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Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn in 14th September, 2021 : The Biggest Fortune in Backward Motion

By: Dr. Arun Bansal | 07-Sep-2021
Views : 6584Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn in 14th September, 2021 : The Biggest Fortune in Backward Motion

Jupiter in retrograde motion is generally associated with philosophical and spiritual bent of mind. It helps you to deal with particular issues involving growth and development. 

It emphasizes the need to work with more attention and care to get the desired results. 

The retrograde movement is kind a test that ensures that you are ready to receive good luck after overcoming your flaws and mental pursuits obstructing your way of progress. Know your Jupiter and its effects in your life with talk to astrologer

During the next few months Jupiter will be,

  • Going retrograde – 20th Jun 2021
  • Entering Capricorn – 14th Sept 2021
  • Going forward – 18th Oct 2021
  • Entering Aquarius again – 21st Nov 2021

Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn and will remain in conjunction with owner Saturn in transit. This will also cause neech bhanga yoga to be formed in the sign of Capricorn. 

Its shift in Aquarius in forward motion will bring overall sense of relief in November. There will be improvement from what is going on at present, on all fronts, global to local, there will be increase in positivity. 

The backward motion of the giant planet in Capricorn will create some confusion during this period. Things will move positively forwards when Jupiter finally enters Aquarius on 21st Nov. 

The influence of Saturn on Jupiter’s transit will remain high who rules Capricorn and Aquarius both. At present Saturn is more powerful as placed in his own sign of Capricorn. 

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Retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn

Expansiveness of Jupiter is restrained in Capricorn, because our thoughts are limited to ideas that can actually be turned into a reality. 

Retrogression itself is a state of confusion and its placement in Capricorn that wants actual results and doesn’t appreciate new and unproven ideas further makes Jupiter weaker.

Someone aspiring for innovation will not get encouraging results in coming months. Jupiter and Saturn share neutral relations and will remain in the earth sign, but Jupiter is almost muted by powerful Saturn.

Those born with Jupiter in Capricorn (natal chart) are generous at heart with never-ending passion towards their ambitions. They aren’t strong in intellectual pursuits but stay connected to their families. 

Retrograde Jupiter now will leave spiritual and religious practices behind and bring focus to practical work. 

Those who were practicing meditation during last few months can take a break and become practical in their approach. Few signs may end up losing while few may trigger gains unexpectedly.

Saturn owns 10th house in zodiac (profession/Karma), while Jupiter owns 9th (luck and dharma). Their conjunction in 10th house causes Dharma-Karma Yoga as well.

This yoga is good for those born in Pisces (Meena), Taurus (Vrishabha), Cancer (Karkataka), Virgo (Kanya) ascendants or moon signs. They should have the best time ahead as many dramatic positive changes can happen. 

Pisceans especially with both the major planets in their eleventh house will have a blast in terms of wealth gains. The positive results to Sagittarius natives will somewhat be obstructed by Saturn which will deliver its ill-effects. 

Jupiter is not at its happiest, most expansive position in this Saturn-ruled sign of Capricorn. Even if someone achieves their dream goal, they remain somewhat dissatisfied.

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Effects of retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn for all zodiac signs

Aries birth Moons will see an average to low time, with several ups and downs. The transit of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu is not very apprehensive

Family and financial matters will pose threats during this transit. But Jupiter going forward in Aquarius will offer opportunities in November, do make use of these. 

Jupiter when retrograde in Capricorn can take away already earned benefits so you are advised to stay alert. However things will improve once Jupiter finally enters Aquarius again i.e. after 21st Nov. 

Taurus birth Moons will have an average to good time. Rahu and Ketu are not in favourable position. Separation from spouse or family may happen and there are chances of financial losses. You may also not earn as desired. 

Saturn will give positive results if you act as per 9th house i.e. respect father and indulge in religiously. You need to be more careful on the professional front. Do not trust anyone more than you need to. 

Gemini birth Moons have an average to low period. The period where Jupiter moves forward in Aquarius will be better than his retrograde stay in Capricorn. Jupiter in Aquarius will aspect Gemini so serving as a saving grace. 

However Saturn is in the 8th house throughout and Rahu and Ketu are also not very favourable, so it’s better to stay careful. Propitiate Saturn to gain the favourable outcomes from time to time.

Cancer birth Moons have an average to low time. Jupiter coupled with Saturn in the 7th house and Ketu in the 5th house can play havoc on relationships, finances and health. 

Break-ups and humiliations, as things do not happen as per your expectations. Do not over trust anyone and your new acquaintances might betray you now, do not take unwanted risks, and avoid arguments and mental stress. 

There will be some ups and more downs as Jupiter goes retrograde/ forward and changes signs. 

Leo birth Moons are on a better ground as Saturn is favourable and will protect throughout. Rahu Ketu will remain a cause of concern for peace at home and office. 

Try to create long-term partnerships with seniors who can help you in the future. Be careful when Jupiter retrogrades through Capricorn as hidden enemies/diseases can pop up unexpectedly. 

Overall this can be quite a good time if used smartly. Jupiter when would transit in Aquarius and aspect the ascendant will bring major positive energy, and will allow overall recovery and progress of your health, relationships and finances.

Virgo birth Moons will face an average to low time, it is advised to stay alert. Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are unfavourable throughout. 

The forward Jupiter in Capricorn phase must be used to consolidate whatever gains you may have made. Jupiter in the fifth house may cause trouble to children and you may have to take undesired decisions for them. 

This time will trigger unnecessary threats and there will be bitterness in life. Be careful about trusting others and avoid speculations. 

Libra birth Moons have an average to good time. Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are not very favourable but Jupiter will grant its protection. There will be increase in positivity in November when Jupiter is in Aquarius and would positively aspect 

Aquarius, Libra and Gemini (1-5-9 axis). There will be a thrust of positive energy, relationships, finance, health, blessings will be there, so utilize this time well. However, in Capricorn, he is likely to trigger negative results.

Scorpio birth Moons will see an average to good time. Rahu Ketu is not favourable, but Saturn is capable of giving positive results so he will help you, control things before they are beyond your reach. 

Be careful during the Jupiter retrograding in Capricorn phase as health, relationships, office work and finance related stresses may turn up

Jupiter in Aquarius will restore you so use this time period for consolidating your gains. He will allow you to recover your health, family comforts and finances in this time. Overall it is an average to good time for the natives.

Sagittarius birth Moons have an average time to low time overall. Last phase of the Sade-sati is running and Rahu in sixth will destroy your enemies, diseases and debts. But at the same time, take care of your health. Jupiter in Aquarius can create problems regarding finances and profession. There will be some arguments with your siblings and extended family. So try to use the Jupiter forward in Capricorn energy the best you can. 

Capricorn birth Moons have an average time. Middle phase of Sade-sati can get tiring. Rahu Ketu are not favourable. Relationships, emotional/ mental and physical health can cause troubles. Disappointments and bitterness can prevail, so avoid risks or new ventures. Be especially careful during the retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn phase. 

Aquarius birth Moons will have an average to low time. The starting phase of the Sade-sati is running and Rahu- Ketu too is not very favourable. This will be a tough time for you as transit of Jupiter is not favourable either in Capricorn or Aquarius. You have to be very careful while making any investments and it not a time to start new jobs or ventures etc. And take care of your mind and body both.

Pisces birth Moon will be having the best time overall. Health, family, finance, opportunities all will remain positive. This is a fortunate time for you, as Saturn in Capricorn has the ability to convert all your desires into reality. Rahu Ketu are favourable. Jupiter in Capricorn will give pleasing results. This is a wish-fulfilling year, possibly the sort of years that come once in a life time, so use this time well. However, retrogression of both Jupiter and Saturn may give some temporary setbacks during their transits.

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When it comes to analyzing the effects in an individual chart, a lot depends on the power of Jupiter in the natal chart, which houses he controls, is he a functional benefic/ malefic, which planets he is associated with etc. All these factors will modify the transit results for the individual charts.

Talk to the best astrologers to know the major events as brought through this major transit

Analysis of Jupiter transiting over which house along with if it crosses over any planet from your birth chart makes a lot of difference. Also Jupiter aspects the 5th 7th and 9th houses from its position and enhances their positive and auspicious results. Sometimes he gives better results in the houses he aspects than the house he occupies in transit.

The Mahadasha and Antardasha the native is undergoing at the present time will also play an important role. Individual predictions are made by a combination of the Dasha sequence and the transits. So if you are under the dasha period of a benefic planet then expect better results. Else be careful.

Additionally Asktakvarga points during the transit may also bring difference in the predictions. If your Jupiter has more than 4 points in Capricorn, then this transit will definitely help you in some way.

A general rule, the overall power of the birth chart helps the native to tide over any unfavourable transit. And if your ascendant lord is powerful, the ascendant sign is influenced by benefics and and the birth Moon is powerful then you are in a position of strength. Whatever happens in life, you will be quite capable of dealing with it and be able to convert the possible negatives into opportunities.