Mars Transit in Virgo, September 6, 2021- Effects on different Zodiac Signs

By: Future Point | 03-Sep-2021
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Mars Transit in Virgo, September 6, 2021- Effects on different Zodiac Signs

Mars controls our action, passion, confidence, and energy. And the Virgo depicts communication, analysis, accuracy in day-to-day activities, and perfection. 

The natives with Mars in Virgo thus may indicate a person with strong arguments capabilities based on figures and facts. These natives have a flair for perfection and are determined towards their goals. 

Mars always find out faults in others if in affliction and its placement in this most analytical sign may mar the personal relationships of the native. Mars signifies occupations like real estates, engineers, builders, army officials and surgeons. 

This was the general trait of Mars in Virgo, now since the transit will take place on 6th of September, 2021, let’s understand how this transit will impact the life of all natives belonging to different zodiac signs:

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Mars transit will make you feel more enthusiastic and energetic. Your mind will come up with innovative ideas. Your hard work will reap results during this transit. But take control of your ego and stay calm.

Your opponents may try to overpower you. You will be working very hard to achieve your goals which will grab attention and praises all over. If taking part in any competition, chances of win are quite bright. 

Mars adds aggression to the personality as well as speech. So, keep a strict watch on your words. Legal cases may turn out in your favor. You may also make donations.

This transit is also an excellent time for your promotion. However, after some challenges, your financial position will improve after the mid of the month.

Aries Weekly Horoscope


This Mars transit in the fifth house of your zodiac may keep you stressed. You may feel irritated as the obstructions at the work place may trouble you.

Your colleagues may plot against you out of jealousy. The time is not suitable to invest in stock market. Your relationship with a spouse will be decent. 

Health issues may trouble you especially stomach or digestion problems. Despite these negativities, you will adopt a courageous attitude and will win over adversities.

Take care of your mother’s health too. Talk sweetly to everyone and do not allow workplace-related problems to spoil the peace at home.

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Taurus Weekly Horoscope


Mars transit in Virgo is moderate for you. However, your aggression may annoy your loved ones. You may land into quarrelsome conditions with your relatives and friends. Your children too may stop obeying you, but your spouse will remain in your support. Talk sweetly to win hearts of the people.  

Some hidden enemies may crop up as well. Your aggressive behavior may make your life troublesome. So, staying calm and polite is advised.

Investment in properties or the stock market may not give desired results. Moreover, take good care of your mother’s health. Those suffering from the heart- diseases or blood pressure need to stay more cautious about their health.

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Gemini Weekly Horoscope


Mars transit in Virgo is auspicious for the natives and despite other major unfavorable transits Mars may give you positive results. Your efforts towards work will be infused with energy and you will handle the situations smartly.

Your creative approach will get enhanced. This is a positive time for taking investment decisions as well. Seeking help from some influential people will be very useful for you. 

Some auspicious activities at home may keep you busy and your relations with spouse may go sour. Professionally time is good to get promotions and status. Your opponents may lose while your health will remain good. 

Cancer Weekly Horoscope


Mars transit is likely to give not that encouraging results for you. You may not get the desired success even after repeated attempts. Your speech and attitude during this transit may speak aggression and jealousy.

This transit will also create problems in financial matters. Some unforeseen financial losses may trouble you. Be careful while taking any finance and investment related decisions.

You may also face problems in acquiring any loans. Time for professionals is also difficult. Competitors and opponents may ruin your image. Your family relations will stay harmonious only after your best efforts.

Lovers too may face dejections in their relationship. Insomnia, fatigue, and body pain is a cause of worry too. 

Control your anger and harsh words if you want to make maximum of this transit. Humbleness and politeness are the mantras for success during this transit.

Leo Weekly Horoscope


Mars will transit in the lagna which is unlikely to give positive results. You need to stay calm and decide wisely. Your aggressive words and rude behavior may bring bitterness in your relationship with your closed ones.

You are likely to face a lot of confusion in your mind. Your fiery approach and rashness may delay success in your efforts. Do not make any new investments during this transit.

You may long for materialistic gains but will get them after many obstructions. 

You may also argue with your spouse on petty issues and here too ego will play the dominant role. You might suffer from acidity, bile, colic pain, and indigestion. Drive carefully and stay away from immoral activities.

Virgo Weekly horoscope


The transit of Mars in Libra is particularly favourable for professional people. Libra people are likely to get the desired job and promotion. 

Your relations with your elders, especially elder brothers and father will improve. The relations with the family will also remain nice.

You may get financial favours from them. Financially, this transit will bestow huge benefits in terms of business profits and job promotions. Sale purchase of property may bring you good profits as well.

Overall, this Mars transit in Libra is beneficial for Libra people, except for minor health issues for wife or daughter. Here also, early diagnosis of such health complications will help to overcome them easily.  

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Libra Weekly Horoscope


The transit of Mars in the Eleventh House of Scorpions will give better results in their professional life. People engaged in real estate, production and finance will gain significantly during this period.

You will emerge as a leader and will get honour and respect at the work place. But at the same time, you should avoid sense of over confidence and any kind of negative comments that come your way.

There are chances for promotion and pay hikes. You may also think to switch your job but think twice before taking any decision. Chances of foreign travel are also foreseen.

Your over indulgence at the workplace may give you stress but the support of your family and spouse will keep you on your toes.

You may travel for fun with your family. Your parents too will support you in all your endeavours. You may spend few extra bucks during the transit but good financial condition will help you to afford those expenses.  Your children too are likely to perform well in their jobs and studies. 

Avoid giving any loans or investing in any property involving large investment. However, short-term investments in the share market may yield good results. This is the time to make some investments in life policies.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope


The transit through the tenth house of your zodiac may give you success in your goals. But you may not remain satisfied with your professional achievements.

The transit will add to your status bringing recognition and praises for your hard work. The transit will motivate you to meet new challenges in life with courage. But opponents and rivals may plot against you.

So, stay alert of any kind of such activities. Your old friends will prove supportive and helpful to you. During this transit, you may fight or argue unnecessarily, which you should avoid. 

Your deteriorating health is a cause of concern to you as excessive work load may give bodily pain. But, despite these obstructions, you will turn victorious due to your courage.

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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope


Mars transit may not bring apprehensive results. You may face some uncomfortable situations with your in-laws and other family members.

Your married relations may remain stressed out with minor ego hassles with your spouse. You may not get desired results despite putting best of your hard work and efforts.

Co-workers and colleagues at the workplace may create obstacles in your work routine. First half of the month may make you come across some immoral people which you should try and avoid.

The health of the father should be taken care of. Your financial condition may not stay stable and you may spend extravagantly. You are advised to make budget and spend accordingly.

Quarrels with your social relations may give you stress. Some health issues, such as body ache, fatigue, or fever, may trouble you. Stick to an exercise regime or practice yoga and meditation to stay away from any kind of negativity.   

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope


This transit will take place through your eighth house which is not that supportive condition. This transit may give irritable tendencies in your behavior.

You may also face some health problems during this transit. You are advised to drive carefully as some accidents or injuries are foreseen too.

Walk carefully and do not mess with anyone. Sport persons should be extra conscious and should not try risky adventures due to overconfidence.

Don’t ignore if you face any piles, blood related or urine infections and take advice from the doctor. Due to your egoistic attitude, your relationship with your spouse may not remain harmonious.

Your spouse may also face some health related problems. Your relationship with your in-laws may also turn bitter. 

Difficulties at the work place may also crop up and your seniors may take your moral down due to their criticizing behavior.

You may also  not be supported by your colleagues showing lack of cooperation from their side. Limited earning and worries may take toll on your health. Your financial position may cause stress for you.

So, you are advised not to invest in stock markets or any immovable property during this transit. Transiting planets are suggesting separation for those already facing problems back in their relations. All in all, this transit is not good for you. 

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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope


The transit may induce a bad image of you and you might be misinterpreted through influential people. You may lack judicial way of thinking.

You need to stay calm with your spouse and business partners. You may also grow misunderstanding with your spouse and business partners.

So, this transit seems to bring challenges for you giving you irritation and restlessness for most of the time. Stay away from harsh speech while talking with anyone.

You may also get involved with someone but observe their character cautiously. Also, some female may create problem in your life. Look for stomach ailments if any.  

Problems at the workplace and in your professional life may not be pleasant. Maintain good relations with your colleagues. Circumstances may create misunderstandings and humiliation.

Talk nicely with people to avoid any unpleasant situations in your life. Do not be harsh and stay away from any unnecessary arguments. You would have fun time with your friends.

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