Transits of Planets in 2024

Transits of Planets in 2024

What is Planetary Transit?

As per the occult science of Vedic Astrology, the zodiac belt consists of 12 signs of 30 degrees each through which the planets move or transit. Just as the planets by means of their placements in the natal horoscope or janam kundli of a person cast their effects on various domains of that person’s life, they also exert phenomenal impact upon a person’s life during their transitory movements across all 12 signs in the zodiac belt.

Planetary Transit in Vedic Astrology is called “Gochar” and plays a very significant role in determining the course of one’s life. A favourable planetary transit could amplify the positive effects of planets that are well-placed in the natal horoscope during their Dasha (periods of operation) and a transit which signifies bad results can negate such positive effects and in fact, aggravate further the negative effects of planets that are ill-placed in the natal horoscope.

Manner of Planets Transit

The transits of planets (except some) involve attributes or patterns such as being ‘Direct’, ‘Retrograde’, ‘Combust’ and ‘Stationary’. However, there are planets such as the Sun and Moon who always move in a Direct motion whereas planets such as Rahu & Ketu always move in the Retrograde motion. Apart from these 4, all the remaining planets go through all the transitory motion states.

Planets that Cast the Most Powerful Transit Effects

While all planets have their own set of effects upon the life of a person (depending to a large degree on the natal horoscope of the person), there are certain planets that take the center stage when it comes to affecting a person’s life during their transitory movements.

These planets are:

  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Rahu & Ketu
  • Mars

The above mentioned planets during their transits cast enormous, sudden & often life-transforming effects upon different aspects of a person’s life depending on their ‘fixed’ placement in the natal horoscope and the houses through which they transit.

Planets like Moon, Mercury, Venus and Sun have a fairly short transit duration through a sign, therefore, their transit effects are more often than not, quite swift but still- highly relevant. Mars, despite being a planet that travels through a sign at a pace which on an average is little more than that of the Sun, has the ability to cast intense turbulence & turmoil during its transit in a sign due to its volatile characteristics.

Time Taken by Planets to Transit through a Sign

Different planets take different time to transit through a sign. Now, a layman would think that the planet which takes the most time to transit through a sign must be the one that would cast the strongest effects during its transit. However, it is not necessarily the case. Planets with a fairly shorter duration of transit are perfectly capable of causing highly significant effects in a person’s life as well. Although planets that on a comparative basis spend more time in a sign, indeed from a certain perspective, affect the domains of life connected with that sign and house, more than those that exit a sign after a few weeks.

Nevertheless, to decode the actual effects of a planet’s transit upon a person one needs to consult with an experienced astrologer. We urge you to book an online consultation with Dr. Arun Bansal from Future Point who is the Best Astrologer in India having over 40 years of experience in providing life-transforming occult based guidance to countless people all over the world.

Let us look at how much time does each planet take to traverse through through a sign:

  • Moon: 2.25 Days
  • Sun: 1 Month
  • Jupiter: 12 months
  • Venus: 26 Days
  • Saturn: 2.5 Years
  • Mercury: 21 Days
  • Mars: 45 Days
  • Rahu & Ketu: 18 Months

Sun Transit in 2024

Sun in Vedic Astrology is considered as the king of all planets and primarily signifies power, position, name, fame, ego, authority, heart and soul/self. Sun also represents the father and its position in the horoscope is very carefully analyzed to determine the broader personality as well as key outlook of a person towards life.

The transit of the Sun marks the beginning of a crucial monthly phase as per the Vedic Calendar and it casts a highly significant effect on people with respect to the domains of life that are represented or governed by the sign or house in which it transits.




January 15/01/2024 Sun Transit in Capricorn
February 13/02/2024 Sun Transit in Aquarius
March 14/03/2024 Sun Transit in Pisces
April 13/04/2024 Sun Transit in Aries
May 14/05/2024 Sun Transit in Taurus
June 15/06/2024 Sun Transit in Gemini
July 16/07/2024 Sun Transit in Cancer
August 16/08/2024 Sun Transit in Leo
September 16/09/2024 Sun Transit in Virgo
October 17/10/2024 Sun Transit in Libra
November 16/11/2024 Sun Transit in Scorpio
December 15/12/2024 Sun Transit in Sagittarius

Mars Transit in 2024

Vedic Astrology describes Mars as a volatile planet which represents the Fire element. Mars is considered as the planetary manifestation of ‘Mangal Dev’ who is the commander of the army of the Gods and primarily signifies courage, volatility, blood, violence, arms, ammunition, surgery, mathematics, real estate and chemicals.

Mars is the planet that creates many troubling doshas (planetary flaws) as well as certain malefic yogas (planetary unions) such as the Manglik Dosha and the Angarak Yoga. Therefore, the transit of Mars is analyzed very carefully.




February 05/02/2024 Mars Transit in Capricorn
March 15/03/2024 Mars Transit in Aquarius
April 23/04/2024 Mars Transit in Pisces
June 01/06/2024 Mars Transit in Aries
July 12/07/2024 Mars Transit in Taurus
August 26/08/2024 Mars Transit in Gemini
October 20/10/2024 Mars Transit in Cancer
December 07/12/2024 Mars goes Retrograde in Cancer

Mercury Transit in 2024

Mercury in Vedic Astrology primarily signifies intellect, documentation, communication skills, commerce, business, finance and trading. It is among the fast moving planets and casts its effects on various signs and houses in the horoscope of a person in a very quick yet decisive manner.

A well positioned Mercury in the horoscope of a person in addition to the resultant favourable transitory movement can enhance various domains of that person’s life such as oratory and or writing skills as well as business acumen.




January 02/01/2024 Mercury turns Direct in Scorpio
January 07/01/2024 Mercury Transit in Sagittarius
February 01/02/2024 Mercury Transit in Capricorn
February 20/02/2024 Mercury Transit in Aquarius
March 07/03/2024 Mercury Transit in Pisces
March 26/03/2024 Mercury Transit in Aries
April 02/04/2024 Mercury Retrogrades in Aries
April 09/04/2024 Mercury Transit in Pisces
April 25/04/2024 Mercury turns Direct in Pisces
May 10/05/2024 Mercury Transit in Aries
May 31/05/2024 Mercury Transit in Taurus
June 14/06/2024 Mercury Transit in Gemini
June 29/06/2024 Mercury Transit in Leo
July 19/07/2024 Mercury Retrogrades in Leo
August 05/08/2024 Mercury Retrogrades in Leo
August 22/08/2024 Mercury Transit in Cancer
August 29/08/2024 Mercury turns Direct in Cancer
September 04/09/2024 Mercury Transit in Leo
September 23/09/2024 Mercury Transit in Virgo
October 10/10/2024 Mercury Transit in Libra
October 29/10/2024 Mercury Transit in Scorpio
November 26/11/2024 Mercury Retrogrades in Scorpio
December 16/12/2024 Mercury turns Direct in Scorpio

Jupiter Transit in 2024

Jupiter is one of the naturally benefic planets in Vedic Astrology. It is considered as the most auspicious planet among all. Jupiter primarily signifies expansion, wealth, knowledge, spirituality, sound health, gold, education, pilgrimage and childbirth. Jupiter is the planetary manifestation of ‘Brihaspati’ who is the Guru of the Gods.

Jupiter during its transit casts a huge impact on people and is a planet which is very carefully analyzed while decoding various key aspects or domains of one’s life such as Education, Health and Marriage.




May 01/05/2024 Jupiter Transit in Taurus
October 09/10/2024 Jupiter Retrogrades in Taurus

Venus Transit in 2024

Venus in Vedic Astrology is considered as another naturally benefic planet which moves quite fast. Venus is the planetary manifestation of ‘Shukracharya’ who is the Guru of the Demons. Just like Jupiter, Venus is also an auspicious planet whose favourable placement in the horoscope of a native along with a conducive transit, brings great positive changes in life.

Venus primarily signifies luxury, opulence, external beauty, art, love & romance, vehicles and marital relationship.




January 18/01/2024 Venus Transit in Sagittarius
February 12/02/2024 Venus Transit in Capricorn
March 07/03/2024 Venus Transit in Aquarius
March 31/03/2024 Venus Transit in Pisces
April 24/04/2024 Venus Transit in Aries
May 19/05/2024 Venus Transit in Taurus
June 12/06/2024 Venus Transit in Gemini
July 07/07/2024 Venus Transit in Cancer
July 31/07/2024 Venus Transit in Leo
August 25/08/2024 Venus Transit in Virgo
September 18/09/2024 Venus Transit in Libra
October 13/10/2024 Venus Transit in Scorpio
November 07/11/2024 Venus Transit in Sagittarius
December 02/12/2024 Venus Transit in Capricorn
December 28/12/2024 Venus Transit in Aquarius

Saturn Transit in 2024

Saturn is one of the natural malefic planets in Vedic Astrology. However, it is a planetary manifestation of ‘Shani Dev’ who is the God of Justice. Saturn allegedly gives people a tough time in their lives during its transit as well as due to its unfavourable position in the horoscope. But we must understand that Saturn mostly holds the record of our negative karmas from our past lives. Therefore, when we are made accountable for those karmas by Saturn in this current lifetime, we go through challenging & tough times.

However, Saturn is not always negative for everyone. If Saturn is well positioned in the horoscope of a person, it means that the person does not have much negative karmas from past lives to be accounted for in this current one. As a result, Saturn during its Dashas (periods of operation) and obviously during its transitory movements (for most of the time) would give positive results.

Saturn primarily signifies hardships, delays, obstacles, insults, financial losses, iron, petroleum, real estate, mining, service, judiciary, law, chronic ailments and gloominess.




June 30/06/2024 Saturn Retrogrades in Aquarius
November 15/11/2024 Saturn turns Direct in Aquarius

Rahu & Ketu Transit in 2024

Rahu & Ketu are the North and South Nodes of the Moon respectively. These two planets are ‘Shadow Planets’, which means that they do not have a physical element of existence and are subtle in nature. But make no mistake, even with a subtle nature of existence their presence is felt very strongly.

Rahu & Ketu always remain exactly 180 degrees apart from each other and are the only planets, which always move in a Retrograde motion.

Rahu primarily signifies lies, deceit, spying, infections, sudden losses, gambling and addiction. On the other hand, Ketu primarily signifies dissatisfaction from worldly pleasures, spirituality, pilgrimage, ashrams, accidents and liberation.

Both Rahu & Ketu give sudden and unexpected results. Furthermore, Rahu in particular more often than not, gives negative results.

Rahu & Ketu will not transit into a new sign in the entire 2024.


Planetary transits cast enormous impact upon the life of a person but their overall effects depend upon various astrological permutations & combinations based on the horoscope or kundli of that person. Therefore, it is always prudent to consult with an experienced astrologer to get your horoscope thoroughly analyzed and find out how exactly the planetary bodies by means of their placement in your natal chart as well as their transit movements, are affecting your life. An experienced astrologer is someone who upon analyzing the horoscope of a person and factoring in the ongoing or upcoming transit movements, suggests powerful occult remedies to negate or overcome the hurdles that are expected to arise in life.