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Jupiter Transit 2019 for Taurus




This transit will be in the eighth house of your zodiac sign. It will affect your health. You may suffer from constipation, indigestion etc. you might receive some bad news. You may travel for certain reasons out of no choice. Jupiter transit will affect your bank balance and monetary status. Do not trust anyone and avoid investing in share market otherwise, you will suffer from some huge loss. This period is normal for business and works related issues. Working environment will be normal. You won’t be able to achieve what you aimed for even after intensive hard work. Spend your energy and concentration on your work.

Jupiter will transit in your eighth house. This time is difficult for married natives. You will face challenges in maintaining peace and harmony in your married life. Do something special to keep your spouse happy and in good responsive moods. It will make them closer to you. In this time, your spouse happiness is the most important thing for you. People who doing business in partnership, keep your partner in the loop about your action plan which pushing ahead your business. This time is crucial for handling a relationship with a partner in married life and partner in the business. Your financial position will remain healthy. No serious health issue might disturb you. This transit will not be considered good for Taurus zodiac. You will not get desirable results in your professional life. You may be troubled with indigestion. Taurus natives might go for a trip.

However, the travel will not give fruitful results either. Your interest may incline towards spiritual things due to this transit. You might feel happy about this. During this transition, you need to take extra care of your food intake. You should take extra care of financial transactions during this time. This transit will give you unsatisfactory results in your career life. There are chances for you to face digestion related problems.

Do not indulge in overeating. You might colloid with some bad news, as it might be on its way to get to you. Don’t neglect monetary transactions this time. It may put you in some financial losses. There can be situations where you might still have to travel out of no choice even if you are ready to do so. This transit will transform the life of Taurus zodiac. You can expect a happy and successful married life. Don’t get involved in disputes or arguments with your partner. This is the time for reconciliation and a new beginning. Your relationship with your siblings and friends will be improved.

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