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Free Kundli Reading for a Successful Marriage and Career

By: Future Point | 13-Nov-2021
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Free Kundli Reading for a Successful Marriage and Career

A horoscope gives us valuable indications regarding our life. If analyzed properly by learned astrologers then our horoscope may guide us through the path we should follow in our life in order to succeed.

Our janam kundli records the location of the planets and stars in the sky the moment we were born. It is believed in astrology that specific placement which we get at the time of birth is due to our past deeds and yield good or bad results in our present life. 

These planets get activated in our life as and when their dasha is due or we can say they are supposed to bring fruits they are carrying. At that time they bring good or bad changes in our life depending upon their auspiciousness or inauspiciousness. 

We all should get our online kundli in order to know what stars have in store for us. It is after that we can consult a reliable astrologer to make accurate and genuine predictions for our future life and in fact present life too.

Why kundli is important?

Who on this Earth doesn’t want to know what will happen and what results our hard work and other endeavors would bring in future. There is always a curiosity regarding future ahead and we always wish to confirm whether we are heading in the right direction or not.

This never ending curiosity can only be answered with the help of occult science. Astrology is a popular branch of occult that tends to foresee future and predict about it. Every aspect of life starting right from the birth till our death can be predicted through astrology. Be it about your education, health, career, marriage, love life, foreign relations, business, social relations, old age and in fact mode of death everything can be foreseen through the placement of planets in our birth chart or janam kundli.

In this article we will specifically talk about marriage and career and how does astrology prove beneficial for choosing the best for us.

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Astrology and marriage:


In India and other Asian countries, astrology and marriage have hand in glove connection. Here, we hardly see any marriage taking place without kundli Milan or without checking the compatibility of the couple. Online kundli matching is the prime most things most parents and in fact the prospective bride and groom resort to before initiating any kind of formal proceedings. 

The astkoota Milan performed as per vedic procedure of astrology is widely believed and most trusted system when it comes to check the compatibility of a couple. Ashtkoota Milan checks the compatibility on different grounds with main emphasis on the position of their moon and its nakshatra. Since marriage is completely based on trust and emotions as signified by the moon in astrology, it seems logical to check the position of the moon of both the partners.

Ashtkoota Milan or free Hindi kundli reading for marriage involves several complex calculations and peculiarities which is beyond the purpose of this article. Here we will enumerate the benefits astrological consultancy or match making bring to individuals:

  • Astrology helps to find the most compatible partner.
  • Manglik dosha which is a major deterrent to a happy marriage can be taken care of and dealt effectively to ensure a successful marriage.
  • Delay in marriage
  • Any negative astrological dosha creating delays or obstructions in marital bliss can be rectified.
  • Lack of domestic peace
  • Harsh arguments and fights among partners 
  • Lack of sexual happiness
  • Strengthening marital bond and mutual understanding
  • Appropriate time for getting married when planetary afflictions are at bare minimum
  • Suggesting auspicious muhurats for getting married
  • Whether one should marry a local or foreigner
  • Similarly chances of inter cast marriage
  • Love marriage and issues related with it
  • Rectifying negative impacts with the help of each others’ kundli as sometimes any negative yoga is being cancelled by some yoga present in the partner’s horoscope.
  • Direction in which you may find your life partner
  • Denial of marriage
  • Remedial measures for a bad marriage

These are the few aspects addressed while deciding about marry a person. Astrology is a wonderful science that carefully analyzes operational dasha at the marriageable age along with the conditions of the natal planets and karaka of marriage to conclude about the marriage of an individual. It has been witnessed since ages that if analyzed deeply by the best astrologer, one may get 100 % accurate results regarding his/her individual marriage predictions. The astrologers at Future point have mastered the technique of match making and their excellence lies in their precise predictions. Even if one is struggling in a bad marriage then the effective and the most suitable remedial measures suggested by them do wonders for the native.

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Astrology and career:

Astrology also helps a person to reach heights in his/her career. There are specified houses and planets that decide the career of a person. Not just birth chart but also the divisional charts like D-9 and D-10 are carefully analyzed by a learned astrologer to conclude about the career of a person.

These are few points that are handled effectively through the use of astrology:

  • Whether one should go for business or job?
  • Whether one should work in or away his/her homeland?
  • Which is the best suited career for an individual?
  • Whether one would work in foreign land?
  • Future prospects of current line of career.
  • Whether you would gain fame in life?
  • Rajyogas related to your profession.
  • Financial and other gains through profession
  • Social networking based on your profession
  • Change in profession or business
  • Change in location of workplace
  • Transfer in job

The best astrologers help you take best decisions regarding various aspects of life. Marriage is considered a life changing experience and in astrology the house of marriage is the seventh house which is also the ninth house from eleventh house. Eleventh house is a house of fulfillment of desire and the ninth house is your fortune. So, in a way you tend to become fortune after arrival of your life partner in your life. In such sense marriage is very important to bring luck or misery and thus should be decided upon carefully after a talk to astrologer.

Similarly, career is something that decides all physical, mental and financial comforts in your life and if you know the right field and right time of opting for any career line then nothing like that! 

Take the best career counseling with the best of the astrologers at Future point.

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