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Spiritual Importance of Tulsi Plant or Holy Plant

By: Future Point | 20-Apr-2018
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Spiritual Importance of Tulsi Plant or Holy Plant

Chanting on Tulsi beads has been practised for centuries as guided by Hindu religion. Old Hindu traditions have engrossed the virtues of chanting the glory of God in Vedas and Puranas. Tulsi plant has a mythological importance in Hinduism and Buddhism. The leaves of Tulsi plant is offered to the gods and is grown in many Hindu households not just like that but for good beneficial reasons – the effective yet inexpensive herbal plant comes loaded with a host of medical benefits. Chanting on Tulsi beads is extremely beneficial for humans from warding off some of the ill energies to offer the strength, fighting ailments & viral infections to combating and treating many internal and external disorders. Using just a few leaves of tulsi when used regularly can help resolve a host of health and lifestyle related issues.

The Tulsi mala made up of Rosemary beads is said to be the holy basil plant. It is the most auspicious thing to possess and wear. Indians notice Tulsi mala which comes in a light color as a wonderful way to connect with God or his energies while the Buddhists prefer the black tulsi mala to chant and usher in good fortune. Different beads leave different effects. Chanting on rudraksha beads will make you powerful but chanting on Tulsi bead will uplift your spiritual progress to attain the final ground of Moksha. Achieving love for the glory of God is a completely different experience that could be attained through chanting or mediating on Tulsi beads. This is the only sacred path that will transcend the material miseries and will give the life of perpetuity. Tulsi beads leave a mystical effect by purifying the mind on one who chants on it endlessly.

Tulsi mala benefits

  • Tulsi plant is known for most commonly and widely used herbal remedy in Indian households. The plant is capable enough to fight against terminal bacteria as well as deadliest viral infections.
  • The health drink made up Tulsi leaves aids treating many diseases while improving one's immune system. The Antibacterial quality of this plant facilitates quick recovery.
  • Meditating on Tulsi mala is an old practice of Vedic prayer system. Doing this evokes a harmonious aura around us which helps over to concentrate during meditation process.
  • Chanting on Tulsi mala evokes the divine force which helps to gain greater spiritual cause by purifying the soul. This can bring some unbelievable changes in an individual while offering him/her the divine power of faith. And as we all know faith can move the mountains.
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Tulsi mala can remove stress

When it comes to managing the stress of modern life and hectic lifestyle people carry their Tulsi mala in a bag wherever they go. When time and surrounding allows they chant the mantras or meditate on it.

Wearing a tulsi mala on the wrist or around the neck will protect you from seen and unseen dilemmas of life. The Tulsi mala which is made up of small white beads have a spiritual importance in India. It certainly aids to heal the body and bring the mind to a peace.

People preach the significance tulsi mala with gratitude in India and around the world where ever lord Vishnu is worshipped. Lord Devotees of Vishnu should for sure wear this mala. It also said to assist in gaining the concentration.

Tulsi leaves are offered to Lord Vishnu as a sacrament in hawans. Online astrology will also help you to tackle this problem. Many a time we have seen devotees chanting silently Tulsi beads sitting in a corridor of a temple. Chanting on Tulsi beads produces remarkable vibration inside the temple and it helps to energise the space to bring the spiritual up healing. Reciting the mantras and shlokas on these beads can enlighten the believer ward the higher self.

Importance of Wearing Tulsi Mala

According to skanda puranas if an individual meditates for years on Tulsi mala then it certainly assists in removing his/her sins forever. One should stay away from unholy acts while wearing it. Worshipping on Tulsi mala is said to benefit the person million times more than performing good karmas or any big devotional service.

Tulsi beads are capable enough to keep you protected from death bound situations. It covers the guard against accidents; evil eye and bad dreams. You can wear it after astrology consultation. There are no strict rules on wearing Tulsi mala; however, it is very important to stay away from performing bad deeds while praying for the glory of God.

Anyone can wear the Tulsi mala given to one's belief. While wearing Tulsi mala one should be honest towards his or her duties to god, family and society. You can get tulsi mala online also. The individual spiritual progress will only show the result depending on your faith in the name of God.

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