The Seventh House in Astrology

The Seventh House in Astrology

The Seventh House is commonly known as the House of Partnership. This house depicts movement from self towards partner, we are social animal and we have to cooperate or unite with others to achieve something beneficial in life. When we unite with someone we make contribution and add value to the society, one small cog in the wheel of life. All of us have purpose in life, and the cooperation and partnership lead us towards it. Partnerships make us feel complete and contended, we tend to know about our potential and identity when working in a partnership or pair.

Seventh House or the house of Marriage and Partnership represents all kinds of moral, immoral, legal or illicit relationships. It shows the image native holds in public. It also shows foreign travels in the course of profession. This house falls in the middle of the fourth and tenth house in a horoscope and narrates well the balance between the family and professional life.

The partnerships can take many forms: marriage, business relationships, contracts, legalities, negotiations and agreements. All of us compromise to a greater or lesser extent to maintain these varied partnerships. The level of cooperation we show is the essence to how we relate to other in this world.

We choose partnerships for either getting love or money or sometimes emotional strength. This house teaches us that the quality of our partnerships may eventually enhance our lives, make us feel fuller and better for everyone.

The Seventh House also shows the darker side of our unions and covers divorce, lawsuits and treaties as well. At its worst, a partnership may also give birth to enemies — and in a broader sense these rifts may result into wars at global scale. The Seventh House is ruled by Libra and the planet Venus.

What does the seventh house depict?

Although all houses in astrology have specified significances attached to them but the 7th house covers the most important aspect of our lives i.e. marriage, hence gets special attention of everyone. It‘s one of Kendra i.e. angular house and is also called Yuvathi Bhava means the house of spouse. Venus is natural Karaka for this house. 7th house establishes our connections with those not in our blood relations. It signifies,

  • Marriage and relations with spouse
  • Business partnerships & partners
  • Trade, commercial activities, Foreign Travel for business, long journeys
  • Sexual desires and moral conduct
  • Kundalini shakti
  • Kidneys and lower back
  • Litigations and controversies
  • Physical relations with colleague or neighbour
  • Engagements
  • Love, Extra Marital affairs
  • Physical attraction
  • Failure of marriage
  • Sexual transmitted disease, size of private parts,
  • Medical treatment, Rape
  • Chastity
  • Sensual pleasures
  • Number of marriages
  • Anus
  • Impact of drugs
  • Foreign residence
  • Gifts
  • Controversies, Adopted son
  • Wealth· of Enemies
  • Profits through dealings with hospitals jails and clinics
  • Brothers of sweethearts, Property of mother
  • Change of residence, Nephews and nieces
  • Family Feuds, Death of Enemies
  • Business gains of friends, Detention and tracing of offenders
  • Thieves and runaways

Since the 7th house is 12th to the 8th house of longevity, it denotes the death or cause of death too! 7th house is called the marak sthaan in astrology and the lord or the planets associated with the house cause miseries and death like effects in their dasha period. The seventh house can very well predict the nature, character, appearance and the direction you are likely to find your life partner from. A well placed 7th house affirms a happy married life and prosperous partnership etc. If afflicted it may point out at the secret affairs unacceptable to the society at large.

Seventh House in Astrology as per classic texts

Satyacharya says that this house shows change and foreign travels.

According to Rishi Parashara, if lagna lord gets placed in the Seventh House, it shows that the native will own land and properties far away from the native‘s birth place.

The Seventh House is also called the “House of Union or Earthy Ties”. It depicts the bond between partners established legally. Partnership may happen between married or business partners. The zodiac sign which rules over the Seventh House in Kaal Purush Kundali is “Libra” and Natural ruler of this sign is “Venus”.

Marriage results in addition to the family in terms of children or we can say that pleasure and children are the outcome of a marriage and are influenced by the 11th house- the house of desires and gains. The status, quantum of success and good or bad qualities of the partners are seen from the Seventh House of the horoscope.

It shows all kind of relationships that we come across on daily basis in any manner. You might enter into legal contract or agreement for the purpose of business, face competitions and disputes through arguments, all professionals like engineer, contractor, doctor, patient, medical practitioner, one who lends money or borrows money from native etc. all are denoted by the Seventh House. This house describes the level of ease or difficulty with which a person mingles up with others. It also denotes break in journey.

Seventh house also shows visits to far off places and social image of the native. According to Uttara Kalamrita, the Seventh House also represents the adopted child of the native. In Horary Astrology, the seventh house gives indication about the thief and recovery of the lost article. First house indicates the owner of the property whereas Seventh House indicates the thief or the person illegally taking it away.

In Mundane Astrology, the Seventh House shows the cabinet and internal affairs, pleasure and entertainment activities, tourism, bond of relationships of business establishments with masses, foreign affairs and agreements.

This house also represents the general attitude of the natives or people in country towards legal bond of marriage and divorce including the rate at which they take place. It demonstrates females and their status in a particular country (Fifth house also talks about the condition of women and children in a particular nation).

Seventh house represents Ministry of Foreign affairs and its relations with others at powerful posts. Seventh house also indicates war and international disputes and foreign trade.

How the Seventh House is linked with Other Houses

The significations of the Seventh House may be interlinked with the specifications of the other houses in a horoscope. Seventh House indicates marriage, mutual relations, business, partnership, profession, social image, rivals, sexual organ, intimacy, physical appearance of your spouse and your preferences etc. one can also get an idea about the enemies of your families, difficulties, daily obstacles etc. through Seventh House.

Once a person marries, his seventh house gets activated, so marriage may either help in promoting or destroying your spiritual life. The seventh house mirrors your life partner, so, first house talks about you while the seventh house is all about others. It also represents the children of your younger siblings, your intellect, creativity of your younger siblings, wealth kept away from home, maternal grandmother, and the way you interact with females.

It represents the second child of the native, communication skills of your child, interests of your first child in sports, travelling and dance etc. Seventh house also tells about the property of mother, change of residence, wealth and victory of your competitors, gain and growth of wealth.

It represents loss of longevity, intimacy and desire, loss of interest in occult science. If any malefic planet transits through the seventh house, native may lose interest in Astrology, occult science, under the ground or hidden things. 7th house also reflects gains, desire and success of father, elder siblings of father and gurus.

Rise in career and profession can be estimated through this house. It also tells about the religious beliefs, moral values etc of your elder siblings, long distance traveled by them, spiritual transformation in life is also seen through the Seventh House in your horoscope.

Seventh House as per Lal Kitab

According to Lal Kitab, Seventh house depicts your family, females, sister-in-law, nurse, and your courtyard and birth place.

As per Lal Kitab, the planets placed in the first house activate the planets occupying this house. One can predict almost everything about the spouse of the native from the seventh house. The planets placed in this house will not give much effect if there is no planet placed in the first house. Generally, the effects of Mars and Venus are seen in the Seventh House.

In conclusion we can say that the seventh house is a powerful house as it is your mirror image, how you see or perceive the world and how does the world perceive you.

Different Planets in Seventh House

Sun: Sun in seventh house is not considered good – even though it may be exalted it will still be considered a malefic placement. Sun is called the cruel planet in Vedic astrology. Sun in this house indicates mental stress, lack of desired initiatives or rewards in occupation and Insomnia. This is not a favorable position for profession or business. Natal may also challenges in married life. Sun in seventh house indicates difficulty in married life, remarriage or second marriage. A strong or sun in own sign indicates good character of spouse.

Moon: Strong or waxing Moon in seventh house indicates attractive and charming spouse. It is a good position for trading, road construction business and import-export business. Natal will have a charismatic personality and he will be generous and loves travels. Natal will always remain under the control of spouse or opposite sex. Share trading, trades related to sea, sea travels, liquid materials are beneficial for natal. Grocery stores, hotels and restaurants and commission based trades (such as insurance agents) are suitable for such natal.

Afflicted or debilitated Moon indicates bad health of the spouse and lack of harmony in married life of natal. Natal may also lack stability in life, business and profession. Litigations may also trouble that person.

Mars: Mars in seventh house forms malglik dosha which indicates troubles for the spouse or even death of the spouse. Mars in seventh house indicates strong enemies and possibility of living in foreign lands. Such natal has sharp and cunning brain with excellent manipulation skills. Such natal never remain calm in love relationship. Afflicted Mars indicates – quarrels in married life. Such natal may not enjoy physical happiness from the spouse. He may have to face poverty, bad health and humiliation from the spouse.

Mercury: The placement of Mercury in quadrant is good but not the in seventh house. Mercury may be exalted or very well placed but since Mercury is considered eunuch in astrology, its placement in bhog sthaan is not appreciated in a horoscope. This is the reason why Mercury in seventh house creates disturbance in seventh house. The native can‘t meet the physical needs of his spouse and feels ashamed. However, he will have an attractive personality, obedient, sharp mind, and gentle; and will earn respect from opposite sex. His spouse too will have attractive personality but it is a threat to his longevity. Weak seventh lord and Mars with mercury will give diseases of skin to the spouse of natal. Strong and exalted Mercury depicts good vehicles and one spouse.

Jupiter: Natal will maintain high standard of living and life style. Natal will have charismatic appearance, great mannerism, generous heart and great oratory skills. Natal may be a poet, loving literature, wise and energetic. However, this position may endow the native with all good qualities and blessings in life but since it‘s a bhog sthan and Jupiter-the religious planet is not favorable for sex life of the couple. Natal may have a loving spouse but may lack physical attraction between them and the native will see growth in social image only after marriage.

Debilitated Jupiter indicates early death of spouse. Afflicted Jupiter may give spouse older than you and there is a possibility of divorce or death of spouse. Affliction with Mars and Saturn or with Moon and Sun indicates – No marriage or delay in marriage. Normally Jupiter in seventh house protects marriage.

Venus: Natal will get beautiful and charming spouse and will enjoy happiness and love in married life. This is a good position for progeny as well. Venus is a planet of sexual pleasures and the presence of it in the seventh house further enhances the sexual desires of the native and thus may sometimes turn harmful for the native. Natal loves to remain in the company of the opposite sex and may also over indulge in physical relations with them. Natal may become an established artist and enjoys appreciation from many followers. Strong Venus in a male chart indicates – physical relationship with many females and in a chart of a female – fateful and wealthy spouse. Such natal will be benefitted financially from his/her spouse. If Venus in seventh house is placed in the signs of Mars or Saturn, then the native will get an older spouse. Afflicted Venus indicates – delay and disturbance in marriage.

Saturn: Natal may not have attractive and charming spouse. This position of Saturn gives delays and interruptions in married life. Native will be cunning and surrounded by selfish friends, normally natal earns money and wealth through cheating others. The health of the spouse may not remain good and natal himself will not be a strong and healthy person. Natal may also face challenges in job and profession. Such position indicates that the spouse will be hard working with pleasing nature and stable mind. Spouse will be wealthy and elderly in age. Saturn in Ascendant or in Seventh house in paapkartari indicates – marriage due to some compromise or pressure or may be due to selfish reasons etc. Normally Saturn, Ketu and Venus indicate inter-cast marriage.

Afflicted Saturn indicates agony – such as death or separation from the spouse etc. it also indicates loss of wealth, legal troubles in partnership etc.

Rahu: Rahu in seventh house indicates problem in reproductive organs of the spouse, natal may have to bear separation or loss of relatives. Natal will be aggressive and unsystematic in nature. Natal will have to face torture at the hands of spouse. Natal will be lazy and lack optimism and smooth working life etc. Rahu in seventh house of a female chart indicates complications in menstruation.

Ketu: Ketu in seventh house indicates – risks from travelling and water. The native will be cunning but will get happiness from his spouse. Loss of wealth by thief or enemies is also indicated and the native has to face ignominy or taunt from spouse. He may also have to face diseases related to intestine. Ketu in Scorpio is considered beneficiary for natal.