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Grahan Yoga in Scorpion, Nov. 16, 2021- Effects and Remedies

By: Future Point | 16-Nov-2021
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Grahan Yoga in Scorpion, Nov. 16, 2021- Effects and Remedies

On 16th November, 2021, the Sun is changing its place and will transit into the zodiac sign of scorpion. It is an important celestial event and is also known as surya sankraanti in astrological terms. 

Surya sankraanti is an important astrological event as it is widely used by astrologers to know the effects of other planets in transit on the lives of the natives. Astrologers keep a keen eye on the movement of the king of the planets i.e. the Sun for making future predictions. 

Till now, the Sun was in its debilitation sign Libra since last one month and this movement from the debilitated state will bring big relief to the specifications related to Sun. The Sun signifies father, immunity, government, bones, eyes, politics and most importantly our ego and our soul.  

This transit of sun will bring two major results:

  • The sun will transit to its friend’s Mars’ sign scorpion.
  • Ketu who is already present in the scorpion will create grahan yoga through its conjunction with Ketu.  

So, we can say it is little confusing situation getting both good and bad results. It is an important astrological event and thus needs to be understood by astrology enthusiasts. In this article we will discuss what this conjunction will bring for all zodiac signs and also the precautions and remedies that each of us should take to reduce the ill effects and at the same time to receive the good results of this transit of Sun.

A general interpretation:

Since Sun will move into Scorpion it is also called Vrishchik sankraanti. This sankraanti or transit is always considered good as the ascendant lord of Scorpion is Mars who shares friendly relations with the Sun.  

But at this time Mars is not in very good condition in transit and also the presence of Ketu in Scorpion will further afflict Sun creating grahan yoga. This is considered a negative yoga in astrology yielding inauspicious results in related fields. 

During its stay in Scorpion, the Sun will pass through Vishakha, Anuradha and Jyeshtha nakshatra. Sun remains at ease in all these nakshatras but the presence of Ketu will cause afflictions and the grahan will occur in Anuradha nakshatra.

In brief, Ketu is a spiritual planet that has no head. It can’t think and moves in one direction without analyzing much. Probably this is the reason that Ketu is mokshkaraka as it takes the native straight in one direction without getting stuck in materialistic world. Ketu represents emotions as well.

On the other hand, the Sun represents our soul as well as ego and when these two conjunct in a janam kundli they give a bold message to control or leave our ego to move forward on a spiritual path. A mokshkaraka planet is combining with soul giving sharp indications for spiritual growth. 

The conjunction will occur in Scorpion which is the eighth house of kaal purush kundali. It represents hidden place, secrets, transformation, occult, obstacles, death etc. 

As per mundane astrology, all influential people, authoritative figures and those politicians will face problems as the karaka of authority and power is being afflicted with Ketu causing grahan yoga. 

This conjunction will help anti national activities to surge during this period. Everyone around is advised to control anger and ego as the karaka is in affliction and spirituality must be the ultimate goal during this transit.

The most important and critical duration:

Sun and Ketu will be in close conjunction from November 22- December 5. This is the critical period when:

  • Immunity may go down inviting health troubles.
  • Introspection and spirituality will remain on the top of the list.
  • Reveal hidden secrets and things 
  • Anger and ego may prevail.
  • People in power and authority will face troubles.
  • Hidden secrets and things will come in limelight.   


The Sun is a fifth lord and the conjunction with Ketu will take place in mysterious eighth house. The natives may experience following traits:  

Those in Govt sectors may have to face defame and are advised to stay away from the opposite sex

  • Diseases related to excretory system like piles or urinary infection etc.
  • Health issues may arise
  • Keep calm and avoid any important decision for now
  • You may receive some sudden news
  • Don’t argue with kids and keep ego in control for sustaining healthy relations


Sun is the fourth lord and will be in conjunction with Ketu in the seventh house of spouse and partnership. The natives are suggested:

  • Don’t show ego with spouse and business partners else it may ruin the happiness in relations
  • Those awaiting marriage may tie the knot
  • Good increment in income sources
  • Avoid unnecessary arguments and politics in relations


The Sun is the third lord and the conjunction will take place in the sixth house of the zodiac. This is a Vipreet rajyoga formed during the transit. The natives are advised to:

  • Take full benefits of the month as all your efforts will bring fruits. It is time for action and wastage of time is not suggested during this period.
  • Avoid any kind of arguments at your work place
  • Take good care of health 
  • Stay spiritual and religious


The second lord Sun is combining Ketu in the fifth house of the zodiac. It is a good position and the natives may expect:

  • Recognition and fame for your innovative ideas
  • Excellent for money gains
  • Stay away from overconfidence and ego
  • Children may trouble you but don’t argue with them
  • Students need to focus more else distractions may bring undesired results


Ascendant lord Sun is in conjunction with Ketu in the fourth house of domestic happiness. Lagna lord in Kendra is considered good but Sun as a planet gets weak here. The natives are suggested:

  • You may earn nicely through real estate but domestic fights may disturb your mind 
  • Take care of your mother’s health and don’t argue with her
  • No traits of ego at home
  • More expenses and moderate earnings
  • Stress at work place will rise but keep that to work only

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Sun is the twelth lord and will be in conjunction in the third house of hard work and siblings. The natives may expect:

  • Energy levels will soar high
  • Channelize your energy properly as whatever you do during this phase will bring success
  • You may have to go for short trips
  • Those working in creative, writing, communication or media field will rise
  • Expenditure on friends and siblings
  • Avoid arguments with father


Eleventh lord is in grahan yoga in the second house of the zodiac. Wonderful situation for earnings and the natives may expect:

  • Huge money gains
  • May start any new business venture at this time
  • Good benefits from networking and social circle
  • Completion of delayed work with help of some friend
  • Expenses on relatives may occur
  • Take care of your health especially eyes
  • Take care of your eating habits as well
  • Avoid ego and harsh speech


The conjunction will take place in the ascendant itself. The natives are suggested:

  • Awesome period for career
  • Avoid hasty decisions at work
  • Your social image will improve and some important lessons will be taught 
  • Headache, fever or some injury in head may trouble you
  • Take blessings of your father who will support you throughout
  • May have to travel for work


The ninth lord Sun is in conjunction with Ketu in the twelfth house of losses and expenditure. The natives are advised:

  • Health issues may give troubles
  • You may feel lack of confidence
  • Foreign travel or earning through foreign matters
  • Stay spiritual
  • Religious travel
  • Take care of the health of your father


The eighth lord Sun is in grahan yoga in the eleventh house of gains. The natives may expect:

  • Sudden gains and unexpected news
  • Good period for earnings
  • Happiness from kids
  • Students will do well
  • Take care of your indecisive nature and health
  • Gain recognition amongst friends


The seventh lord is in grahan yoga in the tenth house of the zodiac. The natives may expect:

  • Sudden gains in business
  • The career of spouse will flourish
  • Work related travel
  • Fame and recognition


The 6th lord is in grahan yoga in the ninth house of fortune. The natives may expect:

  • More hard work for success and increased work stress
  • Slow pace of work
  • May plan religious and work related travel
  • Avoid giving money to anyone
  • Arguments with father may put you in trouble
  • Do regular exercise and practice spirituality
  • Avoid ego and overconfidence
  • </ul


  • Respect father and fatherly figures
  • Recite Gayatri Mantra, Aaditya Hridya Stotra and Sun beej mantra
  • Worship Lord Rama
  • Offer arghya to Sun, you may put kumkum and some rice akshat) in it.
  • Donate Sun related items like wheat, jiggery etc on Sunday
  • Keep fast on Sunday or take no salt diet on Sunday

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