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Jupiter Transit 2019 for Sagittarius




Ruler of wisdom Jupiter will transit into your sign as well as your first house. This period will highly favourable for your academic, professional and married life. You will get luck by your side. There will be chances of some financial conflicts. You may lose some money and source of income. You need to prevent yourself from these kinds of losses. You will fail to handle stress and end up in arguing or fighting with someone. Keep your head straight and at peace. In the effect of Jupiter transit, you can express your feelings and views. You will be able to chase your objectives you have aimed for years. Avoid making hasty decisions during this time. You should evaluate your every step.

Jupiter will transit into your zodiac sign and this transit will make you more expressive. You can easily express your feelings and emotions to the ones, with whom you wish to do so. If you will fail in acquiring this then you might end up with some arguments and fighting with them. This transit will prove beneficial for students. Love and married life could also affect by this transit. You might face some financial problems in your life due to this transition. Do not make decisions hasty.

It could prove to be a loss for you in future. You will think logically and take well-evaluated steps, leading to a bright future. You need to be cautious in your words. Jupiter will affect your married life during this period but it will bring a positive effect on your life. You will be financially stable at this time. A comfortable life is waiting for you during this transit. Your life quality is going to improve. Students will perform well in their exams. Your married life and love affairs will be charming and happy. You can express your thoughts and views easily. Sagittarius native might suffer from some financial loss. You need to take extra care in this regard.

This transition requires you to be more cautious in making finance related decisions. Be positive and face the challenges of your life. You will able to clear your debts and dues. You will learn to handle tensions and stress of daily life. This period comes as a boon for those recovering from diseases and problems. You might face losses in investments. Children education might interrupt in your savings. Health will be good. You don’t need to much worry about your health. Students get good cooperation from their teachers. You may develop your hobbies.

Remedy: wear Yellow sapphire into a gold ring.

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