The Eighth House in Astrology

The Eighth House in Astrology

Eighth house in astrology is another prominent house in all of the 12 houses of a horoscope. There is something mysterious about this house that shows hidden secrets of a native‘s life! The planetary placements here can either give jump or faint to your heart. If you‘re someone who has planets in the eighth house then this article belongs to you.

To explain first, the eighth house of our natal chart deals with sex, intimacy, psychology, magic, secrets, other people‘s money (as in loans, grants, insurance), fears, power struggles, transformation, and death. All these are the areas of life which most of us prefer to avoid but the house has something desirable i.e. Longevity. Ruled by Scorpio and Mars, whatever planets you have here will indicate about the mode of death and rebirth. The people with malefic placement here may experience drug addiction, abuse, trauma, and all kinds of pain, and still don‘t bother, all thanks to their eighth house, or they have Scorpio in dominance. These people have mysterious stories to tell, and often experience super natural things that are akin to the crazy stories of fiction novels.

It‘s not to be understood that whatever goes on in the eighth house has necessarily to be bad, but it‘s usually mysterious. Sure, the seventh house depicts partnerships and how we relate to others, but the eighth house gives a deeper picture about the behavior and relations of a person.

Gemini in the eighth shows bent for dirty talks. Aries in the eighth gives preference for rough and competitive behavior. Taurus in eighth shows someone who goes slow and easy on food. Pisces in eighth depicts occult and so on.

So, it can be inferred from general depictions of the eighth house that it rules legacies, heritages, and wills. Likewise, the eighth house serves as the entryways towards the spiritual world and is generally associated with the occult and magic. The eighth house can be referred to as one of the best instructors when it comes to learn about life and its meaning. It is the domain of transformative encounters for everyone.

What does the eighth house show?

  • Successful marriage.
  • Compatibility of married couples
  • Death, injuries
  • Life span
  • Lottery
  • Wealth of spouse
  • Other people‘s money
  • Loss of authority
  • Ups and downs of life
  • Winning and losing
  • Accolades and fame
  • Hardships
  • Downfall
  • War and weapon

Other People‘s Money

The eighth house is the house of duties and obligations. It also depicts the money that belongs to others. Borrowed money and even money received from the government are therefore the issues belonging here, and benefic planets situated in the eighth house narrate ease in getting credit and loans. Inauspicious aspects with malefics placed here, however, make paying off the debts really troublesome making them obstacle in spiritual and financial growth.

Wealth of the spouse

The eighth house also depicts the assets of your life partner and a careful analysis of the planets placed here can demonstrate the monetary stability of your partner. Legacies are to be seen here as well, both material and otherworldly. The eighth house also indicates money earned due to death of someone. Sometimes, the monetary gifts that we get do not always mean through death of another individual, but it may rather instead of a transformation and a rebirth in a sense. Someone may decide to surrender their material possessions, and that may come to you as a gift.

Mode of Death

The eighth house dominates the darkest interpretation of one‘s natal chart, as it rules death. It can show the mode of someone‘s death, or even close encounters with death that the individual will experience in one‘s life.

Occult and Magic

The eighth house in astrology also happens to be the house of mysterious science. It serves as a door to alternate world of mystery and truth. The areas of the house closer to the ninth house are representative of an individual‘s curiosity about life and its meaning. The house tells us the reason of our existence, reason of our birth, and in fact the reason of our death. That is the reason that the eighth house in astrology is the key for all intelligence and answers the queries pertaining to our curiosity about the world and ourselves.

Rules Sexuality

Sex is an act of fun and entertainment but it has its spiritual importance as well. In its true sense - sex is the opposite of death; it is the source of origin of life. It is the result of a deep bond between two spirits resting inside the physical bodies. The eighth house depicts that type of sex that takes us to the higher planes transcending individual existence. The climax is a recreation of death, and various communities in reality call it “the little death”.

Things which we must let go

The eighth house also connotes what in our lives we should release and what we should hold with end goal to transform ourselves towards greatest potential. Leaving something behind is usually sad but with determination to move forward in hopes to get something better and new is what expected from the native. The house also shows our spiritual development through our let go attitude towards others. Even though it seems painful at first sight but at the same time, the eighth house gives us back the energy we relinquished, but of course in a changed manner.


As specified earlier, the eighth house also rules inheritances and the assets of others. These necessarily may not pertain to this life and have connections with the past lives. The circumstances shown here are karmic endowments. Be careful however; the eighth house does not just bring gifts, it likewise reclaims. Any negative karma that we have accumulated in the past lives have to be paid back through this house, and the more inclination we show towards money and material things, the more restless we will become when we should instead release them.

Some interesting facts about having different planets in your eighth house:

If you have sun in the eighth, or if the planet placed in the eighth aspects the sun, they could be afraid of showing their true self to the world. There is a possibility of having a controlling father figure and that caused to dim their shine in some way.

Similarly, if the moon is here, it can show someone under the control of a dominating mother who never allowed them to express their emotions. If this isn‘t the case, then it could just mean a deep and loving connection between the parents and child. On the darker side, with the sun or moon here there are chances of serious illness or even death of a parent.

With Venus placed in the eighth house, the love life tends to be in some way that remain hidden from the world. The sensual planet Venus interprets intense, deep, and passionate love relation here. However, sexual intercourse may sometimes be confused with affection, and there is a possibility of the person taken advantage by someone who just wanted one night stand with him/her. There‘s also a possibility of being teaming up with an ultra rich partner.

For Mars here, sex takes the prominence. There is almost always something charismatic and appealing about a person with Mars in eighth, even if they hardly try to be attractive. Abuse or physical violence required to keep some secrets are also possible. If there is any connection between moon and mars while placed in the eighth house, then the mother has to face emotional and psychological abuse which remains hidden for a long time. Mars here also shows a need for lot of healing which the native has to undergo after facing too much struggles or challenges in life. Through other perspective, anyone with Mars in the eighth house shows a spiritual warrior. Those with Mars in the house of secrets have to fight constant battles most of us can‘t even imagine.

When Mercury is here, the person is likely to be very secretive, quiet, and mysterious. They might prefer to stay quiet but when they talk, it‘s heartfelt in some negative sense. It also depicts a tendency of playing mind games, using psychological manipulation, dirty politics, teasing, or flirting, and their words are no less than weapons.

Talk to the best astrologers to understand the real meaning of life and the reason of your existence vested in the eighth house of your natal chart.