The Fifth house in Astrology

The Fifth house in Astrology

The 5th house in astrology has been considered the most important of all twelve houses. This is the house of the fruits of our good deeds performed in our past lives, the house of Poorvapunya. This house signifies a natives children, creative pursuits, intellect, memory, and aptitude to learn and understand anything. So lets talk in detail about the fifth house of astrology in detail.

The fifth house is the house of love, romance, fame, intelligence and creativity. Then specific traits that make a person unique, and also the literary skills are indicated in this house. We may notice a strong fifth house in the horoscopes of creative writers, authors, composers, and poets. They all somewhere make use of their creative skills and intelligence to compose such beautiful and philosophical pieces of writing. The 5th house also shows our ability to judge and motivate or guide others, right or wrong way, this depends on the strength of the house and its lord.

According to ancient texts, chanting of mantras, higher learning and your spiritual pursuits come under the purview of this house. This also signifies a natives moral preferences, discrimination between punya and paap. In addition to this, all philosophers, deep thinkers, religious gurus, spiritual mindedness, is depicted by 5th house.

The 5th house also depicts entertainment, desire for admiration, love and romance, cinema, music and artistic bent. It also talks about Saumansya, which means joyfulness. It also shows the sports activities, and the 5th house gives satisfaction through admiration of achievements made by the person.

Talk to astrologer to find out the opportunities or threats and their solutions related to the fifth house.

Lets discuss how to analyze the strength and weakness of fifth house.

Planets and Signs: 5th House in Astrology

  • As per the natural zodiac, the 5th house is ruled by the Leo sign governed by the Sun. Leo is a masculine sign with fiery nature and it governs the back, heart and spine of a person. Apart from this, the prominent features will include courage, desire for admiration and dominance, and false Ego.
  • Even devotion to God, Ishta Devta, mantra siddhi, and yantra are all analyzed through the 5th house. Due to the involvement of Sun here, politics, ambassadors, government representatives, ministers and foreign diplomats are seen from this bhava.
  • Jupiter is the karaka or significator of the 5th house. Now Jupiter is the most benefic planet and it signifies wisdom, fortune, children, wealth, teachers, and husband in the female chart. This house also signifies someone giving valuable advice and healings.
  • This is also a house of higher education and even education with scholarship is seen from this house. Jupiter is the karaka of intelligence, so while 3rd house represents planning, the fifth house deals with the execution of those plans.

Significance of 5th House in Astrology

  • The 5th house is the highest trikona in Dharma Trikona houses of a horoscope. This expresses our intelligence, creative bent, gains from speculation and stock market. Now, this is also the second house from the 4th house, so the wealth of 4th house resource like accumulated wealth of the public and your mother. That is why, gains from stock market is been depicted here as it is money of public.
  • The 5th house is the wealth of the public, which indicates taxes. This is the prime reason why all the govt. employees their fifth house connected with their tenth house. (Karma Sthan)
  • If 5th House is weak in a horoscope

    • The 5th house depicts our capability, expertise, and the execution of our plans. Therefore if planets here are posited in inimical sign or conjunct with the inimical lord, or Sun and Jupiter, then it may assert a negative influence on your love life, higher education, decision making, first-child, well being, happiness and prosperity.
    • If the 5th house is establishing an association with the 8th house, then first of all it may bring break or some hurdles in your education, problems in conceiving a child, and can also initiate scandalous love relations.
    • If it is related to the 6th house, then it may give you a troublesome love life and losses through speculation.
    • Any relations with the 12th house bring distance or disappointments in the matters related to the 5th house. This means your child can stay abroad, or may stay away from you physically.
    • The placement of Rahu, Saturn, or functional malefic in the 5th house gives problems related to the significations of the 5th house.
    • Rahu in the 5th house is not desired as it may bring challenges related to your mental capabilities. Rahu is a planet that has no physical body. Rahu if not placed comfortably will make you highly indulged in Maya or the materialistic pleasures.

    Rahu and 5th house significations may be related as follows:

    • First of all, Sun is the natural ruler of the 5th house, and there is an enmity between these two, so, Rahu here is not comfortable and will give bad results, and this placement may ruin your relationship with the government employees. Jupiter is the karaka of children so the native is likely to face the problems related to children, like miscarriages or abortions, problematic progeny, or even C-section can be expected.
    • Rahu in the 5th can make the person to follow wrong means to fulfill his unruly desires. Also, it makes you susceptible to depression, or irrational behavior. Film actors often have the influence of Rahu at their fifth house, as it showers fame overnight, and then due to wrong decisions, they have to suffer defame as well.

    Presence of Saturn or functional malefic in your 5th house is a big obstacle in attainment of higher knowledge at a deeper level. The cause behind is that Saturn is inimical to Sun and neutral to Jupiter and if inimical to sign as well, then it will ruin your creativity, love, and romance.

    Saturn denotes miseries, obstacles, disappointment, depression, delays, treachery, and delusion. So, Saturns connections here with the 5th house put restrictions in getting favorable outcomes from the 5th house.

    Results of Strong 5th House in Astrology

    A strong 5th house is a blessing in real terms as this is the house of Dharma and noble deeds. So if benefic planets are placed here or there is any Rajyoga present with 10th or 11th lords, then this will enhance the good results of the 5th house. If the fifth lord is strong and well placed and also have some benefic associations then also are the good results are multiplied.

    These factors bless the native with very sharp-intellect with outstanding grasping power. One will have excellent intuitive skills and will take wise decisions without the influence of others. Social inclinations and public relations also remain good.

    Above all, the person heads in the right direction upholding morals and values in his life. All of his deeds together bring prosperity and putting him in a win-win situation.

    A person with a strong 5th house makes the right choices, at appropriate time, spreads love and kindness, content and full of zeal furthermore all these things make him a fortunate and prosperous native. Act with the purpose of emotional enrichment and seeking pleasure is what the Fifth House is all about!

    Different Planets in Fifth House

    Sun: If the Sun is in the fifth house, the native will have to face poverty, have bulky body and in his seventh year his father will serious troubles or even death. The native will be intelligent and wise but will have few children. If the 5th lord is well placed then there will be no misfortunes for his sons. If the Sun is strong the children will be wealthy and prosperous.

    An exalted Sun or placed in its own sign (Leo), blesses the native with name & fame. Natal may become a Professor, Teacher, writer, publisher or a social worker etc. But an afflicted sun may give adverse results. Sun in the fifth house indicates small family or less number of children, but it does not deny progeny.

    Moon: a strong Moon in the 5th house makes the native gentle with high levels of tolerance. He has a charming personality and may work in a surprising way. He is well educated, intelligent and enjoys luxurious life style with happy children. He is blessed with good parents and love music etc. usually, such natives earn good fortune from share trading or lottery etc. or make huge gains from spouse.

    An afflicted Moon however, may reverse the results giving tendency to cheat, mental illness, loss of memory or mental instability to the native.

    Mars: Mars in fifth house can give excellent position in profession. Such natal does not have any digestion related problems and he relishes food. He has uncontrolled desires too which sometimes prove harmful. An affliction to Mars may indicate abortion, problems in progeny and also negative impacts on longevity. Natal may not have sufficient money and may be attracted towards illegal means of making money. He is too much aggressive and feel attracted towards opposite gender.

    Mercury: Highly educated, wise, intelligent, learned, composer or writer; these are the traits of the native with benefic Mercury in his fifth house. Mercury in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius sign give inclination towards Mathematics or astrology etc. Similarly Mercury promotes knowledge of Palmistry, grammar or physics etc. The native may be multi lingual if placed in water sign. Afflicted Mercury is not good for progeny and acts adversely related to above mentioned results.

    Jupiter: Jupiter in fifth house bestows intelligence, learning of scriptures or vedas, religious bent of mind, higher education and wealth. Afflicted Jupiter may not promote progeny and gives problems in Children.

    Venus: The native will be well-educated, author, artist and a rich person. Afflicted Venus can give bad relations with spouse and problems in maintaining physical relationship with spouse. Conjunction of Venus-Rahu indicates marriage with an outcast or a foreigner.

    Saturn: Saturn in fifth house if is well placed or have auspicious connections then the native will be hard-working and transparent by heart. But afflicted Saturn may give mental afflictions and a disturbed relationship with children.

    Rahu: Rahu in fifth house gives interests in technical subjects. If is afflicted ad has no benefic association then there is no possibility of a child.

    Ketu: Ketu in fifth house indicates a good position for Mantra Siddhi. Afflicted Ketu may bring adverse results (Arisht) to the children.

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