Jupiter Transit 2019 for Aquarius




Jupiter is the ruler of the eleventh and second house and it will transit in your eleventh house. This house represents great health and high profit. This time will be good for your health. You will receive great success in the upcoming times. Outstanding opportunities are waiting for you in this time. You will receive some good news and great money. You will stay at peace which will get reflected in your personal life. You will spend some precious moments with your beloved. Avoid burdening your thoughts and perceptions on your partner. Try to listen to your partner.

This time Jupiter will be positioned in your eleventh house. This house signifies high profit and great health. The major improvement will witness in your health. Definitely, you will face success in upcoming times. Good news, great opportunities and immense wealth is waiting for you. You will enjoy the peace and a good time. Personal life will be prosperous and harmonious.

Aquarius people will spend some quality and precious time with their partner or spouse. Do not feed your thoughts and perceptions into their mind. Listen to your partner also and it will strengthen your relationship. You could face higher level profits in terms of your work life. Your health could also be good. Jupiter transition will bring some of the best opportunities in your life. Try to invest your time in your spouse, listen to them, and take their advice in times of necessity. Your popularity will increase in society. Employed people might get promotions.

There will also be an expansion of the family. You will improve your relationship with the children. You are likely to be cheated in monetary transactions. So, you need to be careful. This transit could not be beneficial for businessman or entrepreneurs. Jupiter transit will be highly favourable for your zodiac sign. Your profits will increase during the period of transit. Married life will be blissful. Health will also improve with the effect of transit. You might get opportunities that will help in the long-term.

You will cherish each and every moment of your life in this transit. Involve your spouse in making any decisions and plans. This time is good for making new and big investments. You need to maintain a balance between your personal and professional life for prospering and peaceful life. You are able to save money. This period is good for investing money in different ventures.

Remedy: pour water on Peepal tree in the early morning. Do not touch the sacred tree.

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