Rahu Transit 2023: Date, Times and Predictions for all Hourses

Rahu Transit 2023

Rahu and Ketu are the shadowy planets in Astrology with no physical existence. Yet, they are both essential celestial bodies and have been termed planets by our ancient scholars. Rahu is a head and Ketu is a torso of the demon Swarnabahu. So, they both have demonic tendencies. Rahu connects a person with worldly things. Rahu is one of the most powerful planets; it can swallow the Sun and the Moon. Rahu rests in each zodiac sign for around 1.5 years.

Like other planets, its long stay affects all the zodiac signs and houses. The placement of Rahu enhances the materialistic desires of the native. It confers beneficial results when Rahu is in the third, sixth, and eleventh houses from the natal Moon. At other places, it makes the native suffer huge losses.

Rahu Transit 2023- Date and Timing

Date & Day

Transiting From

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30 October 2023, Monday Aries Pisces 12:30 AM
29 November 2023, Wednesday Aries Pisces 00:23

Rahu Transit effect on the first house

When Rahu transits into the 1st house from the natal Moon in the horoscope, it carries many challenges for the individuals. With Rahu resting on the head of the person, he finds natural inclinations towards hoarding money. Too much desire to acquire wealth may lead to financial losses. There will be mental restlessness, and you will be unable to trust anyone during this time. Additionally, some health problems may disturb you to a certain extent. There will be a lack of interest in your work, spouse, family, and office-related matters. One should abstain from illegal work during this time, and you should put special efforts into your relationships to keep them going. Read more about 1st House

Rahu Transit effect on the second house

The transit of Rahu in the second house of wealth and speech harms both these aspects. The person has to face many challenges in life. It also has an adverse effect on your marital relations. There will be disharmony in your personal and financial matters. You can’t save money and will talk unnecessarily. You may lie, or there will be a show-off in your speech during this time. You will spend money rapidly going beyond your control. Take care of your eating habits, and don’t smoke. Read more about 2nd House

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Rahu Transit effect on the third house

Rahu in the third house gives good results. There will be boldness, encouragement, and optimism in your activities. This period will bring favorable results for the natives. You will receive appreciation at your workplace and a promotion or salary hike. Your competitors will accept your supremacy and will be highly influenced by your working style. There will be many opportunities to get wealth and fortune during this time. The verdict will come in your favor if there is any legal dispute. You will get the support of your siblings and will finish all your work efficiently. This will be the golden period of your life. Read more about 3rd House

Rahu Transit effect on the fourth house

Rahu brings mixed results with its transit through the fourth house. There can be troubles in property-related matters, and your domestic life may get disturbed. You need to exert extra vigilance in property deals or any long-term investment decision. The health of the mother may not remain in good shape. Drive carefully as chances of acciedents are there. The transit may bring change in your job or business. Read more about 4th House

Rahu Transit effect on the fifth house

The transit of Rahu into the fifth house causes mental stress and confusion for the individuals. The fifth house belongs to children, and the presence of Rahu in this house can cause problems for children. You may remain stressed for your children, and your creativity will be affected too. This is not a good position for love relations, and many may break during this transit of Rahu. If you are in speculation or share market activities, you can make unprecedented gains during this time. Your urge for materialistic gains will increase manifolds here. Read more about 5th House

Rahu Transit effect on the sixth house

When transiting into the sixth house, Rahu gives many pleasant results. During this time, the natives make several gains through work and maternal contacts. The business will grow to fetch many benefits, and there will be lucrative perks at the job. Rahu will help you gain recognition and fame in society. There can be a win in a long pending legal case. Read more about 6th House

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Rahu Transit effect on the seventh house

There will be multiple ups and downs in your marital life as Rahu joins the seventh house. Thus, this transit will bring unpredictable results in every way. Hence, one should apply caution while involved in any financial decision to avoid losses. It will help if you don’t make any investments since there are chances of cheating and fraud. Effective communication will keep your married life smooth. Take care of the health of your life partner. You may have differences with your business partner or co-workers. Talk nicely to everyone you meet, as Rahu may infuse a sense of superiority in your mind. Read more about 7th House

Rahu Transit effect on the eight house

Rahu’s transit of 2023 into the eighth house of the birth chart will give terrible results. You may have to face sudden difficulties and challenges. Fear of accidents is also there. If Rahu is favorable, you can make sudden gains through this transit. There can be a gain through the ancestral property, a piece of jewelry, or lump sum money. Ask an astrologer before investing money. You will have to suffer from diseases and accidents, causing stress during this time. You may have to spend money on unnecessary things or medical bills. Read more about 8th House

Rahu Transit effect on the ninth house

When Rahu transits through the ninth house of the zodiac, this period brings changes in the thought process of the native. Here, the person can move away from stereotypical thinking and may wish to do something against the social norms. He doesn’t believe in his religion and usually moves toward other religions. Many may go to foreign countries for education or a career. There may be spiritual inclinations and an urge to explore a foreign culture. Take care of your father’s health during this time. Try not to be a part of any conspiracy. Read more about 9th House

Rahu Transit effect on the tenth house

With its transit into the tenth house, Rahu will give steep growth in your career. However, there will be conspiracies against you at the workplace, but you will overcome them. Your working style will change, and you will also get support from your seniors. Your image in the office will change for good. Rahu will bring stability to your financial condition. But you need to keep control of your harsh speech. Don’t hurt anyone else; clashes will follow. Take care of your mother’s health during this transit. Read more about 10th House

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Rahu Transit effect on the eleventh house

The transit of Rahu in the eleventh house from the natal Moon is a desirable position. In the eleventh house, Rahu obtains pleasure, prosperity, and luxury from the natives. Here, the person earns recognition and financial gains. There is an increase in the social circle of the native. This is the time to achieve some awards for your efficiency. Many may go overseas for studies or career purposes. Domestic life is peaceful, and you can hear good news from your children. Overall, the transit is highly beneficial to you. Read more about 11th House

Rahu Transit effect on the twelfth house

Rahu is a karaka of a foreign land. With Rahu transiting into the house of foreign settlement, many people may settle abroad if they have foreign yoga in their birth chart. There will be an increase in your hidden enemies. You may face sudden losses or fraud in the business. Rahu in the 12th house also creates Bandhan yoga sending you to jail. So, if someone is involved in illegal activities, Rahu may send you to imprisonment. There are chances of diseases or infections in your feet. Rahu will give you overconfidence here, which you need to control. Too many expenses and fraud can create problems in life. Read more about 12th House