Jupiter Transit 2019 for Libra




Jupiter will transit into your third house. This house signifies hard work, constant efforts and determination. This transit might not prove to be fruitful for you. You may need to change your house and shift to another place due to your work commitments. You will show super laziness in every task. You may go for some short personal or professional trip. This will be a challenging time for business persons. They will encounter several speed breakers limiting your growth and success. You will gain spiritual knowledge.

Jupiter will transit into your third house. The third house of the birth chart represents hard work, constant efforts, determination, and sincerity of a native. This transit might not prove beneficial for Libra zodiac. There will be high chances of change in your residence during this time. You might shift your house due to your work commitment. Avoid super laziness and procrastination behaviour in every task. Libra natives might plan for short personal or professional trips. This will be a challenging time for businessman and working-class people. You need to be patient while dealing with difficult circumstances. You will gain spiritual knowledge and enhance your conscience.

This transit will create obstacles in your way to achieving growth. To enhance your spiritual knowledge, you will maintain your mental stability and peace. This transit will make you wealthier person. There are fewer expenses and more income. You must be careful about saving money for the future. Many Libra natives will get married or settled in life. Singers achieve perfection in their endeavours. You might clear the outstanding loan amount. Your popularity will increase in society. Employed people might get promotions. There will also be an expansion of the family. You will improve your relationship with the children. You are likely to be cheated in monetary transactions.

So, you need to be careful. This transit could not be beneficial for businessman or entrepreneurs. This transit might be shaken the established businessman also. You may acquire an irresponsible behaviour which harms your progress in future. Due to work reasons, you might change your residence. Libra natives can achieve growth and success by hard work only. This time you really need to do hard work. This transit will transform the life of Libra zodiac. You can expect a happy and successful married life. Don’t get involved in disputes or arguments with your partner. This is the time for reconciliation and a new beginning. Your relationship with your siblings and friends will be improving.

Remedy: donate turmeric and feed rotis to a cow.

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