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Kundli Matching in Matrimony of Manglik People

By: Future Point | 25-Jun-2018
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Kundli Matching in Matrimony of Manglik People

In Indian traditional marriage horoscope matching or Kundli Milan is given due importance. It is a calculative way, where a prospective bride or groom are evaluated under 8 different parameters called Ashtakoot match making. In this system a total of 36 points are assigned to the 8 different parameters to check a perfect match between them.

Along with this match, an expert astrologer will also look for any dosh. Among the various dosh, Manglik or Mangal dosh is given much importance while match is done. Manglik or Mangal dosh usually is seen through the placement of Planet Mars in a native’s horoscope. Especially when the placement of Mars is in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th form the ascendant or Moon sign of the native. The degree of seriousness of Manglik dosh would vary from one horoscope to the other. Hence, it is very important to check how severe is the Mangal dosh or Manglik in a native’s Kundli, apart from Mangal dosh. Thus, the analysis of horoscope match making is incomplete without checking Manglik dosh.

Now the one easy way to negate a Manglik dosh is to match the horoscope of two individuals who suffer from the same dosh. Since, two negatives will make one positive, the same rule is applicable here. However, it is easily said than done. As said earlier, Manglik or Mangal dosh, when analysed, should give due importance regarding the severity of the dosh. It has been found that many a time, astrologer ignores to check the severity and then match to horoscope of two varied Manglik/ Mangal dosh. This is even a greater sin committed by an astrologer than ignoring the rule. Mangal dosh, if not rectified, then can lead to problems of multiple partners, indecent and cruel behaviour, permanent separation in a married life, bitter legal battle and if very serious, than the dosh can even cause death to the individual. Therefore, an expert astrologer will always give due consideration to Manglik dosh and its severity.

Usually it is believed that the native suffering from Manglik dosh is advised to marry only after the age of 28 years. Since, it is said that the Mangal dosh by then would have reduce considerably. However, this rule is subject and may not be true to all cases. Hence, it is better to consult an expert astrologer than rely on half-baked knowledge. Thankfully in the age of technology, many online horoscope match-making site do consider this point before given their opinion. Still, it would be better to consider a human intervention through an expert astrologer, as a lay man may not know these technical nuances of match making.

A good and expert astrologer will analyse each other the matchmaking points along with Mangal dosh, its severity and the best remedy to negate Mangal dosh. Again, not always the same remedy is applicable to all. There are several cases where a native suffering from Mangal dosh is recommended Vedic rituals before getting into marital relationship. Some time, both the prospective bride and groom are advised to take the same remedy or different before getting married. This will negate the dosh and its severity. Hence, it is very important to match the two Kundlis and to check the Manglik dosh and its severity before marriage.

Remember if manglik Dosha is not getting cancelled in that situation the week promise of marital happiness and malefic influence on house of marriage can prove disastrous for the fate of marriage especially if Guna matching score is very less.

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