Tenth House in Vedic Astrology

Tenth House in Vedic Astrology

Karmasthana, or the tenth house in astrology is also known as the Kirtisthana and the Rajyasthana. It is the house of your actions or karmas and the house of profession.

The Karma Bhava relates to the work a person does and the profession he is involved in. The area of occupation is narrated by the planetary placement and associations with this house. Primarily, this is the house of career. A thorough analysis of the tenth house in Vedic Astrology may answer some key questions relating to the line of work, the possibility of success, hurdles and difficulties in career, decision of job or business, and so on.

Whether one will gain an authoritative position or will serve others also comes under the realm of the 10th house. Your connection with people placed at high-ranking posts and power is also ruled by the 10th house. It also governs your earning endeavours.

The tenth house in astrology is the degree of the ecliptic that was highest at the time and place of birth. And that is why it represents, your highest achievements and the desire to achieve heights. It deals with honor, respect, power, status, social image, financial position, achievements, recognition, prestige, and position.

Whether you will become a recognized face or will be followed by many fans is also governed by the 10th house of the horoscope. It represents the bigger picture, your ultimate goals in career, and the professional choices you make to reach there.

The 10th house is the most important kendra. When there is any connection between the tenth and the ninth house, it forms a Raj Yoga, bestowing the native with professional success and fame. It is also one of the “Artha” houses, which means economy. So it indicates your financial well being and materialistic strength also.

It also defines how you will work in your professional field means your outlook towards work, whether you will work harder with strong ambition and determination, or will adopt a laid back attitude with signs of disinterest in career matters. 10th house not just signifies your vocation, but also your avocation. The reason behind selecting a particular field is also determined through deep study of the tenth house in the horoscope. Is it due to the financial or emotional reasons or due to strong inclination towards your hobby?

In kalpurush kundali, the ruling sign of the tenth house is Capricorn, which depicts workaholic tendencies and sense of ambition. Saturn is the natural ruler and along with Mars shows determination for work.

In Mundane Astrology, the 10th house signifies the main leader whether it is the Prime Minister or a royal figure. The ruling party in the country is also represented by the 10th house. The fine class of the society and also the powerful people fall under the terrain of the 10th house. The global status, integrity, moral values, and reputation of a country among others is also governed by the 10th house. It specifically relates to the commercial, political, and employment industries.

Some analysis relating to the tenth house in a chart

  • The analysis of the 10th house like other houses in a chart needs the detailed study of the strength of the house, its lord, its occupants, its karakas and planets aspecting it, and also the different yogas bearing on it.
  • Power and fame are associated with the first house or the rashi i.e. the sign occupied by the Moon, the 9th and the 10th house counted from these houses whichever is stronger; tell us about the financial success and fame of a person. These houses and their respective lords should be strong with no affliction.
  • The location of Saturn in the 10th house from the Chandra-lagna even if occupying a friendly sign does not confer high status and fame, and if also not possess any benefic aspect then the native earns a bad name and occupy subordinate position.
  • If the lagna lord and the 10th lord simultaneously occupy moveable signs and are vested with strength then an auspicious yoga called the Sankhya yoga is formed. Those born with this yoga enjoy the comforts in life, remain above average, have a kind and forgiving-nature, blessed with noble wife and son live and also own land and property, are learned and of good conduct and temperament, perform good deeds and live a long life.
  • The 10th house promises good results if a benefic sign falls on the 10th house, its lord is endowed with strength and is situated in benefic vargas. Further more if it associates with other benefic planets owning gainful bhavas preferably the lagna or the trikonas, their results become superbly beneficial for the natives.
  • Any malefic influence or association certainly reduces the auspicious results as expected from the tenth house. Our ancient astrological texts state that if there is a benefic in the 10th house and the strong lord of the 10th is in its own sign or if situated in its own sign is in a kendra or a trikona or the strong lord of the lagna is in the 10th house then one becomes fortunate, long-lived, engages in noble works, earns fame and enjoys the benefits of Raja yogas.
  • The Sun or Mars in the 10th house makes one enterprising, courageous and popular if the lord of the 10th is also well placed, a benefic planet in the 10th makes one engage in praiseworthy deeds but Saturn, Rahu or Ketu therein make one indulge in evil or unworthy deeds.
  • Jataka Parijata says that if the 10th lord is situated in the Lagna then the native is self-made, meritorious and praiseworthy, if it is also strong and is placed in the 2nd house then it will confer exceptional fame to the native. But its placement in the 6th, the 8th or the 12th house is not desired, as it may then give bad name and many hardships. The karakas (significators) of the 10th house, the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn, if are weak and also situated in the Trik houses then the native is compelled to do evil deeds.
  • Varahamihira in Karmajeevadhyaya of Brihat Jataka states that from the Sun and other planets, the acquisition of wealth must be predicted through the karaka so occupying the house. For example, if the Sun is there then one may acquire wealth due to father, if Moon is there then through mother, if Mars then through brother and so on.
  • Kalyan Verma in Saravali emphasizes that from the nature of the sign falling on the 10th house from either of the stronger Lagna or the Chandra-lagna, and from the nature of the planet occupying it, is to be judged the means of livelihood a person is likely to adopt.
  • Dhundiraja in Jataka Bharanam states that the nature of a sign fluctuates in accordance with the planet so placed in the house and the aspect it receives or conjoins with, he has also like Kalyan Verma exhaustively dealt with these particular situations.
  • The 10th house and its lord are an important factor in the formation of yogas and Raja yogas. Venkatesa Sarma in his Sarvartha Chintamani explains that the lord of the 10th house a benefic associated with or aspected by another benefic makes one exercise ruling or administrative powers.
  • If the lord of the 10th occupies a kendra and the Sun also joins Mars in the 10th house or if Saturn joins the lord of the 10th in a kendra in a cruel shastiamsa along with the lord of the 8th he will be a harsh and a cruel administrator.
  • If the lord of the 10th associating with benefics is in the 5th shashtiamsa then he will be an able leader and ruler. Best results are experienced in case the lord of the Chandra-lagna associates with benefics is hemmed by benefics and, the lord of the 10th, a benefic, is exalted or in a friendly sign gaining many benefic vargas.
  • He states that the lord of the 10th house even though forming associations with malefic planets will confer Raja yoga provided all planets severally occupy the first six bhavas counted from the lagna.
  • Jataka Tattva states that if the lord of the10th house conjuncts benefic planets or is placed in shubha kartri then the native gets fame however, any malefic association brings bad name only and makes his father suffer. Raja yoga is formed if the 10th house formed by a fixed sign is occupied by the lord of the lagna and Jupiter is placed in kendra.



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