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How to Become a Top Famous Astrologer in India

By: Future Point | 25-Jun-2018
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How to Become a Top Famous Astrologer in India

Astrology is an ancient science which was introduced to the Hindu culture through our Vedic scriptures. The science of Vedic Astrology is a combination of calculation and application of knowledge to anticipate the various events that are likely to occur in an Individual’s life. In fact, the science of astrology is closely interrelated to all its siblings which is Numerology and Vaastu Shastra. All three of them have their genesis from the text of Vedas. Hence this trio is very important for the wellbeing of every individual.

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There is a six-auxiliary discipline of studies called Vedangas in Vedas which includes: Shiksha, Chandas, Vyakarana, Nirukta, Kalpa and Jyotisha. It is thus in the Vedangas of the Vedas that considers Jyotisha as the eye of Veda. The subject of Jyotisha is the originator of the science called Mathematics. Since the fundamentals of Mathematics are calculation, the siblings of astrology namely Numerology and Vaastu Shastra to include calculations. All three forms the science of Occult studies in India.

Hence, in our country, all three subjects have adequate importance. Therefore, for a native to become an expert astrologer, he/she should be a master of all three subjects Visa-Vis Vedic Astrology, Numerology, and Vaastu Shastra.

Importance of Birth Chart in Astrology

In astrology, as we all know the birth chart of a native is the fundamental input to the astrologer which helps them to read the future of an individual. All the nine planets are placed amongst the twelve zodiac signs and then the fortune of a native builds. It is through the placement of these nine planets that emanate energy upon a native and then the native is made to act accordingly.

Again, the birth chart should have accurate details, i.e. date of birth, month, year and time of birth. It is with these details the placement of Moon; the ascendant sign and its degree are calculated. In case, if these details need rectification, then an expert astrologer would have to spend time and get the position of the nine planets and their placement accurate. This process can take a lot of time to give accurate predictions.

What is Numerology?

In the word of dynamism, an astrologer may not always enjoy the luxury of time to analyze in detail and then give predictions. It is here, that the science of Numerology gets an edge. In Numerology, the input of date of birth, month and year of birth is sufficient to give instant answers to the querent. So, at times certain quick queries can be answered with the help of Numerology. Such as career, marriage, heath, a span of life, etc, can be easily answered through Numerology. Numerology is so advanced, that the science can be even applied to give answers through the horary method. There are many sources for numerology and many numerology professional software which are also available online, but one should always look for the best and most reliable source while looking for the numerology predictions.

Vastu Shastra

The positive energy is a need for an individual through the Five elements of Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Space and that is known as Vaastu Shastra. A Properly organized living space, according to Vastu Shastra will attract good luck, prosperity, and health. Living a joyful and satisfying life is possible only when the space you live has positive vibes and this can be only possible through Vaastu Shastra, the placement and angles, which decides the positive energy of a place that is radiated upon the native. This information may not be completely known through astrology. Therefore, only an expert Astrologer could understand various rules of Vaastu, so that he/she could analyze the best possible outcome.

One should always consult an expert Vastu consultant online advice in order to lead a successful life.

Therefore, it is very necessary for a practitioner of occult science in India that they should understand the nuances of all the three subjects. Fame is not an overnight achievement. A good astrologer spends time and energy to learn the above three subjects and then slowly practices to perfect the same. It is the genuine efforts of a good astrologer that leads him or her towards perfection and then slowly they top the list of famous astrologers. As they master the subject, they also perfect their predicting techniques.

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