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Top 10 Astrological Remedies for Happy Married Life

By: Future Point | 26-Jun-2018
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Top 10 Astrological Remedies for Happy Married Life

Astrology Remedies for Happy marriage life: Marriage is a union between two souls. It is a relationship commitment between husband and wife for life, where the duo would walk along with each other during good and bad days. The most important element for any married life is, happiness. A happy married life is a collection of several movements which can include: emotional intimacy, raising a family, love, romance, sex life, progeny, communication and many more. Although it is the emotional intimacy which kindles the spark and lead the relationship to a new level, many lack this important element in their relationship.

It is the same emotional intimacy which can easily get disturbed with a silly fight between the partner. Some realise this and work towards improving the same. But a few of them are unlucky for whatever reason and always strive to reach a happy living. They are dedicated in improving happiness in their relationship and it is here that Future point has come with some tips as remedies which are recommended to improve bonding between the partners and lead a happy married life.

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    • Keep a Tulsi Plant at home. With this plant, bonding between the couples is always assured.
    • Offer turmeric and Kumkum along with water, daily, to the Tulsi plant at home. This should be performed by the females of the house.
    • The male member of the house can place a small flute, made of either wood or silver, on the Tulsi plant.
    • Get a bhurja leaf. Inscribe the name of husband and wife and place it in a small silver box. Sprinkle some Ganga Jal/water on the leaf and place it inside the Tulsi pot. Cover this small silver box with the same mud in the pot as no one should see the same. This remedy enhances sweetness in relationship.
    • Do Manglik Dosh shanti if Manglik Dosh is there.
    • Similarly do the Shanti for Kalsarpa Dosh, if any one of the couple suffers from the same.
    • If Venus (lord for Love) is debilitated in the horoscope, then wearing a Diamond ring in the ring finger, of at least 3-5 carats will enhance love and romance between the couples.
    • Fasting on Fridays will please goddess Laxmi and shall increase sweetness in relationship between the couples.

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  • Avoid taking non-veg on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays as this will reduce the friction between the couples.
  • Chant Vishnu Sahasranamam once or 108 Gayathri Mantra every day. This will keep the negative energies at bay.
  • In case, looking for any alliance for happy married life, then make sure you match the two horoscopes. The matchmaking will help you to choose the best compatible partner.
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  • Keep Matangi Yantra at place of worship and chant its Mantra 108 times daily.
  • Light a red bulb in the south east corner of the house.

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