Third House in Astrology

In Vedic astrology, the Third house is most popularly known as the House of Siblings or sahaj bhava. It is a prime significator of our mode of communication, intellect, short distance travel, valor, habits and creativity. It gives a fair idea about how much talent and creativity does the native possess.

A strong third house with a malefic planet in it says that the person is hard working and doesn’t step back in adversities. It shows our communication skills, the way you deal with people is also governed by the third house. The communication depicted by the third house may take any form written or verbal or broadcast.

A Kundli or horoscope may reveal everything about the person, his strengths and weaknesses and the amount of wealth and education, his health prospects and also his relations with the outer world etc. in order to understand the purpose of life, a person may consult an astrologer and understand deeply what the placement of the 9 planets in his birth chart is pointing towards.

A learned astrologer may give valuable hints regarding your journey of life and help you to overcome possible hurdles and problems in life. The 12 sub sections of a horoscope gives different information related to the specific event and areas as concerned with that sub section or house. Various phases of a person’s life like education, well being, profession, health, marriage and diseases etc. may be predicted through different houses and the placement of planets.

The sign and planets associated with the 3rd house

The third house in Kaal purush kundali is governed by Mercury- the ruler of the zodiac Gemini. He rules communication and intellect in astrology and since it is a house of communication, Mercury bestows the native with brilliant oratory and writing skills.


As mentioned above, the natural ruler of the house is Mercury, who is the karak of intelligence. So, the third house signifies intellect levels of the native, his younger siblings, relatives, his communication skills and short travels etc.

Your patience, determination, written and oral communication skills, courage, etc. come under the domain of third house.

The third house also signifies younger siblings and our connection with them.

This house also deals with the way we communicate to the outer world, how influential our communication is and how do we use it to our benefit. It also covers print media, news papers, magazines and publications.

It is house of valour, the initiatives of a person may be examined through it. How determined he is towards his goals and his willingness to work hard, all may be analyzed through this house. Since it is opposite to the ninth house the bhagya sthaan, it clearly indicates more efforts you put luckier you will get.

It is a house of short distance journey as well and benefic influence here affirms inclination towards road trips or short journey.

It also includes varied communication methods, like letters, emails, mobile, telephone, telecommunication, broadcast, radio, etc.

Professions related to this house include publisher, editor, reporter, writer, information officer, and journalist. Moreover, it influences the proficiency in writing and speech. Auspicious associations with this house may turn the native into an artist, dancer, writer, and expert in other arts.

The third house also signifies friends and acquaintances of the native. The social circle he moves in and the relations he maintains with the outer world. Good communication is the key to a long lasting friendship and this house perfectly adheres to that. You may easily interpret the kind of social circle the natives would move from the 3rd house. It also includes our neighbours and our relations with them.

Another important aspect of the 3rd house talks about our changeability and issues in relationships? It shows our adaptability towards the changing environment or surroundings. We are surrounded by communication all the time. How do we process and manage it, how do we take others and how do we use our experiences determine our level of flexibility.

The concerned body parts with the third house are shoulders, arms, ears, upper chest, lungs, collarbone, and breathing canal etc. If malefic planets like Ketu or Rahu conjunct with Mars or are placed in this house, the native may face problems related to ears.

Any malefic influence may give problems related to these body parts. This house also depicts change of location, restlessness, and desire for peace. It promotes transition, change and movement from one place or phase to another.

To sum up, the third house shows our connection with the outer world and our closed ones. It binds us to our immediate surroundings and affects our social circle. Thus, the affection and closeness with your siblings and extended family may very well be examined through this house. How your harness your communication skills to strengthen your bond with those coming in your contact fall under the realm of this house. It also signifies the level of compromise and adjustments. So, the third house is all about establishing connections and affectionate bonds with our family, relatives, friends, the larger community or even our surroundings and nature.

Mundane Astrology

Mundane Vedic Astrology is the branch of Vedic Astrology that talks about the planetary influences through signs and planetary periods in the charts of countries, cities, corporations, various organizations, industries etc. It covers broader view regarding the goals and objectives of nations, political standing, financial position and wealth, development, relations with other nations, natural calamities, public health, infrastructure development, gross income, spiritual pursuits followed by the people of nation, etc.

Third House in Mundane astrology

The third house signifies leadership, the communication of the Government on public domain, means of communications in the country including transport, media, telecommunications and information technology. It also covers authors, philosophers, philosophical thought, literature and literary people, education and infra-structural facilities in the country. It governs democracy and peace talks as well. Any afflictions to the third house or its lord in transit or otherwise indicate losses to means of communications.

Different planets in Third House

Sun: The Sun in third house promises good health, wealth and intelligence to the native. The native is genuine, generous, royal and famous. If the sign Sun is placed in the third house is male, the person will remain cool tempered, philosopher, social worker and active in politics etc. Sun in Gemini, Libra or Sagittarius will make the native a writer, publisher, Lecturer or Advocate. The priority of such natives is education and family. In female sign Sun bestows wealth, siblings, mental peace and vehicles. It’s a good position for Sun.

Moon: A strong Moon gives flare for knowledge and knowledge related profession. It also signifies change, instability of something. An exalted Moon in third house makes the native caring and loving for siblings, headstrong, lively and a lover of education, clothes and food. If Moon in third house is in the sign of auspicious planets then Native would be carefree, wealthy, religious spouse, patient and travel lover.

Afflicted Moon indicates- illicit relationship with opposite gender. He may also suffer from breathing problem or related disease. Natal may become a cruel, miser and careless person. Moon in signs of malefic planets indicates frustration, no desires for good food, poor fate and accidents in traveling etc.

Mars: Such natal are either the youngest or eldest in siblings. Natal will be brave and may handle adverse situations successfully. He would try to make his own future with his efforts without looking for help. Generally, they have healthy but slim physique, patience and intelligence. A strong Mars will make the native fortunate, patient, courageous, admirer of beauty and adventurous.

If a debilitated Mars is placed in the third house then though being rich, he doesn’t enjoy his/her life. Natal will lack support of friends, family and would always remain irritated. Afflicted Mars also gives suicidal tendencies.

Mercury: Well placed Mercury indicates good education, sharp intellect, achievements through writing-publications etc. knowledge of literature and science related subjects. Good orator and prolific writer, smart and always a happy person. Association of Mercury with auspicious planets indicates natal is well imaginative and sweet natured. Natal is always interested in higher education, good in mathematics and science etc. Malefic/weak Mercury just reverses the results.

Jupiter: If Jupiter is placed in its own, mooltrikona or exalted sign, then it bestows the native with rich and luxurious life style. But Jupiter placed in other signs than these indicates poverty. Jupiter in third house is considered good for profession in teaching. Natal will have elder brother but no elder sister. Strong Jupiter ensures well being and success in life, natal will be optimistic, philanthropic, philosopher and will enjoy company of good friends. Natal will be soft spoken and influential in writing skills. Weak Jupiter just reverses the above stated results.

Venus: Venus in third house is not considered good. It may cause delay in marriage or troubles in married life or in fact more than one marriage. Malefic Venus indicates that natal will be cunning with no desire for tasty food. Strong Venus indicates good knowledge of beauty, art, music and literature, matured mind set, high productivity and cool headedness. Such natal will get benefits from journey and will enjoy company of great friends and relatives.

Saturn: Strong Saturn will show responsible, sophisticated and diplomat person with political smartness and a deep thinker. Most of the time, the person is interested in great philosophical literature and philosophy. If Saturn is in his own, mooltrikon or exalted sign then it gives blessings of siblings. A malefic Saturn or if placed in inimical sign just reverses the above stated results.

Rahu: Rahu in third house is considered good and it makes the native brave, hard working, fortunate and wealthy person with strong social circle. Rahu in Exalted or own sign gives more beneficial results. Rahu in Leo sign and placed in 3rd house boasts about the influential personality of the native. Good fate, harmonious relationship with neighbours, regular journeys and success in writing and publications are all indicated by Rahu here.

Ketu: Ketu placed in own or exalted sign signifies happiness, luxuries and sharp intellect. Natal will come over any adversities easily and will win over opponents, expert in his/her field, famous, long life, fateful and enjoys good food. But weak Ketu is not desired as it may bring fear and losses from friends and opposite sex. It also indicates mental issues here.



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