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Monthly Prediction for Virgo



This month a favourable set of circumstances would promote your good health leaving you no cause for any serious worry. Any predisposition to chronic colds and discharge of excess of mucous, etc would be significantly relieved. Those with piles can also look forward to a period of relief, and even cure, if treatment is taken up in right earnest. Yet, with all this, there is also a note of caution about the need to maintain proper dental health. Any carelessness, on this score, could create problems of a troublesome kind. Overall, a fairly beneficial month during which you can look forward to continued good health.


The combination of stars facing you this month is anything but favourable for your financial prospects. Speculation is almost certainly going to result in losses for some of you. It would, therefore, be a good idea to stay away from gambling of any variety. There are also grounds, to predict that you would tend to be quarrelsome with your superiors to such an extent that your relations with them nose-dive, resulting in serious losses for you. This is something you can avoid if you try. With appropriate advance action, prevent such an eventuality from taking place. This month the climate would not be congenial for making investment or for launching any new projects.


This month you would have excellent opportunities for career advancement. Hard work will almost be the hallmark of this month. You would be so engrossed in the realization of your objectives that for the completion of your task no effort would be spared. And this will bring considerable success this month. There would also be a good deal of travel, which would also prove quite beneficial. The most favourable direction is north. Apart from travel you would also in all probability change the venue of your operations whether it be a job or business. This would also be for the betterment of your prospects which will come about this month. All told, a fairly beneficial month.


This month your pursuits in education are likely to flounder quite a bit, since you have an unfavourable combination of stars facing you. Most of you would lack the drive and motivation required for success. This would deprive your efforts of the competitive edge. Therefore, those sitting for competitive examinations should go in for extra coaching. Technical students and students of medicine would have to put in much more effort than usual to maintain their ranking. Those studying crafts or some technical trade would remain largely unaffected, by the adverse spell of circumstances. All examination results of most of you are likely to be below expectations.


A month during which you can look forward to reaping a rich harvest of gains, since the stars favour this. This month you would have a lot of self confidence and guts to take hold of decisions. You would chalk out a travel plan intensively that would bring in very handsome gains. You would tend to travel alone mostly by train and by road with a fair measure of air travel. A trip abroad can also not be ruled out. Not all your sojourns would be for business reasons. Whatever the aim, you would realize it. East is the most favourable direction.


This month the affairs of your family are unlikely to have smooth sailing, since the stars are not favourably disposed. Watch out for mounting expenses, since these would take a heavy toll of your family finances, landing you in a difficult situation, where the only possible resources left open to you may be to borrow heavily. Plan your expenses carefully well in advance, since this would ensure relief from a lot of financial troubles. The family atmosphere would be none too pleasant either, with harmony among the members nowhere in sight. In such circumstances, as often happens, children are the worst sufferers. Pay special attention to them.


A month that would be balanced almost evenly between good and bad, in so far as your children are concerned since the augury from the stars is also mixed. Children would pose problems for parents during the coming one month. There might be some serious tiffs with servants or such people which could assume unpleasant dimensions. Discipline would in general be a problem. Whereas a healthy disregard for authority can be allowed to pass, sheer gross indiscipline should be firmly dealt with. Despite all problems most children would be able to register impressive progress in their pursuits.

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Common Feature of Virgo

General Characteristics Virgo

Virgo is a very independent zodiac sign. They are fully able to put their intelligence to use and get things done for themselves. It is possible however that their narrow mindedness causes their creativity to suffer and they may lead regular routine lives. They may dwell too much on the past and over complicate things and this may limit their ability to move forward and confuse themselves. In conclusion, Virgos are able to be independent but the less evolved types will have difficult if someone is not there helping them to achieve more and not be so critical of themselves. They are analytical, observant, helpful, reliable, precise, ingenious and very intelligent. You will rarely find Virgos teeming with activities. But they are not actually passive, at the real moments you will find them highly agile. Virgos exercise great amount of caution in whatever they do. They often are cleanliness freaks, which may seem irrational to others. Although Virgos are intelligent but at the same time they remain confused about the decision making chores of daily life. They have management skills in them. They are very successful in competitive examinations like IAS etc. In addition to that they are good mangers and very disciplined in their approach towards life and profession. They are highly organized and are known for their communication skills and intelligence but they are quite shy by nature.Too critical of other people’s faults and feelings.

Good linguist and have scientific turn of mind for learning anything and everything. Discriminating and emotional to get easily carried away by impulse. Nervous, lacking of self-confidence, methodical, ability to present an idea in great details. They are cautious regarding their own interests, prudent, economical, diplomatic and shrewd.Known for their analytical mind, the Virgo have the potential to reach great heights in professions where precision is called for. They should choose professions that have growth potential. Hence, a profession in Math, Physics, Finance, Engineering, Research, Medical, Architecture, Investment and Stock Market may prove to be a good career choice. Also, these helpful and observant people make great data analysts, contractors, accountants, lawyers and teachers. Being an earthy sign they take pleasure in gardening and agriculture,fond of accumulating wealth. Peaceful and pleasant domestic life, have limited number of children. Good income, success in profession, owner of property. Delay in marriage.

They should guard against digestive troubles. They are liable to suffer from Dysentery,Typhoid, Gall Stone etc. Fond of being administered medicine even for insignificant complaint. May suffer from T.B. during the last stage of their life.

Physical features Virgo

Medium height, dark hair and eyes, quick active walk, often appears younger than age, chest prominent, straight nose, thin and shrill voice, curved eyebrows with much of hair growth, mark either on throat or thighs.

Auspicious years – 23, 24, 25 to 35 and 49 to 62.

Inauspicious years - 4, 16, 22 and 36.

Their lucky gem is Emerald.

Suitable Profession Virgo

Accountant, Psychiatrist, Clerk, Doctor, Pilot, Editor & Writer, Stationary Shop

Friendly Sign Virgo

Gemini, Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius

Element Virgo


Related Chakra Virgo

Throat Chakra (Vissudha)

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