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Astrological Remedies to Become Rich

By: Future Point | 22-Jun-2018
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Future point has penned down some of the Vedic Upayas or remedies for earning more money and making it big in 2020. These Vedic remedies will help the natives to attract more money and become rich over a period of time. However, the remedies mentioned are all general in nature- which means that they are not limited to a single person but can be implied by everyone bothered. In case you are struggling with money-related problems, you can always get a Finance Horoscope. Or if you are wondering if there’s Raj Yoga in your Horoscope or not, you can get the All Yoga Report as well.

Mentioned below are some of the Astrological Remedies to help get through a financial crunch.

  • You can chant “Om Sri Namah” at least 21 times each day. You can also do this along with your daily rituals to get easy relief from tough situations in life.
  • Take a Coral Beads Rosary and pray to the almighty while chanting Kanka Strotra. The great “Adi Shankaracharya” had recited this Strotra with hymns to bless a poor Brahmin lady. It is believed that Devi Laxmi showered gold on the poor brahmin lady and filled her life with wealth & abundance.
  • One can also do Kumkum Archana on Friday for Goddess Laxmi and chant Sri-Sukta to enhance wealth and prosperity. Sri-Sukta is one of the powerful mantras to gain money and riches in life. This mantra is to please Goddess Ashta Laxmi (8 forms of goddess Laxmi) at once.
  • You can also offer Chana-Mala to lord Jupiter on Thursday’s for better income and gains. This too will enhance your earnings and help you achieve all your dreams.
  • You can wear Rudraksha Mala and chant “Om Namah Shivaya” 108 times every day.
  • Offer Jaggery and straw to Cows every Friday. This remedy is highly effective and must be done on a regular basis to achieve excellent results.
  • Keep a mirror facing the cash at home in the cupboard or drawer. Make sure the mirror is East or North-East Facing.
  • Chant the mantra “Om Gra Gri Grom Sah Guruwe Namah” or “Gayathri Mantra” about 108 times, regularly.
  • Do not ill-treat females. This is as good as hurting goddess Laxmi.
  • For those who suffer from Pitru Dosh in Kundali, Perform a Pitra Dosh Shanti Puja. It is said to be highly fruitful if performed during the Pitru Paksha period. Keep your house and office premises clean and tidy. This is an invitation to Goddess Laxmi. You can also perform a Laxmi Pujan with correct remedies with the help of a
  • learned Brahmin Priest online.
  • Give Dhan offerings on Saturday outside a Shani temple. This will please lord Shani and accumulate your good deeds. With the grace of Planet Saturn, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your toil & labor at the right time, as karma allows it.

If you are facing some serious issues with financial matters, and are trying hard to make ends meet, let Astrology & Online Kundli be your guiding force. Trace the things needed in order to enjoy the riches in life and make good use of it.

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