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Jupiter Transit 2019 for Virgo




Jupiter strongly rules your fourth house and it will transit in this house. The fourth house depicted the love of mother/father. This transit will not be favourable for you. It may create several disturbances and disputes in your personal life. You might struggle with fights and arguments in the family. Avoid conflict with a partner. You need to stay calm and composed. Your relatives or friends may betray your trust or hurt your emotions during this time. Your interest may incline towards spiritual and philosophical deeds. You will stay away from materialistic luxuries of life. You will be unsatisfied in this period.

Jupiter will transit into the fourth house of your sign. These natives will face some disturbances in their life. You might involve in disputes or fight with your own family. Friends or spouse will also cause your tension. During the Jupiter transit 2019, you will feel more inclined towards spiritualism. Someone may betray your trust and the one who will be breaking your trust will be your close ones. You need to be strong and mentally prepare yourself for the upcoming situations. You might lose materialistic comforts and luxuries. During the transition of Jupiter, you need to prepare yourself for facing hard times.

Your life will be disturbed due to many reasons. Jupiter might take away all the luxuries from you. This transit will also adversely affect your married life. To avoid cheating or any kind of fraud, take extra care of your financial matters. Do not neglect the needs of your family. Try to spend some quality time with your family. You will get love from your mother and father. This time might be good for your professional life but it will definitely create disturbances for you at personal front. You might struggle with fights and arguments with family, friends and your partner. Stay calm and composed this time.

Your close ones might hurt your emotions. Despite being a family person, you will largely stay disconnected from the luxurious life. You will be happy and satisfied with whatever you have in your hands. There will be a strong possibility for successful tours and business trips. You need to work hard to attain success and satisfaction in life. This time will be good for writers, broadcasters and sport event organizers. To make your family life harmonious, you need to stay calm and behave maturely. Financial problems will not bother you at all during this transit.

Remedy: feed rotis to a cow or donate some sugar to a Brahmin.

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