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Your Weekly Horoscope

It is common to see daily horoscopes or predictions on most of the astrological sites but weekly horoscope is something that only a good astrological site can provide. If you wish to know about your coming week in advance then you should switch to the weekly horoscope predictions as provided here at this website.

Daily predictions are based on the movements of the Moon and the astrologers predict the day based on the movement of the Moon in various good and bad houses for a particular zodiac sign. This is rather an easy task as compared to the weekly horoscope predictions where the astrologers need to go in depth to ascertain various planetary effects at the life of the native.

Read your weekly predictions by clicking on your zodiac sign and remain well prepared for the coming times. The astrological remedies suggested for your zodiac sign are sure to take you out of the difficult times ahead. Awareness is the key to success and with weekly horoscope predictions you may get a promise of the same!

Why weekly horoscope is important?

Weekly horoscope is an extension of your daily horoscope and is predicted at a broader level than the daily horoscope. It helps a person to decide upon the actions and decisions about to happen in a week’s time. The indications of the weekly horoscope help the person to decide whether to take or defer some of the required actions in day-to-day life.

  • A weekly horoscope gives you a fair idea of each day of the week and you know the status of each day of the week well in advance. Now, you may plan your important work on the specified auspicious day while maintaining low profile on less auspicious days.
  • The weekly horoscope also tells about important tithis as per Hindu Panchang and it becomes easier for the native to plan auspicious occasions on these tithis without seeking any external help.
  • If anything important is pending in the next week like change in job, transfer, travel, promotion announcement, fix up of a marriage, a competitive exam or other. In that case, you may get valuable insights through your weekly horoscope.
  • The reading of weekly horoscope on regular basis helps you understand the occurrences and events around you. You understand things better and can always find a reason for success or failure in a particular task based on your weekly predictions.
  • You tend to get better control on life and inculcate a habit of discipline and determination in your lifestyle through regular reading of your weekly horoscope.
  • Reading horoscope for the coming week also proves beneficial as there are times when planets exert bad impact on particular zodiac signs in a certain week but put extremely beneficial results in the coming week. So, it is always advisable to look for the weekly horoscope for at least two weeks ahead to get a clearer picture.
  • The most important part of the weekly horoscope is the remedies as prescribed by our expert astrologers. Many can indicate about the challenging times ahead but only our experienced astrologers may tell you the way to overcome these difficult times. The natives may perform the astrological remedies on the prescribed days as stated by the weekly predictions.
  • If your weekly horoscope indicates an auspicious week ahead, it’s time to undertake an important project or task as there are bright chances of getting success in it.
  • Similarly, all aspects of life including education, love life, career, business, health, surgery, investment decisions, short and long travels and others can be planned as per the indications of your weekly horoscope predictions.
  • The weekly horoscope may help you to estimate the results of a competition if it is likely to occur in the coming week. You may always take necessary measures to turn things in your favor with the help of prior knowledge.
  • Medical treatments taken on the auspicious days of the week prove fruitful and many people prefer to undertake their medical treatments and surgeries on the prescribed beneficial days of the week.
  • It gives a considerably good idea to the native to undertake important tasks expected to finish in a week’s time.
  • Decisions involving risks can also be taken by referring the weekly horoscopes for the next week as well. This gives you a good idea about the coming times and the result of your decisions.

The difference in the daily and weekly horoscopes

In daily horoscope predictions, the astrologers mainly look at the transit of the Moon in various zodiac signs and houses. The daily horoscope is general in nature and it is always desirable to go for personalized daily horoscope by registering at good astrological sites. In weekly horoscope, the transit of the Moon is studied under the influence of other planetary transits. The transit of the Moon and other planets in various nakshatras and their padas are also considered to get a refined detail of the transits for a particular zodiac sign. Vedhas of the planets are also considered to get the accurate predictions for your coming week. Thus, the weekly horoscope requires more expertise, knowledge and experience on the part of an astrologer.

Personalized Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope is an effective way of getting information about your coming week but at the same time it is based on zodiac signs in general and all people belonging to a specific zodiac can’t get the same results. Personalized weekly horoscope gives absolute true picture of your coming week and you will be amazed to see how the personalized predictions match to your coming week’s events. You just need to provide your basic birth details through an online mode on this website and you are ready with your personalized horoscope. In personalized weekly horoscope, our expert astrologers studies your birth chart and various related divisional charts like D-9 and D-10 etc. in depth and after that applies the current transits to it. No predictions can turn out to be 100% accurate until it is backed by the careful analysis of the birth chart. The running dasha of the native also plays a pivotal role in getting the desired results. So, a personalized weekly horoscope is a detailed amalgamation of all the required astrological information to come up with 100% accurate predictions. The astrologers also provide effective remedies to overcome foreseen challenges in the coming week based on your personal details. Now, you may imagine if you perform the astrological remedies based on your personal predictions then there are absolutely no chances of failure!