Jupiter Transit 2019 for Gemini




For Geminis, Jupiter will transit in the seventh house of your zodiac sign. This house represents the marriage life of a person. Jupiter transit will be highly beneficial for your married life. You will spend some quality time with your life partner. This is a good time to resolve all worries, arguments and concern related to your partner. This transit will create substantial situations benefitting your finances and bank balance. You can invest your money in business or any project after analysing the pros and cons of it. You need to control your words and speak softly.

Jupiter placed in the seventh house of your sign. The seventh house of the birth chart represents marriage life and spouse. Jupiter transition in this section will prove beneficial for you. You will spend some quality time with your partner and resolve all your concerns, disputes and misunderstandings. There are chances for improvement in your financial position and bank balance. Invest your hard-earned money in any business, partnership or project after researching the pros and cons of it. During this transit, you will experience materialistic comfort in your life.

You will think logically and take well-evaluated steps, leading to a bright future. You need to be cautious in your words. Jupiter will affect your married life during this period but it will bring a positive effect on your life. You will be financially stable at this time. A comfortable life is waiting for you during this transit. Your life quality is going to improve. Family and friends will support you. you will be successful in winning the hearts of many people with your behaviour. Making an investment in this time will be fruitful for you. you must utilize this time to secure your future. You should be extremely careful in your spending habits. Don’t worry about your health. It will be better. If you face any trouble in lower stomach and feet, then consult to the doctor immediately.

Some people are transferred or banished from their place and living becomes most difficult. People who involved in legal matters will face an adverse situation. The court may not agree with you completely but the judgement will not go against you. Your competitors will lose. Government employees might get a promotion. You will gain a lot of respect and projects that help you in a long run give you good exposure. There will be a rise in your monthly income. Do not fall into false allegations and incur loans. The severity of problems will be doubled when Jupiter becomes combust.

Remedy: lit a diya of camphor in-house.

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