What Sun gives in different houses?

By: Future Point | 01-Sep-2021
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What Sun gives in different houses?

Sun, the life giver is the only God who is visible through naked eyes. Sun keeps a prominent place in Vedic astrology and is the karaka of soul. If the Sun in an individual’s chart is free from malefic effects, we can imagine the person to be a generous and noble soul. 

Though considered a cruel planet in astrology, it makes a person noble and genuine. The Sun is considered as a King and gives royal pursuits to the native with strong Sun in the natal chart. 

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Sun rules the zodiac sign of Leo and represents the natural fifth house in a chart. It signifies father, royal behavior, soul, gold, government, politics, bones, eyes, immunity, authority, leaders, creator, wood, wool etc. 

Apart from these specifications, Sun also make the native proud and arrogant. The native gets egoistic and generally doesn’t listen to others. He believes in his strength and skills, he thinks high of himself while neglecting others. 

An afflicted Sun in a natal chart is not appreciated and may bring problems in career and various diseases significant with it.  

It stays in a zodiac for a month and takes around a year to complete one orbit of the whole zodiac of 12 signs and houses. Sun in different houses behave differently and gives both auspicious and inauspicious results as per its associations in your Kundali.

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Let’s see how the Sun behaves in different houses of the zodiac

Effects of Sun in 1st House

  • If the sun is placed in the 1st house of the horoscope, it gives a magnificient personality with a radiant and charming face to the native.
  • The native is quite energetic with a passion for life. This placement also ensures good health if any affliction is not there.
  • The native lives a royal life and people look up to him for help. The native will enjoy good relations with influential people and will have respect in society.
  • He will obey his father and love him immensely. 
  • They have high temper and show the trait of laziness at the same time, just like a lion.
  • This position of sun endows the native with leadership qualities which may give aggression and superior attitude.
  • The native is also self-centered most of the time.

Effects of Sun in 2nd House

  • The sun in second house gives generous and warm nature.
  • Moreover, the native earns well and spend mostly on luxuries.
  • A second house Sun person has an attractive and heavy voice.
  • They may also make great singers. Individuals with such placement strongly urge for power and have a deep sense of self-worth.
  • They are on a constant run for acquiring power in the form of possessions, bank balance and skills.
  • These people talk in a straight-forward manner.                                               

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Effects of Sun in 3rd House

  • Placement of Sun in the third house gives excellent communication skills to the native. He does conventional talks and may earn well through writing, editing and publishing.
  • This position is beneficial for the younger siblings and friends as they are likely to attain high positions in their life.
  • The native is fortunate, good looking, well educated, successful in litigation, smart, brave and has an authoritative post.
  • They love travelling and have to travel a lot due to business trips.
  • The native values wisdom and at the same time share it with others.

Effects of Sun in 4th House

  • The fourth house is the house of family, properties, vehicles and domestic happiness. Placement of Sun in 4th house makes the native interested in these matters.
  • The mother of the native is influential and takes very good care of him. The native enjoys a good status too.
  • They have introvert traits and love to stay at home.
  • Sun in the fourth house also blesses the native with enhanced energy and strength in the latter half of the life.
  • These people usually get success later in their life because Sun is the vitality of your soul, the fuel that ignites you and it’s not there when take birth. But brightens once it has risen.

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Effects of Sun in 5th house

  • Sun rules the natural 5th house. This house represents creativity, academic education, the creation, joyfulness, speculation business, expressing capabilities, cinema, stage exposure, performing, artistic talent, learning cultural education.
  • When Sun is in the fifth house it illuminates all the specifications of the fifth house.
  • The native has inclination towards politics, creativity, philosophy, ancient texts and would love creative aspects of life.
  • Sun here adds boldness to the personality of the native. In academic terms they want to outshine others.
  • This is where their ego persists, in learning and expressing themselves.
  • They love to express their talent and also share a great bond with their father.

Effects of Sun in 6th House

  • 6th house is the house of debts, conflicts, wars, diseases, competition and enemies. Sun tries to take a centre stage in whatever house that it’s placed in, in your birth chart.
  • Sun, in the 6th house, would like to solve conflicts, win litigation, win over their enemies and basically win in creative manner over others in life.
  • Sun also represents bones and an afflicted sun in the house of diseases may give bone defragmentation or fractures.
  • Sun is even though a malefic planet but it still wants to do good and provide relief to the native from these negative specifications.
  • Sun here makes the native a successful doctor, lawyer or politician.

Effects of Sun in 7th House

  • When Sun sets in the seventh house, things too set down in the seventh house. 7th house is the house of spouse, business partnership, sexual relationship, laws etc. so, these specifications go down and don’t get good results.
  • It also represents masses. This house, the house of Libra which is the sign of justice, balance and harmony and it debilitates the Sun. a debilitated Sun means lack of confidence and self-esteem in the native.
  • In case, Sun is exalted in this house, the native is of very authoritative and is fearful. He demands respect and authority.
  • People with Sun in the seventh house in their birth chart may marry more than once.
  • However, an exalted Sun would talk of good manager, lawyer or judge and even a good politician because it gives leadership qualities to the native.

Effects of Sun in 8th House

  • 8th house represents hidden things, esoteric knowledge, transformation, confidential information, and drastic changes of life.
  • It also signifies joint assets with your partner or in-laws.
  • So, a Sun in the 8th house illuminates the significations of the 8th house.
  • Sun and Saturn are the only two planets that actually do really well and get strong in 6th, 8th and 12th house. Sun is fine here as it’s in the house of his friend, Mars (lord of Scorpio).
  • Native usually doesn’t express his ego, they just superior than others.
  • People are endowed with magnificent personality. They remain curious about the darkness, mysteries, under the carpet things and occult.

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Effects of Sun in 9th House

  • 9th house is the house of luck, religion, spirituality, house of your father and gurus and law.
  • It is also a house of long journeys like pilgrimage or foreign tours So, when Sun is into the 9th house, its ego gets heightened.
  • Lawyer, judges, Professors, religious priests are seen from this house. They love to make people follow principles and rules.
  • It is difficult to let this person’s ego get down and because of which, they might get into ego hassles with their fathers.
  • These people want to extract wisdom out of their journeys.

Effects of Sun in 10th House

  • The 10th house represents profession, karmas, government work, authority, career and executive work.
  • It’s the house of your father. So Sun here signifies an influential and energetic father.
  • Native attains an authoritative position either in the government or as a diplomat.
  • They are born fighters and win over every difficult situation.
  • This is one place where no matter how much opposition you face, you will come out of it.

Effects of Sun in 11th House

  • 11th house is the house of Gains and indicates income, awards, sudden profits and prosperity.
  • This house indicates friends and elder siblings as well.
  • So, when the sun is here, it is not very comfortable as it is natural house of its enemy Saturn.
  • However, the native may be a representative or a group leader.
  • If the sun is exalted here then things with father go chaotic. Native’s relation with his father may not run smooth but get better with passing time.
  • It is also said that the sun in the 11th house blesses the native with long life and a lot of wealth.

Effects of Sun in 12th house

  • It is the house of expenses, losses, hospitalization, foreign settlement, foreign relations, Relations across the sea, Asylum, Jails etc.
  • It also signifies donations, hidden enemy and spirituality or connection to the divine. When Sun comes here, it illuminates its significations. The native may clearly see his hidden enemies and hidden talents.
  • Directors, Scriptwriters, Spiritual leader are seen from this house. 
  • So, if you go to the foreign lands your image would be far better than what it is in your homeland.

This is just a general analysis of the results of the Sun in all houses however the sun in different signs will also make the difference. We have to analyze the effects of other planets in different houses to get the clear picture of a native’s life.

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