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Astrological Remedies to Become Rich

Astrological Remedies to Become Rich

By: Future Point | 22-Jun-2018
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To become rich is every one’s desire. It has been aspiration and hence, many of us toil day in and out to make our ends meet. Some of us are happy with little. Others have a slightly different take on the subject. Therefore, to become rich is a relative term varying from person to person.

This is one definition of getting rich is common among all of us. That would be to earn more, save more and create wealth for ourselves. Thus, astrology as an ancient science has always helped the mankind for better living. The tenets of astrology have given several remedies for a native to get Rich. These remedies are common to all, irrespective of our definition to become rich.

It has been well documented in our Vedic text, that a native who undertakes these remedies with sincerity and dedication, is bound to become rich in his lifetime.

Future point has pen down some of the Vedic -Upayas or remedies for earning more money. These Vedic remedies will help the native to attract money and become rich over a period of time. Please mind you, these remedies are general for all. In case, for more detailed analysis, you can reach out to us at or write to us at for personal consultation. Our team of expert astrologers are here to help you solve your monetary problem.

  • You can chant “Om Sri Namah” at least 21 times each day. You can also do this along with your daily rituals.
  • Again, take seeds of Coral beads and offer Pooja along with chanting Kanka Stotra. The great “Adi Shankaracharya” had sung this stotra with hymns to bless a poor Brahmin lady. It is believed that Devi Laxmi showered gold for the poor brahmin lady.
  • One can also do Kumkum Archana on Friday for Goddess Laxmi and chant Sri-Sukta to enhance wealth and prosperity. Sri-Sukta is one of the powerful mantras to gain money and richness. This mantra is to please Goddess Ashta Laxmi (8 forms of goddess Laxmi) at once.
  • You can also offer Chana-Mala to lord Jupiter on Thursday’s for better income and gains. This too will enhance your earnings and make you rich.
  • You can wear Rudraksha Mala and chant “Om Nama Shiva” 108 time ever day.
  • Offer Jaggery and straw to Cow, every Friday. One can undertake this remedy for eternity.
  • Keep a Mirror facing the Cash at home in the cupboard or drawer. Make sure the mirror is East or North-East Facing.
  • You can chant “Om Gra Gri Grom Sah Guruwe Namah” or “Gayathri Mantra” each 108 times.
  • Do not ill treat females. This is as good as hurting goddess Laxmi.
  • For those who suffer from Pitru Dosh, should be doing Pitru dosh shanti during the Pitru Paksha, once in a year.
  • Keep your house or office premise clean and tidy. This is an invitation to Goddess Laxmi.
  • Give dhan offerings on Saturday outside Shani temple. This will please lord Shani for your good actions and shall keep an account of your good deeds. At the right time, you will enjoy the fruits of your good karma.

For any more details, please contact our astrologers at Future Point.

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