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Yearly Horoscope 2019

As the year 2019 begins, Saturn shall remain in Sagittarius. As the days pass, on 23rd March 2019 Rahu shall enter the Gemini zodiac sign. On 29th March 2019 planet Jupiter would enter into Sagittarius and would return back to Scorpio again on 23rd April after turning retrograde. On 5th November Jupiter would transit into Sagittarius. The people of Taurus, Sagittarius & Capricorn Rashi are likely to face difficulties in the year 2019. This shall be an average year for Aries, Gemini and Aquarius Rashi whereas the others having Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio & Pisces can expect to attain excellent results.

For Ariens this year shall bring in development of destiny but they shall have to face some difficulties on the health front. Sudden financial gains and significant improvement in their social influence is indicated very strongly.

The year 2019 is auspicious for the matrimonial development of Taureans. They are likely to face difficulties in business and work area. The financial position might get affected very badly.

The people of Gemini Rashi will be doing very well professionally. They will be getting a better favour of destiny. They are advised to be cautious about their relationship with the spouse. The health, working efficiency and confidence shall get reduced substantially.

For Cancer Rashi, it will be a rewarding year for attaining success in the competitive examination. You will be establishing your reputation as a very good consultant. People would appreciate your advice. Apart from this, it shall be a year of extensive travelling and investment for you.

Leo Rashi people can expect huge financial gains. For sure there shall be development in matters related to the property. The source of income shall get consolidated. The month of April and year-end shall be auspicious for your education and children.

The people having Virgo Rashi will do something good professionally all of a sudden. There shall be some symptoms of mental stress or depression too. Some relief is indicated on all fronts in the month of April and the year-end.

This will be an excellent year for Libra. The people having Libra Rashi will be able to accumulate wealth by enhancing their saving potential. Their social influence shall increase and they are likely to develop contacts with influential people.

Scorpio Rashi people shall find an increase in their confidence, health, immunity, reputation and wealth. They are advised not to get into arguments with family people.

Sagittarius Rashi people are likely to become power centre but they shall also be facing some challenges and it would be better for them not to make big investments. Expenses shall remain uncontrolled.

Capricorn Rashi indicates uncontrolled expenses, financial burden, victory over enemies with the sudden eruption of legal issues and financial losses. The inflow of money shall remain intact. The year-end is more auspicious for journeys.

Aquarius people would face difficulties in the field of education and they are going to face children related tensions. The social reputation shall remain intact.

Pisceans would be worried about the health of the mother. The property-related matters shall catch up the pace. They shall succeed in attaining stability on the professional front.



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