Ninth House in Astrology

Ninth House in Astrology

The Ninth house in astrology is the house of religious inclinations or dharma. It depicts our ethics and spiritual values. It is the house of fortune and divine worship as well. By analyzing the 9th house and the planets associated with it, one can determine how religious a native is. Whether one will have possess strong religious affiliations or will remain less inclined, falls under realm of the 9th house.

The house also reflects the attributes like generosity and compassion towards others. It pushes one towards serving mankind and donations. The major focus lies in finding the true purpose of life through spirituality.

Moreover, it promotes spirituality and the higher self through molding our way of thinking and thus reshaping our ideologies. One with a strong 9th never remains satisfied with general answers and constantly thrives to understand the law of nature in its true sense. Thus, it demonstrates the approach one adopts in his/her life.

Ninth house or the Dharma Bhava, is one of the trine houses and depicts fortune of a native. Auspicious and benefic planetary placement in this house without any malicious effect tells that the person will have his share of good luck in this life. We can say that this house is primarily concerned with the wisdom and religious and spiritual pursuits of a person. The inclination of a person towards philosophy, religion, pilgrimage, meditation, charity, law, higher education all are seen from here.

The process through which gain expansions in our inner and outer lives is also addressed by the Ninth House. Travel and interaction with other peoples and cultures are a means to this end. Our dreams — those that illustrate our past as well as those that give hints about the future events — also help to mold our existence and our relationships. Taking this step further, intuitions or psychics as the carriers of relevant information also come under this house.

Additionally, the Ninth House also includes publishing and multinational ventures such as import/export businesses. This house also shows grandchildren, as well as in-laws.

The 9th house also rules your second spouse. The first life partner is led by the seventh house, and if there is a yoga of second marriage, the same is analyzed through the ninth house. In case there seems a possibility of third, the same is ruled by the eleventh house. When it comes to the second life partner, the individual looks for somebody with whom he or she can interface thoughtfully and on a more elevated level; these are the attributes that the ninth house cares for in its search for a perfect partner. Moreover, the ninth house also rules the third child of an individual.

Another important thing ruled by the ninth house is the law; judges, jury and all individuals that work in the legal field are to be seen through it, as well as our association with them. If the planets are auspicious in the ninth house, the law will be rather agreeable to us, while the connections of malefic planets might bring inconveniences. The ninth house can likewise narrate the possibility of the native adopting law as his career field.

Advanced education is likewise a matter of the ninth house in astrology; and higher education is indicated or denied based on the benefic or malefic placement in this house. Here one can find out whether they will go to higher institutions after completing their basic education. Individuals with strong placement here are likely to have a career of an educator.

Sign and planet that rules the ninth house

Sagittarius rules the House of Spirituality, Philosophy, and Fortune. Sagittarius is a sign of independent-thinking and living. Moreover, Jupiter is its natural ruler, bringing fortune, wealth, wisdom and fame. It also facilitates for higher education, knowledge, and spiritual inclinations. However, these factors may vary from chart to chart.

In Vedic astrology, the 9th is beneficial for Jupiter, Sun, Mars, and Moon. It is however not conducive for Mercury and Venus. Venus in your 9th may also give attraction towards a partner from a different culture.

It can also influence your bravery and risk taking capacity besides bringing luck on your side. The presence of good yogas in your birth chart indicates a prosperous and productive life.

Raj Yoga is formed when this house establishes connection with the 10th making it a powerful trine house. Thus, the person may earn name, fame, and a favorable image in society.

Areas covered under the Ninth house:

  • Fortune or fate of a person.
  • Kindness and compassion
  • Philosophy, Science & Literature
  • Spiritual knowledge
  • Charity and Wellness
  • Leadership qualities
  • Higher education & prosperity
  • Fame and Name
  • Long-distance travel or pilgrimage
  • Religious inclinations
  • Second spouse
  • Law and order

People who have a strong 9th develop an out of the box way of thinking and they feel a strong urge to understand the mystic ways of the world. This can encourage them to become scholars or even researchers. With great love for travel, explorations and discoveries are bound to come for them. It is the karaka of higher education as well. Eminent writers and scholars are usually seen with a strong 9th house in their horoscope.


The 9th house occupies a central stage in Astrology. It highlights the fruits borne by a person due to his deeds or karmas of past life. It is our past karma that determines our present circumstances in life.

Whether a person gets success or failure depends on our karmas. If the past deeds are good, natives prove lucky in all spheres of life. Since it also relates to foreign travel and knowledge, one can easily make out the sources of income from external sources in foreign lands. The 9th also reveals whether or not a long-distance trip reaps benefits. It also indicates the presence of family wealth, prospects of higher education, etc. Again, modes of long-distance communication like TV, radio, cable, etc too belong to this house.

The 9th house also represents the type of relation you share with your father. It also reveals about the financial stature of your father. Besides your father, one also learns about their mother and teacher. It signifies the relationship one share with their brother-in-law & sister in law as well.

Being 12th from 10th house, this house also represents retirement from career, resignation or job loss. One can also see mother‘s health status from here as it is 6th house from 4th.

In the body, it represents thighs, left leg, and hips.

To study the effects of 9th house, one should also keep in mind the 5th house from the bhavat bhavam principle. A strong Jupiter or Sun can help. Sun is considered the karak planet for 9th house.

However, placement of Sun in 9th house needs to be studied carefully from the principle of “karako bhav nashay”. This is an important principle of Vedic astrology which states that karaka planet of a particular house if placed in that house destroys that house due to the overdevelopment and overdose of the significations of those houses. Although it may sound good that the karaka is sitting in the Bhava, but it is not.

Karaka planet in the same house speeds up its karakatva which behaves against the significance of that house. For example Sun is karaka planet for 9th house representing father, his dignity and pride. However, with Sun in the 9th house can give rise to a dominating, autocratic, arrogant father which is result of the overdose of significance of the planet Sun in that house.

Sun or Jupiter in 9th house:

As mentioned above, Sun in the 9th house can make the father arrogant, authoritarian, autocratic, or self-important. His role in the child‘s life may be excessively ego focused. These significations however may vary in the intensity depending upon the strength of the planet.

Jupiter in the 9th house can make the person dogmatic, believing and overvaluing his own ideas and rituals. Could be too religious and drive others with his ideas. Strong Guru can also give boasting and overconfidence.

Different Planets in Ninth House


Well placed Sun in this house gives children with strong inclination towards religion and values. Natal will enjoy fortune and happiness from his children. But affliction due to conjunction with Moon or Venus may give issues related to eyes or government.


Natal may be Wealthy, generous, affectionate, loves reading, and higher education, full of humanities, fame, charming, attractive, and popular with many followers. Natal will taste success since birth. Native will have a good life partner, obedient son, wealth, good karmas and will go on pilgrimages.

Natal will always be ready to make donations, religious, educated and may build temple or religious place. He/she will travel abroad. Natal whose Moon is placed in watery or fire sign may become a publisher or writer.

Afflicted Moon will indicate – ill fortune, foolishness and low character.


Natal will be kind hearted, famous, wealthy and enjoys power. If Mars is in exaltation sign or own sign or placed with auspicious planets then natal will be highly energetic, fortunate and bold personality. Such natal are not stereo typed and make their own mark. Mars placed in ninth house and in own sign forms a Rajyog. Natal enjoys support from ruler or government, and enjoys wealth and high status in life.

Although Mars is a malefic planet and any malefic planet in trine is not considered auspicious. Normally it harms fortune, and not good for father and may also distract from religion. Natal may face problem with fire or poison. Natal will be rude by nature and may not share good relationship with father and siblings.


Mercury placed in ninth house indicates – natal will be highly intellectual, wealthy, philosopher, will have bent towards scientific activities, scientist, inventor, research scholar, musician, popular, gentle, have faith in god, truthful, honest, obedient to father, strong orator, ready to do charities and earn gains from travelling. Mercury placed in Gemini, Libra and Aquarius sign indicates – rise after marriage. Natal may become Editor, publisher, writer or educator.

Mercury afflicted by aspect of malefic planets indicates immoral behavior and an attitude of ignorance towards vedic literature. He is fickle minded and is involved in many work at one time, and is capable of finishing them successfully. Natal will always remain worried and uneasy.


If Jupiter is placed with auspicious planets then it bestows huge property and wealth to a person. Such natal will be religious, ready to do charities, and a wise person. Natal will enjoy good relationship with siblings and father.


Normally, such natal will prove fortunate in his/her life. Natal will enjoy family life, happiness from children and wealthy with land and property. Such natal will love art, music and poetry etc.


Natal may live a boring or monotonous life, separation from spouse is possible, great worrier, adventurous, brave, miser but rich person. Natal will not care for his/her parents.


Natal may have spouse who will always taunt him, egotistic, miser, indecent and characterless. Such natal will grow hate for his/her father. Although natal will be wealthy and famous but may not enjoy happiness from family. Natal may be involved in illicit physical relationships and may be cruel to his/her parents.

Natal will have command on at least one foreign language.

Rahu placed in centre, trine and upachay houses will give good results. If Rahu is placed in Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Libra and Cancer sign and in Centre or Trine, in that case Rahu gives high status, respect, wealth and worthiness.


Natal is uncontrollable, egotistic, arrogant and always remain worried. Natal may not enjoy good relationship with his/her parents. Natal will have good life partner and children and will be good in saving lots of money.