The Sixth House in Astrology

The Sixth House in Astrology

The Sixth House relates with health, wellness, and routines and odd jobs on daily basis. Whereas, the first house indicates the body you‘re born with, the choices made over a lifetime create the body found in your Sixth House. Our life style and surroundings affect our health, how much do we take care of our eating habits and exercise. If one has maintained a balanced life style and juggles well in his work and family life then he may enjoy healthy life. The sixth house reminds us to take care of our physical and mental well-being. If the lagna lord of the native is placed here then he tends to move according to time table and focuses on calendar management. Planets that transit our sixth house help us make alterations in our routine habits and redefine our schedules. This House corresponds with the energy of Virgo.

The 6th House- a detailed view

The house no. 5 i.e. the house of makeover, there we covered spiritual and religious pursuits and practices, intellect, children and fortune. Now, the 6th house includes all adversaries, debts, litigation, diseases, healing capability and serving others. We need to work hard to support our well-being. The various Zodiac Signs placed in different houses act as filters that add different color to the specifications of the house so placed. This article will cover the sign of Virgo, which is also the natural 6th House of the Zodiac. In other words, Virgo naturally adds the influence to the things in tune with the qualities of the 6th House. Virgo often relates to health, debts, and healing just like the 6th House.

Let us start with the general significations of the 6th house and their influence in our lives.

Characteristics of the 6th House

The Sixth House as we already know now is the house of Health, Enemies, litigation and Debt. It is one of the artha trikona houses of a horoscope, a house of fulfillment of goals giving indications of the ways the wealth is coming or going away. A strong 6th house enables the native to overcome any challenge of life with courage, sound health, a profession as a healer (medical or holistic doctor, nurse, spiritual healer etc.), and ability to eliminate debts through self efforts.

The Sixth House is also an upachaya sthaan (house of growth), so it is a house that grows over a period of time. For example, you become more capable to mitigate enmity with others over a passage of time, as can your healthy aspirations.

The 6th House represents middle abdomen, small intestines, liver and kidney related to human body. Thus an afflicted sixth house may give troubles in these parts of body. Other important significations include bad habits, miser nature, imprisonment, diseases, obstacles, untimely death, cunningness, ill fame, competition, and maternal relatives.

Characteristics of Virgo, the Natural 6th House

An earthy sign Virgo or Kanya rashi, is the 6th sign in kaal purush kundli and Mercury is the ruler of Virgo. Mercury lends its qualities to the 6th house as well. Virgos are known to be great teachers, communicators, and charismatic, practical and are excellent in craft and art. Their mercurial influence makes them susceptible to nervous disorders, neurological disorders and digestive problems. Virgos are great organizers and systematic and possess strong memory. They get happiness in serving others and tend to remain sexually active. They are easily moldable and are volatile and versatile, reflecting the true nature of Mercury.

Mercury, Lord of Virgo

Mercury is a planet of intelligence, communication, wit, shrewdness, finance, commerce, education, moldable nature, writing skills, childhood, management of money, organizer etc. Mercury influences everything we do and impacts our manifestations. Weak Mercury brings immature behaviour, dishonesty, bad communication skills, addiction, insomnia, anxiety and nervous disorders, stupidity, or deceitfulness. In its brightest form, Mercury connects us to Divinity, religious and spiritual world.

Mercury is called Budha which we may also connect to buddhi i.e. intelligence and wisdom. It also means enlightened one- who knows it all! This is how Mercury, in its highest expression discriminates between truth and illusion, pure from impure, and shows the way to ultimately become the Buddha.

On a professional front, Virgos love to do business, communicate, craft, teach, write, and to heal. If one has afflicted Mercury, he tends to fool and deceit others. Mercury gets exalted in Virgo while debilitated in Pisces. The world acclaimed genius Albert Einstein had Mercury in his debilitation sign, yet his intellect abilities are not hidden from anyone. It was the placement and other associations made the difference.

Mars & Saturn in the 6th House

Mars and Saturn share a special relationship to the 6th House. These two planets add additional value to the specifications of the 6th house. So while analyzing the matters related to the 6th house, it is important to analyze the position of these two planets i.e. Saturn and Mars. For example, if Saturn is a strong planet in your chart (even if not placed in the 6th house), then you naturally are capable enough to overcome any adversities of life. Mars in the 10th house affirms competition or jealousy in professional life. In addition, a well placed Mars ensures success and courage to overcome problems arising in the field of work.

Saturn becomes a natural karaka for diseases in the 6th house. Saturn is the great disciplinarian and promotes hard work, discipline and service. As the natural significator of competition, theft and injury, Mars becomes the other karaka for the 6th house. Strong Mars is unbeatable and successfully vanquishes his opponents.

Talk to astrologer to get detailed view of your sixth house.

Various Planets in Sixth House

Sun: Sun in 6th house normally indicates a popular person, successful if work in partnerships or may be a successful politician too. According to astrologers, placement of Sun in sixth house will give protection against diseases, ill health, ill fame, agony and debts etc.

But afflicted Sun in sixth house gives problems in eyes, heart, bones and breathing problems etc. This placement may also give chronicle disease related to throat etc. but western astrologers don‘t consider Sun in 6th house a good position, since Sun represents soul and sixth house is a house of enemy so, it’s kind of your soul is your enemy which is of course is not considered good.

Moon: The Moon in waxing state or in its own sign or exaltation protects the native from diseases and ill effects of Sixth house. Such natal enjoys life. But if Moon is afflicted or weak, then indigestion and cut in longevity, and also mental ailments will follow. The native feels lazy and it also forms Balarishta yoga. Afflicted Moon also denies any benefits from the maternal uncles.

Mars: Normally, Mars in this position is considered good as he is a natural karaka of the house. Mars indicates influential administrator/ politician, warrior and also makes the native win any legal disputes. Afflicted Mars gives ulcers, weakness in chest and muscles, smallpox or chickenpox, accidents and problems related with colleagues and servants.

Mercury: Strong and well placed Mercury gives sharp intellect and fame. But he becomes little violent. Such natal also have divine knowledge. At the same time, afflicted Mercury gives mental afflictions or skin or digestion related diseases. It may also cause breaks in education and genital disease.

Jupiter: Jupiter in sixth house is considered auspicious for profession. A Jupiter aspect the tenth house and blesses it with its positivity from this position. Such native is a wealthy person and may control his diseases and enemies brilliantly. Native is kind hearted and always lend support to people in need. Native loves music and dance. Afflicted or weak Jupiter gives problems like Diabetes, disease related to Liver and blood. Issues related to wealth and progeny are also indicated.

Venus: Venus in this position indicates strong competitors. Normally, natal spends extravagantly and suffers with huge debts and poverty along with mental stress. It is not a favourable position for business. In certain cases, Venus ruins the married life. However, if placed in its own sign or exaltation it indicates success and the person enjoys luxuries throughout life.

Saturn: Saturn in sixth house indicates the courage of the native. Natal doesn’t fear any competitor, boss, thieves or enemies. Natal is a warrior and performs tasks with perfection. Afflicted Saturn may give diseases related to eyes and especially with right eye. Native may remain frustrated and is short tempered.

Rahu (North Node): Rahu in sixth house is a strong position and the person wins over all adversities and opponents. Natal is matchless in intelligence and power. He has an attractive personality that makes him stand in the crowd. He is knowledgeable and normally rules over others. The native travels in foreign countries as well. It‘s a very good position for progeny, fortune and happiness in life. Exalted Rahu further strengthens the specifications and the native leads a trouble free life, and the person gathers courage in every manner. If Rahu conjoins auspicious planets then gives benefits from government or employer, protection from diseases, wealth, and high tolerance abundant wealth, longevity and prosperity in the family. Afflicted Rahu may give illness of rectum or dental & lips related problems.

Ketu (South Node): It is the best position for Ketu and it indicates great fame, absence of diseases, a strong debater, dear to relatives and friends, generous, efficient worker and earns accolades for his work. Normally, Ketu in this position gives honor from higher authorities. Natal possesses great knowledge and the natal has to remain careful from poisonous stings of insects and cancerous diseases. This placement also promotes deceit from the employees.



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