Second House in Astrology

The Second House in Astrology

The second house of a horoscope belongs to the immediate family or the family where the native was born. It is the house of possessions containing not just materialistic but also the moral values also known as sanskaars in Hindu traditions. After all, a child initiates his learning process at his home only just after his birth. This family and the present environment shape his ethics and behavioural patterns.

The mother is his first teacher and that is probably the reason that the moon gets exalted in 2nd house in the Kaalpurush Kundali. The second house in a horoscope is also a house of accumulated wealth and relations. The first house represents our body and one should take good care of his body in terms of nourishment and exercise to enjoy good health. In other words, the good results of first house affect the results of the 2nd House, which in turn help in earning wealth and status that’s why it is also called dhan bhava-- the House of Wealth.

In addition, the second house also signifies greed of the native, financial hurdles or low self-esteem. The house of money reveals what you actually value in life. Some people don’t give that much importance to wealth and value spirituality more -- it’s the personal and psychological value you add to something.

A detailed analysis of the 2nd house in the birth chart may also reveal about the position of the native’s health which he is likely to face in his lifetime. The related health problems are concerned with the face, teeth, speech, tongue, oral cavity, nose and the right eye. The house may also foretell as to which relative of the native would lend him support in his difficult times.

Venus is the natural ruler of the 2nd House that puts considerable influence on the native. Venus is naturally concerned with our senses, values, respect and how those things turn into wealth as it is a karka of these significations also. Apart from our feelings and emotions, the second house also signifies our relationship with our younger siblings and how we relate to them.

How we make use of our materialistic possessions to lead a fulfilling life also comes under the realm of the dhan bhava. Another important aspect that it covers is the ability of a native to learn. A well placed and strong second lord affirms bright education to the native and any malefic influence hinders the educational growth. How much you save? How do you make budgets? How do you acquire and manage debts all come under the domain of the second house in astrology.

Significance of the 2nd house

If we utilize our resources properly and mindfully can transform our lives and live more purposefully. This will further help us in improving our financial conditions. Besides materialistic possessions it is also concerned with our close relatives, so a strong and auspicious placement of planets in the second house can make us prosperous and merrier.

Another important aspect of the second house in a horoscope is that it shows how do we express ourselves verbally or how do we interact with people. The second house is a karaka of speech and auspicious placements of planets here make the native a prolific speaker.

For example, strong Mercury in the second house makes the native an influential speaker which further helps him to gain acclamation in the fields related to communication. This communication can either be written or verbal. The second house also enables us to learn several languages.

It also tells about our food preferences and any bad habits related to alcohol or smoking or even drugs. If connected with the eleventh house, it gives ample amount of wealth and monetary gains. A strong second Lord promises sound financial position whereas a weak lord makes the financial matter susceptible to adversities.

The second house also depicts the sources we seek pleasure in and things like dining out with family and friends, socializing with family also come under the domain of the second House. It depicts the zeal and enthusiasm we lead our lives and our attitude towards life. A strong second house with benefic influence makes the native dear to all and he enjoys honour and prosperity throughout his life.

Different planets in Second House

Sun: If the Sun is placed in the second house in its exalted or own sign, it indicates that the native is possesses moral and spiritual values ensuring his financial growth. It makes the native a reliable and trustworthy person. An unafflicted Sun is considered good for religious activities and gives him spiritual inclinations. Such position is also not bad for finance.

However, if the Sun is afflicted it may cause troublesome marital relations and also delay in marriage. The affliction to the Sun may also cause eye related problems sometimes complete blindness also. The conjunction of Sun and Venus is not considered auspicious in this house as they both are enemies. In fact, Venus may give beautiful eyes but may also give eye sight related troubles here.

Moon: the placement of Moon in the second house makes the native wealthy, charming, romantic, easily attracted towards opposite gender and artistic. It also gives a charismatic voice to the native and if any benefic planet aspects this Moon, then the person loves to sing and makes career through singing. However, an afflicted or malefic Moon that is close to Amavsya (New Moon day) or Krishna paksha indicates poverty, loss of money and absence of inherent property.

Mars: Mars placed in the second house is not considered auspicious for speech and wealth but if it placed with Jupiter then it’s conducive for wealth. If Mars is well placed in its own sign, exaltation or is aspected by benefic planets or the Lords of quadrants and trines then the person will be brave and show immense courage in his aspirations. This is also considered good for property received in inheritance. If Mars is not placed well, then the native will be cruel, aggressive and always ready to fight, arrogant, disease related to eyes and teeth, accidents, losses and disputes with the government. Mars in 2nd house also makes for Mangalik (Kuja) dosh.

Mercury: If Mercury is benefic in the chart and is placed in the second house, and also has an association with the benefic planets then the person will be wealthy, generous, intelligent, good education, sweet voice and witty nature. The native has an artistic bend and also has beautiful handwriting. It will bestow wealth on the native and he will also enjoy bed pleasures. If Mercury is afflicted or low in strength or is associated with the malefic planets then it causes disturbance in education.

Jupiter: The native is a good poet, Judge, may seek high position in govt. sector, speaks less but speaks sweetly, courteous, attractive personality and intelligent. It also makes the native highly energetic, generous and favourite of all. It also gives charming spouse to the native and also the native earns through various sources.

Venus: Native may be a poet, writer, artist, humble, wealthy and soft spoken. He relishes good food and also loves new and colourful clothes. He has sharp intellect, follows family culture and system but at the same time always gets attracted to the opposite sex. An afflicted Venus makes the person bad at planning and he acts without thinking much.

Saturn: Native gets happiness in foreign lands and has very few friends. He is rude in speech and is not liked by the family members. He enjoys happiness in the later part of his life. He normally settles down abroad and enjoys success and luxurious life style.

Rahu: He is rich but can’t enjoy his riches due to some or the other circumstances. He doesn’t maintain harmonious relationship with the closed relatives. He has to work hard for success and may face problems in ears, nose and throat. Afflicted Rahu aggravates this situation and the native earn money through foreign connections. He inherits property and it is considered good real estate business.

Ketu: If ketu is placed in the sign of Aries, Gemini or Libra, then the native gets huge assets, property, wealth and prosperity. He is also soft spoken and gets success in his endeavors. In other placements, it gives aggression, royal punishment and harsh speech.