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Jupiter Transit 2019 for Scorpio




Jupiter will transit in your second house. According to astrology, the second house denotes the wealth of a person. This transit will bring success, good luck and power in your life. You will experience great monetary gains during this period. Your financial status will be increased. You will get full support from your family. They will support you in your decisions also. There are chances of auspicious activities being carried out within your house. Your family bond will be strong in the effect of Jupiter transit. This movement of Jupiter will prove to be the best time for the couples who are married. You might plan a trip with your partner. This may be a romantic trip also. Your enemies will fail to harm you in any way. You will dominate in all the aspects of life.

Jupiter is going to transit in your second house. The second house represents wealth and comfort. This transit will bring luck and power in your life. Great monetary deals will come in your way. It will add some extra money to your account. You will get full support from your family. They will support you in your every step or decision. You enjoy the time with your family.

This time will be best for married couples. You might plan a trip with your life partner. During the Jupiter transit, you will make new and romantic memories with your partner. Your enemies would not be able to harm you. Their all efforts to harm you will get wasted. You will be the source of dominance all over. Jupiter transit will be favourable for Scorpio natives. Luck will be on your side. Your monetary gains will increase with the effect of Jupiter. The family will not disappoint you at this time. The married life of couples will be joyous. There are heavy chances of you grabbing the dream job with constant efforts. Your stress level will be high and mental stress cause problems for you due to your carelessness. This transit will also affect your married life.

You may apply for a financial loan to expand your business or for the new venture. You can organize some religious activity at home. You may achieve growth and success with constant efforts and hard work. Financially, you will be progressive but you need to check on your expenses. Jupiter bestows luck and blessing in you and it will strengthen your financial status. This transit will bring wealth, popularity and good health into your life. You are oversensitive towards your name and this will cause tensions and anxieties. You might fall ill due to the effect of Jupiter. You are prone to certain diseases like circulation problem, muscular pain or eye related ailments. Regular yoga and meditation will help you to stay fit.

Remedy: Chant Brihaspati Beej mantra: ????????????????? ?: ????? ??:??

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