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Jupiter Transit 2019 for Cancer




Jupiter will transit in the sixth house of Cancer sign. This transit will be unfavourable for you. This is the house of diseases and injuries. It might hurt you physically and mentally. You need to be patient during tough times. You may stay alert. Do not raise finger on any person. You can take a bank loan in this period. This time will be good for students. You may get your dream job at this time. You might suffer from a difficult phase in life. Study hard and concentrate on the best features in order to attain the best results.

Jupiter will hold the sixth house of your sign. According to astrology, placement of Jupiter in the sixth house will not yield positive results. This house signifies disease and injuries. This transit might give you mental stress and increase physical burden also. You must be cool and be patient at difficult times. During this period, your competitors and enemies will have the upper hand. Don’t trust people easily. Your personal life will also get disturbed. This will be a difficult phase for your personal life.

Do not raise finger and doubt anyone. You can easily sort out your problems and doubts by communicating with each other. Cancer natives might apply for bank loans in this time. Students will face advantageous outcomes in their competitive exams. Students must concentrate on their studies to attain good and quality results. There are heavy chances of you grabbing the dream job with constant efforts. Jupiter transition in your sixth house will not beneficial for you. during the transit period, your stress level will be high and mental stress cause problems for you.

This transit will also affect your married life. You may apply for a financial loan to expand your business or for the new venture. Students will perform well in their exams and it will promote their confidence. Employed natives may also be offered the job they always wanted. Don’t ignore your enemies otherwise, they may create a problem for you. these hard times demand more hard work. You need to stay calm and cool at this time and focus on hard work. If you want to attain success during this transit then you need to be patient enough to tackle with the upcoming obstacles in your life. Your competitors will try to dominate you.

Remedy: worship Banana Tree every Thursday.

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