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Jupiter Transit 2019 for Leo




Jupiter will be transiting into your fifth house. In Vedic astrology, this house shows prosperity in life. You will be involved in various kinds of welfare and humanitarian activities. You may get the team up with some NGOs or charitable trusts. This movement of Jupiter will bring materialistic and spiritual richness in your life. You will get the best results in your professional career. You might welcome a baby in your family. Your knowledge may increase in various categories like philosophy and religion. There will be chances to purchase a new vehicle or property.

Jupiter will be positioned in your fifth house. This house signifies prosperity and peace in life. During the transit, your social life will expand. You will make new contacts that will benefit you in many ways. Leo natives may indulge in humanitarian and welfare activities. You can join some NGO or any charitable trusts this time and help poor and needy people. Jupiter transit will bring spiritual and materialistic comfort in your life. In professional life, your constant efforts will pay great results in this time. There are high chances of you welcoming a new born baby within the family.

These natives want to increase their knowledge related to religion and philosophy subjects. You might plan for purchasing a new vehicle or property. Investing money in property or vehicle will prove beneficial for you during the transit. You will be growing at professional front. The fifth house is responsible for pleasure, art and creation. You will get chances to meet new and influential people in your field. A clear growth on the professional front is on the chart. To increase your popularity and name and fame in the society, you should involve in any kind of social activities. This time is beneficial for your financial status. You will become orthodox in this period.

You are initiated in mantras and master the subjects of your choice. Children will do progress in their studies and it will make you happy and satisfied. This time is good for law, social science and ideology students. There is good progress in your hobbies and your popularity goes up steadily. You will get help from your father and well-wishers. Your all problems will be solved easily. Leo natives will make money, wealth and property during the transit. Health wise, it is an excellent time. Due to heavy workload, you will not be able to look after your children. You may face some misunderstandings with your father. There will be an increase in expenses and investments as well.

Remedy: chant the Brihaspati Beej mantra: ?? ????? ????? ????? ?: ????? ??:

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