JUPITER, RAHU- KETU, AND SATURN: Transit 2019 Predictions

By: Dr. Arun Bansal | 11-Mar-2019
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JUPITER, RAHU- KETU, AND SATURN: Transit 2019 Predictions

The aftermath of the Biggest Transit of 2019!

On 29th March 2019, Jupiter will move from Scorpio zodiac sign to Sagittarius. After which it will retrograde on 10th April and then become direct on 11th August. While all this is transpiring, on 23rd April it will again retrograde and enter Scorpio, and then on 5th November, it will enter Sagittarius zodiac sign. Planet Rahu will move towards Gemini from Cancer on the 23rd of March, whereas Ketu will transit to Sagittarius from Capricorn on the same day.

On the 3oth of April, Saturn will attain the status of a retrograde planet and then become direct on the 18th of September.

All these major planets transiting in the year 2019 will be casting a huge shadow on the future of all the zodiac signs of the wheel. Learn what impact it will have on your life:


The union between your Bhagyesh and Karmesh is affecting your luck. Therefore it will be easy for you to yield excellent results from your toils. Ketu, Jupiter, and Saturn are in the 9th house of your birth chart which means that the search for a Satguru will be over for you. Don’t get disheartened if you don’t get your heart’s desires fulfilled. The time isn’t in your favour when it comes to your business and health. At your workplace, there might be someone keeping an eye on you. Highs and lows will be a common happening in this period. Wealth in 8th house and Jupiter aspecting the 4th house from your birth chart will harbinger land, property, and automobile-related happiness in your life.

There might be an auspicious event at your home in this duration. However, there could be an ideological difference between you and your kith and kin. Ketu is aspecting the child house in your birth chart, which could be a menace in happiness related to your bundle of joy. April would foresee the Retrograde of Jupiter, which would prove to be beneficiary for your pocket. This time period would be excellent to repay your previous loans and have ample surplus to keep your needs satisfied. Those wishing for a little bundle of joy might just get their wish fulfilled this month!

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Planet Jupiter posited in the 7th house from your moon sign will be shadowing a warm glow of success and prosperity in your life. You might get into a business partnership in this duration. After the 23rd of March, relocation is predicted for those in the service sector. Do not make hasty decisions when it comes to investing. There is a high probability of your losing money in this period, so make sure you do not loan anyone your hard earned currency.

The effect of Rahu and Saturn on the 2nd house of your birth chart would affect the familial harmony. Keep tabs on what you speak and how you utter those words. There is a bright chance of you getting in a reputed organisation. Those preparing for competitive exams will have to keep up their good work and keep hustling in order to get good results. Rahu in the third house would give you the chance to go for excursions and trips. A sea voyage or an air trip could be possible due to Saturn posited in the 8th house from your moon sign.


With the grace of Saturn on the 7th house, you will be going on a slow rise at work. The period from 29th March to 23rd April could prove to be excellent for your business. The Lord of the 10th house, Jupiter will be moving to the 6th house, which would prove to be beneficial for those in the service sector. With the aspect of Rahu on your moon sign, it will become a herculean task for you to trust anyone or anything. You will have to take care of your life partner’s health. If you are eligible for marriage, this time period will see you tying the knot.

After the 23rd of March, Rahu will be aspecting the 5th house from your moon sign. During this period there is a high probability of a miscarriage or your child’s health getting affected. From a health perspective, the time could not be trusted for yielding good results. With Jupiter being posited in the 6th house from your moon sign, the chances of you getting stomach related ailments are high. With Jupiter aspecting your 12th house, you can also expect to go on foreign trips. With Saturn and Rahu aspecting your 9th house, there might be a slight drop in your fame and fortune.

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Saturn posited in the 6th house can bring good news in your life that is related to job relocation to the place of your liking. During March to April transition, if you want to invest in a new business venture during the time your Jupiter is in the 6th house, the time is excellent. The money would not be a problem in this period, however, your expenditure would exceed your income, thus savings would be quite hard to do.

The period from 23rd April to 05th November would see Jupiter in the 5th house, which would bestow couples planning for a child with their happiness. With Saturn playing its role in the 6th house, you will get support from your maternal uncle, and all your enemies will be overthrown. After 23rd March your Health will start improving. With Jupiter aspecting your ascendant house, you will have a marvellous mind with only happy thoughts. This would enhance your overall demeanour and get you to view the world with rose tinted glasses on.


The aspect of Jupiter on your tenth house is creating a strong yoga of getting financial gains. You will be in line to gain from your Senior Officials as well. Money that you thought you will never get back will find its way back and you will be rejoiced by the news. Saturn and Ketu posited in the 5th house will bring good luck in Share Market and betting. Sudden profits are highly probable. If you are investing in business at this moment, the outcome would blow your mind away.

Huge returns are possible. Jupiter posited in the 4th house will get you good returns and create an aura of harmony and peace at home. Your child would garner success in the fields of Technology & Science. Those in the service sector will get their heart’s desires fulfilled by getting a transfer to the place they like. The aspect of Ketu and Saturn on the 5th house will prove beneficial for Mantra Jaap. You will be able to put your acumen in tasks that require your presence at work.


With the aspect of Saturn on your workplace, you will be able to feel the pressure and the workload. This would create a hard situation for you to bring your tasks to completion. After 23rd March, the transit of Rahu in 10th House will turn the table for your life. You can expect good changes happening in your life in this period. You can expect good things to happen in your life after this period. The time presages relocation for some. The aspect of Saturn on the 4th house will prove beneficial for renovation projects at home or office. You can think about modifications at home in this duration.

If you have been thinking about investing in property, the time advises you to think about it again. Saturn in aspecting your ascendant house which is going to instil some minor health ailments. Headache, joint pains, and air-borne diseases are likely to harm your well being. Take good care of your parents health. With Jupiter aspecting your 9th house, there might be some auspicious event happening at your home, be it a puja or havan.


With Jupiter aspecting your 8th house, the chances of you inheriting paternal wealth are high. After 23rd March, the time would be more brilliant for you in terms of your personal life. Saturn posited in the 3rd house will bring fame and name in your alley. You will have a great reputation in society, along with respect. After 23rd March, the aspect of Saturn and Rahu conjunct could cause problems in conceiving.

You will need to have a keen eye on your kid at all time. Education and health of your child might suffer in this period. Your values will be affected in this period, which could infer that you will either be working too much or not at all. You will build up your immunity and this would brilliantly for you. Don’t let this period influence your spiritual beliefs or your inclination towards spiritual activities.


With Jupiter aspecting your 7th house, you expect to get propitious results in your business. The time would give you a stable income, new and improved ways to get more income, new ideas for business, or even starting a business venture. With Jupiter posited in your ascendant house, you will be blessed with a modern ideology, that’s in cahoots with today’s era, along with an acumen that knows how to shape a bright future. You will take benefit of the situations that Jupiter brings along.

You will be favourable results in a business partnership. Stay away from investing your money anywhere, as this might not be such a beneficial situation and you will get your money stuck to no avail. If there’s a court case going on in your family over Paternal ancestral property, the chances of it not going in your favour are way too high. With the transit of Saturn in the 2nd house from your moon sign would increase your responsibilities at home and would hamper the harmony and peace at home. With disturbed emotions and relationships, you will not be able to concentrate much on anything that you were too.

The time advises you to keep a tab on your temper and stay away from any type of debate with anyone at home. After the 23rd of March, there might be an upsurge in the familial matters, however, you will be able to resolve them swiftly due to the aspect of Jupiter on your horoscope. After 23 March due to the Transit effect of Rahu, you might get certain ailments related to stomach and breathing.


With the aspect of Saturn on the 7th and 10th house from your moon sign, you might have difficulties in enlarging your business. After the 23rd of March the time will turn in your favour and you will start seeing good results. You will get the opportunity to repay all your debts in this duration and get your money back from the places you never expected. You might spend way too much time, energy, and resources in getting rid of your physical ailments in this duration.

You will have to keep tabs on your partner’s health in this period as well. The planet Saturn posited in your ascendant will give you major mental dilemmas and confusions. You will have to face sift highs and lows in your health, along with mental agony. The Rahu posited in your 8th house, and Jupiter in your 12th house prophesize long travels and excursions. Students might not be able to concentrate on their studies. Jupiter in the 12th House will bestow with spiritual enlightenment, philanthropic duties, and charitable deeds. The mental agony inflicting you would keep you away from enjoying most of the harmonious activities.

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After 29th March, the time will finally take a turn for the better and you will get to enjoy yourself. The Jupiter posited in 11th house from your moon sign will give you more income opportunities so that you can increase your reach. The aspect of Rahu on the 10th house will give a chance for relocation to the ones in the service sector. The aspect of Saturn on the 2nd house presages the arrival of wealth in your life, despite this you won’t be able to keep the money with you due to your poor investment choices. You will be wasting your money a lot on travels and physical ailments.

You busy work schedule would keep you away from enjoying a good familial life and spending time with people you love. However, this will not budge the harmony at home. You might have to face defeat in legal matters. With the aspect of Jupiter on the 5th house, the time is auspicious for conceiving a child. There might be some kind of minor health issue troubling you always. After the 23rd of March, Rahu will transit in the 6th house from your moon sign. This period would be excellent for those preparing for a competitive exam, as you’ll outshine others. The Saturn posited in the 12th house presages foreign travels are on the cards for you.


After the 23rd of March, Rahu will transit in the 5th house of your birth chart. This presages a probability of having a miscarriage. Keep your distance from betting and share market. Jupiter posited in the 10th house of your horoscope predicts a promotion for those in the service sector. With Saturn posited in the income sector, you can expect a stable and steady flow of income to follow you.

You will be able to get your money back from people you thought would never return. With the beneficiary aspect of Jupiter on your 2nd house, you will be blessed with a harmonious familial relation. Your kith and kin will be supportive of your decisions and will always have your back no matter what. You might welcome someone new in your family during this period. The time predicts that you might also get the option of a transfer.


With respect to your career, the year is excellent for bestowing you with financial stability, swift career development, mental stability, and uniformity. Your fate and charm would be benefitted. Those involved in the service sector will get desirable transfer sanctioned. You will get sound results in property and health-related matters. There will be profits in the land business. You will be able to keep the money flow moving.

However, you will have to keep a keen eye on your expenses, due to you spending too much in the ceremonies and festivities at home. You might get interested in charitable deeds and start contemplating over buying a new office or donating it to a relief fund. With the aspect of Jupiter on the 3rd house, you will garner name, fame, and success. Keep tabs on your mother’s health. There is a strong possibility of a foreign excursion. Your luck will get enhanced due to this. With the favourable transit of Jupiter, your fate would subside with your thoughts and you will garner support from your officials. The time is in favour of those operating in the service sector.

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