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Dame fortune, is in a mood to bless your health and as such you can expect to remain fit, during the ensuring period. Those with chronic diseases like rheumatism and similar irregularities like flatulence and excess of wind in the digestive tract can expect considerable relief from their troubles, provided normal care is maintained. This would also be true of any kind of tooth trouble. Further, you can expect any tendency to nervousness to get relief and create far less than the usual difficulties. A certain weakness make be noticed, but this can easily be overcome with a little exercise and good food. A beneficial month, during which you are unlikely to face any serious health hazard.


This month your financial prospects look quite good and could well establish you on a permanently sound footing. Many of you can look forward to reaping a rich harvest of sudden gains. Others would gain through speculation, which would also bring in rich profits. Most of you would in any case have a way of handling your juniors or workers in a manner that will enable you to derive optimum benefit from their services. This would be a very important benefit for you and could well result in big profits. Further, there is a likelihood of an old gentleman doing you a favour or a service that would also be extremely beneficial. And, finally, your relations with your superiors would assume such pleasant dimensions that you would stand to gain very much from these.


There should arrive in your career interesting possibilities for advancement during the coming month. Your approach to work would be conducive to success. You are action-oriented with business-like efficiency. You would tend to work very hard, and your efforts would be amply rewarded. Encouraged by success you may further capitalize on this by shifting the venue of your operation, whether it be a job or business. All this would be for better prospects, which would come your way. There would also be a good deal of travel, which, too, would be extremely beneficial. Look forward to achieving something significant this month.


This month there is nothing particularly favourable about your educational prospects, in the augury from the stars. Practically, all examination results of most of you would be below expectations, to say the least. Most of you would also have to struggle quite a bit for the realization of your goals. Even then, you may not be able to achieve much success. But there is always hope for those who persevere in the face of difficulties. Candidates sitting for competitive examination should go in for extra coaching well in advance, since this could turn to be the factor that would determine the outcome of your efforts.


A month during which the prospect of a gains from travel appear to be quite remote, since the stars are not in a favourable mood. You would tend to travel alone mostly by rail and by road with a fair measure of air travel. Further, a foreign trip also cannot be ruled out. All those sojourns would perhaps be related in equal measure to work as well as to other reason. However, whatever be the reason for undertaking these, it is quite certain that not even a fraction of your goals would be fulfilled. You would therefore, do well to scrutinize your travel plans in advance and ascertain if any purpose would be served by making it. East would be the most favourable direction.


The augury from the stars is quite encouraging this month in so far as your family welfare is concerned. There is a distinct possibility of someone below you in the social strata doing you a good turn that could well turn out to be a boon. Further good news for you is that you can look forward to celebrating an addition to the family in a big way. In addition, the family atmosphere would remain quite pleasant with harmony among the members. Financially also, you all can look forward to doing quite well.


A month during which there is little of a favourable nature in the augury from the stars in far as the affairs of your children are concerned. There is a strong possibility of the wards of some of you getting into fights or disputes with servants or such people leading to unpleasant consequences. Parents should be forewarned, and restrain the more boisterous among their wards. The performance of some of them would not be below average at studies. This would have to be boosted by extra coaching. This would apply particularly to sitting for competitive examination. A month during which parents should closely watch over their wards.

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Common Feature of Leo

General Characteristics Leo

The Leo Ascendant is ruled by the planet Sun. People born with a Leo Ascendant/Zodiac Sign like to be in charge of situations that they are involved with. They like to have authority and are very good administrators. They are always loyal and their personality emits a certain radiance. They have the art of convincing people to agree with their point of views. Financial security matters a lot to them and they very efficiently bring that in their life as well. They are brilliant and wealthy people.

They love to learn and are well educated people. They have a good relationship with both of their parents. They are capable of having deep intellectual thoughts and are very good planners. They are always curious about the developments around them. They unfortunately experience problems in their marriage more often than not. Their relationship with their life-partner goes through frequent turbulence in their married life.

Every now & then, they love to take a break and get away to a travel destination to recharge themselves. They are action oriented and successful leaders. However, they can be adamant too when it comes to sticking on to their decisions. They do not show flexibility and are quite stubborn too. They love to take control and have a bossy attitude towards others which makes them less favourite with people around them.

Naturally Benefic Planets for Leo

Sun being the ruler of Leo is obviously a beneficial planet for people born with a Leo Ascendant. But, the most favourable planet for Leo is Mars and then in some ways, Jupiter too.

Lucky Numbers for Leo

Numbers 1, 9 and 3 are considered lucky for a native born with a Leo Ascendant.

Suitable Profession Leo

People having a Leo Ascendant find success as Doctors, Administrators, Civil Servants, Politicians, Chief Executive Officers, Diplomats, Film Directors, Forest Officers, Investment Advisors and Chemical Engineers.

Friendly Sign Leo

Aries, Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces, Scorpio

Element Leo

Out of the five primordial elements, the Fire element is associated with the sign of Leo and hence people having Leo as their Ascendant/Zodiac Sign are very daring, assertive and authoritative by nature.

Related Chakra Leo

Brow Chakra (Ajna)