are aware which days may make you spend extra bucks and which days may take you on a fun trip with friends. Not just this, you may also dare to ask for holidays or salary hikes from your boss on those most promising and auspicious days as suggested by your monthly horoscope.
  • Those following a religious and spiritual life can take benefits of the monthly horoscope to know the important dates for observing fasts and other religious activities. The monthly horoscope is based on Hindu Panchang which effectively amalgamates important religious days with your day-to-day life.
  • Life is not about seeking solution when you are in the dire need but it requires you to follow certain life style or activities to be followed on daily basis. The astrological remedies may help you in your difficult times but the efficacy is more if you do them on regular basis. The monthly horoscope suggests astrology remedies to be performed on daily or weekly basis so that you derive maximum benefits from them. Weekly and daily remedies based on the whole moth’s predictions are an effective means to remove obstacles and difficulties likely to arise in your way of success and prosperity.

Your Personalized Monthly Horoscope

A monthly horoscope is no doubt a valuable asset but if you go for your personalized monthly horoscope then the level of accuracy raises to almost 100%. Monthly horoscope gives a general idea about the coming month which remains the same for the people belonging to the same zodiac sign, which practically is not possible.

A personalized monthly horoscope is made after taking your natal chart into consideration. The planetary positions in various houses of your birth chart along with the running dasha play a very important role in the fructification of the transit results. To get the most accurate predictions, we suggest you to opt for your personalized monthly horoscope. The position of the planets in your birth chart plays a significant role in deciding the outcome of the planetary transits on your life. A learned astrologer never predicts in isolation and every detail of the kundli needs to be analyzed carefully to know what exactly you may expect in the coming month.

The birth chart, your divisional charts, ashtak varga system, running dasha and transits all need to be studied in relation to each other to come up with the most accurate predictions. Only a learned astrologer may perform this intricate task that requires much expertise and experience. Moreover, the astrological remedies based on your personal readings are much more effective to bring you immediate relief and strengthen your way to progress in future. You may achieve success in no time by performing the daily and weekly remedies specially chalked out for you based on your personal monthly predictions.


Awareness always keeps you ahead of times and you may win any challenging situation with your wisdom. A monthly horoscope definitely helps you in this competitive world where everyone wishes to lead others. Take valuable insights from your monthly horoscope and use them in your daily life to attract prosperity and peace of mind.