10 Astrological Remedies a Businessman Must Do

By: Future Point | 22-Jun-2018
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10 Astrological Remedies a Businessman Must Do

We are all born to undertake some activity or the other to meet our professional requirements. Some undertake a job and reach the highest pedestal in their career. At the same time, others prefer to remain self-employed or take any business activity. The one who undertakes Job, has a certainty to earn money towards the end of the month. They look up to the last date of every month to earn happily and meet their requirements. However, for a native in business or profession, the initial years are full of hard work with limited returns. They toil extra hours to regularise their business income, as they must not only earn for themselves, but also pay salaries to their staff and clear other dues. A businessman is always loaded with responsibilities.

No doubt, they work very hard to meet all these ends. Of course, nothing can substitute their hard work. It is their sheer dedication and focus which enables the native to attain success. However, in the world of competition, is this sufficient? Can only hard work help the native? Where shortcomings in any manner can cost the business huge losses or can reduce gains in business dealings. There are several uncertainties that can come in to play and reduce or delay success. It is here that the astrological remedies come into play.

An astrological remedy is to ease out the path and help the native attain success in business. Again, the person is blessed with wisdom, prosperity and happiness from time to time. It is only when a Business attains break-even, they turn profitable. Until then, the proprietor is in constant fire-fighting mode.

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Future Point has come out with the following remedies to help every business man growth and success in all walk of their actions.

    • If a native is struggling to increase sales in business, give dhan or alums on Saturday, as this will please lord Saturn. Lord Saturn is the judge who will keep an account of your good deeds and return the same with interest.
    • Native can also take a fist full of pepper and black gram and scatter the same on the floor of your business premises. Make sure you do this on a Sunday and sweep the same yourself. Collect the swept waste and bury it in a lonely place.
    • Chant Gayatri Mantra, 108 times, facing lord Sun, daily. Offer clean water and jaggery to please him. This will enlighten the business and increase the prosperity.
    • Buy small toys when you procure good for your business. You can give these toys to the needy kids. Happiness on their face will bring prosperity to your business.
    • Take a Peepal leaf and place it on the seat where you sit. This should be done on a Saturdays only. Repeat them for seven Saturdays and collect all of them. Upon collection, they should be flown in a river or clean flowing water.

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  • For professional offering services, they can attain growth in their activities by offering Seven cereals to a bird. The seven Cereal can be any combination of the following: Unbroken Moong dal, (Sabut Moong), Unbroken green gram, Unbroken Kaale Chane, Unbroken Wheat, Unbroken Jau, Unbroken Rice, Unbroken Bajra, Unbroken Urad / Kaali Dal.
  • To reduce any obstacles in business, you can lamp a castor oil in your business premise offer flowered gloves to them.
  • Apply tilak on your forehead from the right leg thumb of lord Hanuman. This will expedite business success and prosperity.
  • Hang a mala of seven green chili and a lemon. This should be done on a Saturday to keep any bad omen at bay.
  • Get a Vastu or an expert astrologer to check the Vastu of your Business premises. They would help you to increase the positive energy in your business, for regular progress.
  • Worship goddess Mahalaxmi on every Friday. Your dedication will improve the cash flows in your business.
  • Make some bean ladoos and rotate them seven time around your head, and then. Feed them to a cow on a Thursday for continuity of your business prosperity.
  • For regular growth in business, you must clean your business premises with Ganga Jal/water and draw a Swastik with saffron or turmeric.

Every remedy that has been mentioned above promises to help you come a step closer in realising your true dreams. In case you want more help from Vedic Astrology, you can Talk to our Astrologer Online on Phone.

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