Planet Rahu: Impacts & Remedies

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Planet Rahu: Impacts & Remedies

Rahu is a shadow planet or a mathematical node placed opposite Ketu. This planet is considered to be the most malefic planet along with Rahu. The formation of both these malefic planets causes a Kaal Sarp Dosha. The people born under this Dosha or the people who have this Dosha in their birth charts are perceived to bring adverse effects on one’s life. The exact duration and effect of Rahu are only known by studying your birth chart.

The effect of Rahu on one’s life is dependent upon the house it is positioned in, which houses it is affecting, which planet it is in conjunct with, which sign it is present in, etc. The Rahu Dasha is usually expected to be 18 years long, of which the 6th and 8th year are most painful. Many problems such as sudden fall of relationships, material wealth, loss of status and reputation are expected in the 18-year long interval.

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If Mars, Saturn, and Ketu are weak only then Rahu would give bad results otherwise, it will give good results in the 1st house. If Rahu is malefic the native should never take any electric types of equipment or blue/black clothes from his in-laws, else his son could be affected adversely. Its malefic result too could last till the age of 42 years.

Rahu can cause all kinds of problems, obstructions, failures, illness, and confusions which may cause a miserable life. Rahu is a planet of revengeful nature, it has a desire to hurt the native and attracts the negative forces in one’s life. Rahu is generally considered to be an inauspicious planet. If the Rahu is situated unfavorably in your birth chart, it causes numerous problems in your life.

It causes accidents and creates a number of obstacles in the accomplishment of your goals. Rahu is considered as the one who creates an illusion and is also referred to as the one who is responsible for creating obstacles. In order to safeguard yourself from such problems, the planet Rahu needs to be pleased so that the malefic effects and negative energies from it does not affect you.

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Rahu is a malefic planet and has many adverse effects. Some of them are :

  • Loss in business, illness and unnecessary increased expenditure.
  • Instability in professions and unstable profits in business.
  • It can cause problems in almost everything, ruin things, stop prospective businesses and results in increased frustration.
  • Increases tensions and worries in one’s life.
  • It may trouble one by life forms like spirits or ghosts, nightmares, recurring bad dreams, etc.
  • It results in a misunderstanding between the couple and hampers their relationship.
  • Rahu can also change one’s behavior and harsh speeches, evil thoughts, secluded life, ill health are some of the examples.
  • Fear of irrational behavior, complexes, and anxieties.

One should always please Rahu in order to live their life peacefully and without any worries. So,

“What are the different ways of pleasing Rahu?”

Ways of Pleasing Rahu

There are many remedies of pleasing Rahu and making him favorable for you. Some of them being:

    • Rahu Mantra Recitation

When one prays to Rahu regularly for getting free from the ill effects of Rahu, it will surely benefit him/her in a positive way. Chanting the Mantra will clear all the obstacles and obstructions from your life. The mantra recitation with devotion will help one to get positive vibrations and will energize the power of Rahu. The Mantra recitation will surely help you to please Rahu and stay safe from his ill effects.

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    • Hessonite Gemstone

Hessonite is a semi-precious stone and it helps in a great way to stay safe from the adverse effects of Rahu. It helps you to keep yourself grounded, helps to reduce stress, depression and also to support your health. Wearing of this gemstone helps one to accumulates the power of Rahu and bestows wealth, health and worldly desires.

    • Mahavidya Maa Chinnamasta Pooja

Chhinnamasta Devi is the fierce aspect of goddess Parvati and is included in the most powerful 10 forms of Dashamahavidya. She is the destroyer of evil and supreme protector of her devotees. Her name and images show her own severed head, which she holds in her hands, is drinking one stream of blood spurting from the arteries of her neck, while at her side are two Shaktis each of whom drinks another stream of blood. Performing the Mahavidya Maa Chinnamasta Pooja will help you in increasing your financial position, increase in comforts and helps to overcome bad habits and reducing the malefic effects of Rahu.

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    • Cow Pooja

The Cow is referred to as the most sacred animal to Hindus and addressed as “GOMATHA” in all the sacred scriptures including Vedas and Puranas. The cow is considered so spiritually pure that many gods take residence in and around a cow. By worshipping the cow, all the negative thoughts created by negative Rahu.

    • Naag Pooja

Naag Pooja bestows health, longevity, and great peace of mind which may be disturbed due to malefic Rahu effects. Worshipping the Nag Dev will help you to remove the effects of Rahu and will help you to live peacefully.

    • Shiva Pooja

Lord Shiva is one of the most worshipped deities of Hinduism. Worship of Shiva will help you to save from all kinds of troubles caused due to Rahu Dosha. It removes distress and poverty caused by the ill effect of Rahu Dosha. It grants learning and wealth, bestows all desires.

  • Wearing Rahu Pendant

Wear Rahu Pendant to please Rahu, and to safeguard yourself from the negative effects of Rahu and to get prosperity and peace at your place. The yantra consists of the numbers that are organized in a symmetric design that resonates with powers and positive frequencies of planet Rahu. This diagram attracts the principles of Rahu with the help of such design and chanting of the Mantra.

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The Rahu Pendant will have the following benefits:

  • The pendant acts as a shield against negative and malefic effects of Planet Rahu.
  • It helps you get rid off all the addictions.
  • It improves your courage and helps overcome all difficulties.
  • The pendant will help him to overcome all of his weakness.
  • It will be beneficial in health-related issues.
  • It helps us to gain success and avoid all sort of negative vibes from the surroundings.
  • Rahu sets you on the correct path with a clear way to reach riches.
  • It acts as the protector against all sorts of accidents.

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