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Jupiter Transit 2019 for Pisces




Jupiter is the ruling planet of the tenth house and this time it will transit in your tenth house itself. This is the house of karma and deeds of a person. It will prove beneficial transit for you. During this period, you might change your house, it could be due to a change in business or job. If your mother is ill from quite some time, she will encounter some relief from long, aggravating pain. You may suffer from some bad health issues. You need to take care of your health. Your financial status will be improved. You have to keep an eye on monetary transactions, payments and expenditures. This transit will bring happiness to your family and you will be able to maintain a strong bond with your relatives and family members.

Jupiter will transit in your 10th house. Take proper care of your health. This transit will negatively affect your health. You might change your residence due to the job- or business-related issues. Pisces native’s mother’s get relief from an aggravating and long pain. This transit of 2019 will be highly favourable for you. you will feel secure in terms of finance. Family life will be happier and prosperous. Jupiter transit will bring positive effects for all the natives of Pisces sign.

Family life will be filled with happiness and love during the transition. The health of your mother will improve. Take care of your health at this time because it will bring negative impacts on your health. You need to be cautious about your expenses. This transit could not be beneficial for businessman or entrepreneurs. This transit might be shaken the established businessman also. You may acquire an irresponsible behaviour which harms your progress in future. Due to work reasons, you might change your residence. Pisces natives can achieve growth and success by hard work only.

This time you really need to do hard work. Pisces zodiac people may suffer from some serious health issues. You will have to keep an eye on monetary transactions, expenditures. During the transit, natives will able to make a strong bond with their family members. Single people will find their love in this period. Marriage proposals will come in your way. Pisces natives do not trust anyone as they may break your trust. Try to control your expenses and save money.

Remedy: Place Jupiter yantra in your house and worship it on daily basis.

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