Fourth House in Astrology

Fourth House in Astrology

It is often said that everything happens for a cause and has root source. The same principle applies to twelve astrological houses. Well, the 4th house in Vedic Astrology is all about our origins or the roots we were born with, it includes the things related to our origin.

All of us are closely bound to our roots or house and family, and the fourth house of astrology talks about this aspect of our lives. The comfort we get at our home in the company of our family members and the most important being the love of our mother.

It is our mother who makes us forget about all miseries and seek comfort in her affectionate lap. The 4th house is all about our connection and linkage with our primary sources.

Fourth house is concerned with your family, ancestors, childhood and parents with mother in prominence. It is one of the four quadrants, the Vishnu sthaan or the most important houses of a horoscope.

It signifies the family you inherited and the one you created i.e. your family after marriage. This house also indicates the property received in inheritance. It also depicts education, land and houses, vehicles, domestic peace, comforts, immovable properties, harmony in your marital relations etc.

If the fourth house is strong, it blesses the parents with long life. The fourth Lord is considered the most benefic planet. The concerned body parts include heart, chest, lungs and breasts.

Also called as chaturth bhava or such sthan or matru bhava or maitri bhava, the fourth house is a karak bhav for mother, property, mind, vehicle, education, domestic happiness, chest and heart etc.

The natural ruler of the house is the Moon which rules Cancer. It is one of the trikon of moksha trikon of a horoscope.

This house may be consulted for various psychic reasons like pleasure of mind, mental state of the native, his level of depression or stress, his peace of mind etc. whether the native will enjoy domestic happiness and comforts of life is also seen from this house; comforts may include sound sleep, nice clothes, tasty food, plenty of fun, luxuries in life etc.

All matters related to the mother such as her health, status, your love bond with your mother, nature of your mother can also be viewed from this house.

It also represents the house of your mother i.e. your native home, so all problems related to your house, property related matters or disputes, investment in property is governed by 4th house.

Whether you will acquire immovable assets like land, house etc is decided by the placement of the 4th house. A strong 4th house also affirms career in real estate business e.g. if you will become a property dealer or real estate dealer.

This house also represents agricultural land, farm house, garden, crops, field etc. Whether you will stay in your country or go abroad is decided from the condition of the 4th house and its lord.

The disputes related with property and rental matters are also concerned with it. It also represents deep emotions such as affection, love, romance, kindness, harshness and your hidden potential.

It also represents education and your social circle. Water related matters too belong to the 4th House.

Vehicle owned by a person is somewhat a status symbol these days. However, it could be any vehicle belonging to any mode of transport. So matters such as whether you will make career as a travel agent and the number of vehicles you will own, problems regarding your vehicles can be read here.

The school level education is also seen from here. If you want to know the status of education of a person just analyze his fourth house. The house will perfectly predict how far he will go in the field of education. It also sets the base for higher studies. Being one of the moksha sthan, it also strengthens your spiritual prospects in life.

Karaka Planets: Moon for mind, Mercury for happiness, Venus for vehicle, Jupiter for education, and Mars for land.

Signs and planets ruling 4th house

The moon as we know is the natural ruler of the house and the moon governs our emotions. It is the most powerful position of the moon if placed in the fourth house. Other auspicious planets are Mercury and Venus if placed here. Mars and Saturn get weak if placed here.

Mundane astrology

As per Mundane astrology, all-natural resources of a nation are governed through the 4th house. This includes mines, agriculture, minerals, structural buildings, agriculture, crops, properties, peace, political stand, law and order, natural calamities, schools, colleges etc. The Ministry of Geology is also included here.

Another important feature of this house is that it represents the status of other family members as well. For e.g. it gives an idea of the health and wealthy possessions of your siblings. The relation you share with each member of the family is also read from here.

Harmful Impact due to 4th house affliction

When the planetary influence on this important house is malefic then it may bring hardships to the native in terms of matters related with the fourth house.

You may face challenges in developing harmonious relations with your family members. A constant disagreement or discord may follow in your domestic happiness and you may prefer to stay away from home from longer duration.

You seem to seek happiness out of your home. Your family inheritance will also suffer and you may not get anything in inheritance. There might be constant losses in the investments in property or vehicles.

You will also face diseases related to heart, chest, lungs and breasts. The health of your siblings will also suffer constantly.

Different planets in Fourth House

Sun: the placement of Sun here makes the native a Philosopher, thinker, traveler, he may lack mental peace and may show interest in serious subjects.

If Mars in conjunction with Sun is also placed there, then the native may not be able to purchase his own house. Afflictions of the fourth house or its Lord present various challenges to the native and his prospects for growth in life decreases.

Moon: Moon in fourth house makes the person a happy person with royal status. The native would attain high status in politics and Government related sectors.

The native may also own several vehicles and will enjoy agricultural and financial abundance but his/her mother may remain sick. The native may lack the protection of his mother and may be brought upon the breast milk of a women other than own mother.

He will enjoy plenty of food and drinks but would feel attracted towards the partners of others. If the Moon is strong being paksha bali or in its own sign Cancer, the mother will be blessed with long life.

An afflicted moon results in moderate cut in longevity of the mother. The decreasing Moon will also deprive him of the comforts otherwise given by a strong moon.

If the lord of the fourth house is placed in its sign of exaltation then the native will be fortunate to have luxury cars and that too in multiples.

Phaldeepika says: Moon in the fourth house makes the native happy blessing him with luxuries life style and abundance of materialistic possessions. They are generous also and will have good friends, honour and comforts of conveyances.

Mars: Mars in the fourth house is not considered auspicious. It also forms manglik dosha here. It gives birth to adversities and disturbances in family. There is a possibility of losing either mother or father at an early age if affliction is severe.

The native has to live without mother, friends, supporters, land, grains, happiness and vehicles. In a nut shell he has to lead a life of poverty. The native may also share inimical relations with his relatives.

Mercury: Mercury in the fourth house is considered good if auspicious. The native will remain active and prefer to do everything on his own; he will have patience and enjoy happiness from the parents. He will be a learned and joyous person.

According to Phaldeepika, the person with mercury in the fourth house will be learned, have own property and will also enjoy cordial relationship with friends and relatives. Native will be a witty and a happy person.

Jupiter: Jupiter in the fourth house makes the native generous, wise, intellectual and highly intelligent. He maintains good conduct with everyone he meets. He may be a land-lord also.

If Jupiter is aspected by or associated with the malefic planets, the native will have to suffice without any land or conveyance; he/she will have to live on other people’s pity and will not have happiness from mother and may share inimical relations with the relatives and family members.

Venus: Venus placed in the fourth house gives charming personality to the native. He is handsome, intelligent, will have happiness from brothers, generous, forgive easily, will enjoy Musical instruments, company of friends, peaceful domestic life and happiness. It’s a very good placement for artists. The native will possess good vehicles, land, precious ornaments, beautiful and colourful clothes and perfumes.

Saturn: Saturn in fourth house, It’s not a good position for native’s mother and happiness. This position gives solitude to natal and makes him sad. A strong ascendant Lord may change the scene to the positive.

Rahu: Rahu in fourth house will bless the native with precious ornaments and may have illicit relationship with the opposite gender and will serve others. It also indicates break in studies at an early age of education.

Ketu: Ketu in fourth house indicates connections with foreign lands and ill fate, not considered good for mother, happiness and property.



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