Monthly Prediction for Leo



A month during which you have practically an assured spell of good health. Even those, with a predisposition to chronic disorders like rheumatism and excess of wind in the digestive tract will experience considerable relief. They need maintain only the normal minimum of caution to ensure respite from their ailments. The food that you eat will really nourish your body, putting you in the pink of health. In terms of generative vitality, you will be above normal. which will make for a sound mind in a sound constitution. There are some grounds to treat a sore throat seriously if you contact any such symptoms. The rest is smooth sailing.


You should do extremely well financially, during the ensuring month, since you face a favourable configuration of stars. Those dealing with or having foreign or interstate commercial connections or so would prosper and gain considerably. For most of you, the existing operations would enable you to realize planned gains during this period. Further, for those who have plans for expansion or for launching new ventures, this would be a congenial climate. Those who have proposals for loans, pending with any bank or financial institution would succeed in their efforts. It is important to bear in mind, that business or professional cooperation with women would be extremely beneficial.


Nothing very favourable about the professional prospects during the coming month. The gains you set out to realize would in all probability elude you and this despite the fact that you would work exceptionally hard for success. There would be a fair amount of travel, which would, however, also fail to deliver according to expectations, though there is reason to expect some beneficial results from a sojourn towards the south. Contacts also would not be as helpful as usual. Therefore, it would be a good idea to rely mainly on your own skill and resources. Overall a month, during which you would have to be quite careful in handling difficult situations.


An excellent month for most of you in terms of your educational pursuits, but for the students pursuing the fine arts, this could be a memorable month. Those pursuing dance, drama, music, painting, sculpture and the other arts, the coming month would be an inspired spell not one of creative effort. Artists would find themselves in their elements as it were, some of you would decide to go on to score notable success. Most of you would also be endowed with an absorbent mental outlook that will make learning easier and quicker. Those sitting for competitive examinations have excellent chances of getting it, provided they put in at least the normal kind of effort.


A month during which you can look forward to reaping a rich harvest of gains from your travels, which most of you, would be obliged to undertake in pursuit of your business or official affairs. Indications are that some of you would make a good air journey with perhaps an equal measure of trips by train or road. The most favourable direction for your sojourns would be West. Those pursuing the fine arts, may have a extremely enjoyable and beneficial trip, some of which could be to an entirely new place. This month travel would bring gains to most of you.


This month the going may be quite rough for your family members, since the configuration of stars facing you is not very favourable. There is a distinct possibility that your relations with the female members of your family may come under stain. Therefore, you should handle such relations, particularly those with your wife, in a skillful manner, displaying a lot of tact. Financially, you all may not do too well, making it very necessary for you to plan your expenses carefully well in advance. Children would also add to your worries. Their affairs would demand close scrutiny and you should devote much more time and energy to this.


A month during which the affairs of your children are unlikely to progress smoothly, since the augury from the stars is none too favourable on this score. The performance of the wards of most of you would tend to be below average. Those pursuing the fine arts would be particularly affected. Parents should encourage and help wherever possible. Discipline may not be very high either. Behaviour at home, especially with another would be quite desirable in some cases. Parents may have to intervene with a certain amount of firmness. All in all, their progress would have to be closely monitored.

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Common Feature of Leo

General Characteristics Leo

The Leo Ascendant is ruled by the planet Sun. People born with a Leo Ascendant/Zodiac Sign like to be in charge of situations that they are involved with. They like to have authority and are very good administrators. They are always loyal and their personality emits a certain radiance. They have the art of convincing people to agree with their point of views. Financial security matters a lot to them and they very efficiently bring that in their life as well. They are brilliant and wealthy people.

They love to learn and are well educated people. They have a good relationship with both of their parents. They are capable of having deep intellectual thoughts and are very good planners. They are always curious about the developments around them. They unfortunately experience problems in their marriage more often than not. Their relationship with their life-partner goes through frequent turbulence in their married life.

Every now & then, they love to take a break and get away to a travel destination to recharge themselves. They are action oriented and successful leaders. However, they can be adamant too when it comes to sticking on to their decisions. They do not show flexibility and are quite stubborn too. They love to take control and have a bossy attitude towards others which makes them less favourite with people around them.

Naturally Benefic Planets for Leo

Sun being the ruler of Leo is obviously a beneficial planet for people born with a Leo Ascendant. But, the most favourable planet for Leo is Mars and then in some ways, Jupiter too.

Lucky Numbers for Leo

Numbers 1, 9 and 3 are considered lucky for a native born with a Leo Ascendant.

Suitable Profession Leo

People having a Leo Ascendant find success as Doctors, Administrators, Civil Servants, Politicians, Chief Executive Officers, Diplomats, Film Directors, Forest Officers, Investment Advisors and Chemical Engineers.

Friendly Sign Leo

Aries, Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces, Scorpio

Element Leo

Out of the five primordial elements, the Fire element is associated with the sign of Leo and hence people having Leo as their Ascendant/Zodiac Sign are very daring, assertive and authoritative by nature.

Related Chakra Leo

Brow Chakra (Ajna)

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