The First House in Astrology

The First House in Astrology

A traditional horoscope is divided into twelve sub sections or houses each carrying a specific meaning and depicting related aspects of life. These twelve houses taken together make astrology so interesting and wonderful. Let’s talk about the first house and its specifications in a natal chart.

First house in Vedic Astrology

The first house is also called Tanu Bhava / Lagna or ascendant in Vedic astrology. This is the first house and we commence our journey through remaining astrological houses from here. In a simple term, first house is “you”. It is about your personal attributes like appearance, colour, physique, nature, approach towards life and self-image. It shows how the world perceives you or what image do they hold about you. The first house as the name suggests covers everything first in your life. It is the first impression that you put on someone you meet or your initiatives to begin anything new. The sign it holds is the sign rising at the time of our birth as it is just another name for the cusp of the first house. Any planets that are placed in the first house will influence your life and personality to a great extent. 

The first house refers to the very first environment we get as soon as we are born. It depicts the beginning of our existence on this Earth.

It mainly deal with physique, it indicates our identity, bodily features, bodily strength, appearance, looks and sexual appeal. It is the first house that tells about the mindset of an individual and how will he behave in different circumstances in life. It governs all of our personality traits like what will make us happy or sad, what kind of hobbies we will take interest in, how will we deal with the people around us? In short, everything about an individual’s personality may be predicted through the first house.

The essence of first house makes us different as an individual from others; it adds uniqueness to the native. Some other attributes of the 1st house include reputation and fame we will earn in life and also the inheritance of wealth and property from the mother. It also depicts long journeys. The first house thus becomes crucial to make general predictions about a person. It can also give hints about the possible mishaps or misfortunes associated with the body of a person. The strength of first house tells about our initiative and approach towards life.

A strong first house affirms that the person will not step back from the responsibilities of life. It showcases our general outlook towards life, which in turn affects the choices we make in our life. These choices ultimately shape our future, so, first house is the most important house of a horoscope and asserts lasting impact on the life of an individual. It is a sum of our inner and outer self showing the way we grow and perceive reality.

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The signs and planets associated with the 1st house

In Kalpurush Kundali or natural horoscope, the first house is ruled by Aries sign and Mars is the ruler of this sign. The first house is the best house for the placement of Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Mars or Mercury here but somewhat weak if Venus or Saturn have been placed here.

As it is the house of our body and intellect, the planets Jupiter and Mercury, the planets of wisdom and intellect get positional strength here. Sun and Moon are friends of Mars and Mars itself in its sign is considered good in the first house.

Aspects covered

The prime factors represented by the first house are physical appearance, mental bent, color, enthusiasm, character, energy, temperament, beauty, self-worth, strengths, weaknesses, and bodily health. The study of the sign rising in the first house i.e. ascendant and the planets placed in the house can predict minute details about a person. It ultimately shapes the destiny of a person. 

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The placement of auspicious planets in the first House can grant a person with enormous success in life giving him desired wealth, name and fame. Similarly, the presence of malefic planets in this house may trouble the native and he has to face challenges, struggles, ill fame and failure in life. So, the sign and combination of planets placed in the first house play a vital role in predicting the fate of the person and the rise or fall he is likely to gain in his life.

In terms of body parts, the first house is also associated with the head and upper portion of the face. In general Astrology, the 1st house shows the overall condition of a nation and people residing therein. The first house talks about the motive of life of a person, his reason of existence and how will he achieve it. For example, a Jupiter in first house talks about the inclination of the person towards education and reading scriptures.

He might want to gain more and more knowledge through every possible source so, this very well predicts his purpose in life and if placed favorably there are chances he will be earning through the source of education also. In a way he will spend most part of his life receiving and giving education.  These factors contribute towards uniqueness of an individual. It mirrors our true side as an honest or deceitful person and how will we perceive the world.

So, the first house helps in understanding the basic nature of a person and if you know about the honest or dishonest traits of a person it becomes easy to handle him. You can also opt for online kundli and analyze the placement of sign and planets with the help of an astrologer.

Fundamentals of the first house may be summarized as follows:

  • Vedic name: Tanu Bhava
  • Natural Ruling Sign and Planet: Aries and Mars
  • Associated body parts: Head, upper portion of face and whole body
  • Relations in the first house: Yourself

Significance of different planets in the first house: 

Sun in 1st House: The presence of Sun in the 1st house of your horoscope will infuse you with immense energy, strong vitality and remarkable self-confidence. However, it may also add arrogance and domination to your nature. Your strong inner self makes you unbeatable in any assigned task and you are always ready to take responsibilities. A positive Sun placed in this house also indicates trouble free childhood. 

Moon in 1st House: The Moon in the 1st house blesses you with a charming and caring personality. But you may lack confidence and most of the time may remain indecisive about the things. You think a lot and always focus on pleasing others. You are as fickle as a child and wear emotions on your sleeves. 

Jupiter in 1st House: Jupiter in this house is the best placement and shows someone with generous heart, the person possesses a positive approach towards life and is never frightened of adversities. However, sometimes the natives act too optimistic ignoring important details. Jupiter is also the planet of expansion and indicates that the person will enhance his personality to a great extent. 

Venus in 1st House: Venus is the planet of luxury, compassion and aesthetics. When Venus owns the 1st house of the zodiac, the native pleases everyone with his charming personality. They may not appreciate hard work and may show the sign of laziness and sensual indulgence. People feel naturally attracted towards you and opportunities come easy to you. 

Mars in 1st House: The fiery and energetic Mars in the 1st house of the horoscope often adds impulsiveness and haste to the native. The native thinks less and act more which prove harmful sometimes. Mars is the warrior and he acts abruptly without thinking much. It blesses the native with energy, courage, strong will power and endurance if placed favorably. Aggression and haste is the main trait of such a native.

Mercury in 1st House:  With Mercury in the 1st house you are someone with a curious and intellectual bent of mind. These natives love to communicate and adjust in any situation easily. They have good sense of humour and are generally favourite of all.

Saturn in 1st House: If you have Saturn in the 1st house, you have probably tall and thin physique. You are not easy going and have serious approach towards life. People consider you an introvert which you don’t mind in fact. You are a responsible, loyal and a duty bound person. You may face tough childhood but will certainly succeed in life. 

Rahu in 1st House: With Rahu in the 1st house in Kundli there is a zeal for life and a strong desire to remain socially active. You love attention and wish to be admired widely. A well placed Rahu bestows an impressive personality and you may proceed further in life in rather in an unconventional manner. An afflicted Rahu is not considered good here and invokes an illicit behavior in the native. You may fall victim of drugs and alcohol unless there is an association of another benefic planet.

Ketu in 1st House: With Ketu in the 1st house, you are a unique character with some inherent weird obsession. These natives are very well aware of their flaws and have magnetic personality. If an adverse Ketu influences your 1st house, you are likely to face health issues and low vigor in life.

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