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Transit of Jupiter in 2019

Jupiter is the powerful planet which holds significant importance in astrology. This planet is known as the symbol of “Justice and Devotion”. Jupiter is the guru of all the Devtas and it is also called Guru or Brihaspati. Transit of Jupiter sign is considered to be highly advantageous and significant. It affects various aspects of our life like education, religion, devotion and children. Pisces and Sagittarius come under the Jupiter planet. It shows signs of exaltation in Cancer sign and debilitation in Capricorn.

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun and it is considered as the planet of luck. This planet rules higher learning and connects a native with the ideas related to intellectually and spiritually. Jupiter lords over religions and philosophy. Jupiter is considered as an auspicious planet in astrology and it is associated with good fortune and luck for a good reason.

This planet ensures that we are on the right path and it acts as a judge or jury in our life. Jupiter presages great wealth, material and luck. It takes Jupiter about 12 years to circle the zodiac. It is the ruling planet of Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system commonly known as Brihaspati in Hindi.

Jupiter represents wisdom, wealth, education, knowledge and happiness in Vedic astrology. When it is placed in favourable position, it bestows a person with everything best in life. His nature signifies development and progress. The positive effect of Jupiter makes a person lucky, fortunate, religious, successful and generous. Jupiter is the teacher of all the devtas and it is the reason the planet is known as Guru. Guru means one, which is vast and great.

When Jupiter positioned in the malefic state then it makes a person pessimistic, depressed and exhausted. Its colour is yellow and Yellow sapphire is the lucky gemstone of Jupiter planet. He takes one year to complete his orbit path. The most important thing about this planet is that he has the power to reduce the ill effect of malefic planets. In woman’s life, Jupiter is the significator of her husband and married life. When Jupiter positioned in a good place, it ensures a happy relationship with husband or spouse. In opposite circumstances, it makes a woman arrogant and adamant causing damage to her married life.

In the year 2019, Jupiter will transit on 30th March around 3.11 am into Sagittarius sign. On 22nd April, it will retrograde in Scorpio sign around 5.55 pm in the evening. Jupiter will be directed back in Sagittarius on Tuesday, 6.42 pm in the evening. This Jupiter transit will affect all 12 zodiac signs. let’s know about the effect of Jupiter transit on all zodiac signs.

Note: this prediction is based on your Moon sign.