The biggest company in the Astrology Software Market, Future Point has earned its name through the meticulous efforts of Dr. Arun Kumar Bansal, who strived hard to develop a version of the first ever Indian Astrology Software in the year 1978. The result was a well developed Astrology Software in the age where only manual birth chart reading was deemed accurate. Taken with a pinch of salt, the Software went on to become India’s Best Astrology Software in a market of 30 million astrologically woke audience. The result of extensive research and meticulous hard work of one man rightfully earned him the title of ‘Father of Computer Astrology’.

With constant upgradation, the Leo software is only moving forward. The Astrology Software has been known for its accuracy and the years of expertise it has in the arena of Vedic sciences. Over the years, Future Point has created software for not just windows, but also for Android and mobile phone versions along with share market and web. The newest venture boasts of a myriad of features in the Free Astrology Software domain.

For windows, the astrology software comes under LeoStar series. LeoStar software series has various windows based astrology software and out of this LeoStar Expert is the best Leo astrology software.

For androids, this software falls under LeoTouch series.

For share market, its best astrology software is LeoForecast whereas for websites it is LeoStar API application.

Started from Palm first, the Astrology software has come a long way and paved its way to the very top of the Best Astrology Softwares available in the market.

We’ve labelled our software separately for Beginners, who are still amateurs in the astrology field but are in the dire need of Kundli or Horoscope Matching done from a reliable source and for professional astrologers who would require a heavier and more elaborate version of the Astrology Software that would enable them to calculate not just charts, but delve deep into the sub-sub-sub-sub period which goes up to 4 layers deep.

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