Rahu & Mars to conjoin on the same degree in Gemini on 14th June

By: Future Point | 06-Jun-2019
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Rahu & Mars to conjoin on the same degree in Gemini on 14th June

Protect yourself from the malefic effects of this dangerous conjunction on 24 Degrees Gemini!

Rahu and Mars (Mangal) are transiting in the sign of Gemini and are in a state of 'Angarak Yog'. This period needs some serious caution to be exercised by everyone because Rahu is a 'Rakshas' (Demon) and Mars is raw power & energy as per the principles of Vedic Astrology.

When these two planets conjoin, then such 'Yuti' (conjunction) creates a huge turmoil in their respective energies and it results into an abnormal surge in cosmic energy, affecting everyone on multiple levels. Rahu which is a master of deceit and fraud, creates confusion and more often than not, brings sudden shocking events in life. It also inflicts subtle yet extremely devastating harm to a person in the form of malefic energies that it carries along.

Mars on the other hand is a planet which if is in a favourably transitory movement, brings an increase in energy levels, dispels lethargy, boosts confidence and enhances vitality. But when Mars conjoins with Rahu, then its nature changes and it signifies accidents, injuries, surgery, loss in finances, fire and bitterness in relations.

The most detrimental effect of the malefic conjunction of Rahu and Mars in certain cases is seen on pregnant woman. This conjunction increases the risk of miscarriage or abortions since Rahu represents sudden loss and when Mars gets negatively charged along with Rahu, it represents surgery/accidents.

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Time Period when this Conjunction is Extremely Dangerous

Although Rahu and Mars together in a sign are negative throughout the entire period of conjunction (in this case 7th May to 22nd June 2019). However, the day when they are conjunct exactly within one degree in a sign, is the most dangerous with its negative effects spanning from the period of 7 days before as well as 7 days after.

This time they are conjunct exactly at 24 Degrees on 14th June 2019.

So basically, this 'Angarak Yog' of Rahu & Mars is very negative from 7th June to 21st June 2019.

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Most Vulnerable Ascendant Signs

Ascendant Signs that are most vulnerable during this troublesome period are:

  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Aquarius
  • Pisces

The above mentioned signs as per the planetary placements and aspects in their horoscopes, are in a difficult situation and must deal with it timely and properly.

The Ultimate Remedy

One has to go for the right kind of solution to a serious and unusual problem and that to on a timely basis. Rather than letting this malefic conjunction damage the luck factor of your life and inflicting significant cosmic damage in various aspects of your life, it is prudent that you act timely and smartly.

Future Point offers an opportunity to arrange 'Rahu Grah Shanti Puja' and 'Mangal Grah Shanti Puja' to pacify the negative effects of the naturally malefic Rahu and the currently troubled Mars. These Pujas are performed by highly learned Brahmin Priests, in strict accordance with the sacred Vedic rituals as prescribed in the holy scriptures.

'Rahu Grah Shanti Puja' involves 18000 chants of the powerful mantra that pacifies the negativity of of Planet Rahu and 'Mangal Grah Shanti Puja' involves 10000 chants of the sacred & positively energized mantra of Planet Mangal (Mars).

The concept of 'Muhurat' (Astrological Timing) is taken into proper consideration while starting the Pujas, so that the mantras yield maximum benefits to the person for whom the chanting is being performed.

Benefits of these Pujas

  • One gets relief in ongoing health problems and is shielded from sudden health attacks or life threatening ailments.
  • These Pujas protect and enhance the fortune element in the life of a native and wards off bad luck.
  • Pregnant women find their pregnancy moving ahead smoothly and protects them against mishaps that pose danger to the baby.
  • Financial aspect of one's life is strengthened by these Pujas and energies of prosperity shine the business or job domain of a person.
  • One witnesses legal matters moving in a favourable direction with speed and these Pujas bring eventually make a person emerge victorious in legal battles.
  • These Pujas create a protective aura of positive energies around the person and ward off all malefic and black magic spells.
  • People having multiple enemies, emerge victorious over them by the grace of these Pujas.
  • These Pujas protect a person from an untimely death in accidents as well as getting injured while performing day-to-day activities.
  • Relationship problems due to misunderstandings between the couple gets resolved with the positive effects of these Pujas.

So, take charge of your own destiny and steer the course of your life towards success & prosperity by opting for the scared & powerful Vedic rituals that prevent this malefic conjunction from doing any irreversible damage to your luck & fortune!

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