The Most Powerful Lal Kitab Remedy for Money

By: Future Point | 19-Jun-2018
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The Most Powerful Lal Kitab Remedy for Money

Lal Kitab or the Red Book is the most important element in astrology. As Lal-Kitab is used to identify the malefic planet in a natal chart and suitably recommends solution to overcome any problem, the importance of Lal-Kitab is found more in the present world.

Hence, astrologers widely use the Lal kitab to recommend solutions which are simple, effective, inexpensive and quick to generate positive results and relieve the native from sufferings.

As Lal-Kitab has solutions for almost every problem, the same book has given detailed solutions to overcome the problems of, money shortage. In today’s world, money is not only a material symbol but also a deciding factor for social status.

Again, money as a medium of exchange has always found its place in occult science as it is represented by Goddess Laxmi.

Thus, the solutions recommended in Lal-Kitab along with the divine blessing of Goddess Laxmi will help the individual to overcome the problems of money shortage. Some of these solutions will not just improve earnings but would also improve savings, which is part of money management exercise.

All that one must do, is to follow these prescriptions of Lal-Kitab, religiously and dedicatedly, to make their dream come true.

  • To increase your income in profession or business, all that you must do is to drop a pitcher in water. This must be performed only on a Wednesday. Follow this for 6 consecutive Wednesdays and you would see the results improving. Make sure, this does not break until you complete 6 consecutive Wednesdays.
  • The sweetness of Jaggary: Eat a piece of jaggary everyday in the morning before leaving your house for work or business. You can eat this little piece of jaggary after all your daily rituals/prayers and just before you step out of your home for work. Continue this for eternity, your endeavour will turn fruitful.
  • Offer Puri and Bhaji to poor. You can do this remedy on the first Saturday of every month, with Shukla Pakshami fortnight (15 days Before a full Moon day or Poornima). The blessings are assured immediately. Continue this exercise for eternity.
  • For problems of Real estate or property, you can throw a piece of Square copper in flowing water for 40-45 days. The problems will fade away soon.
  • Iron bowl or a cup: Use this filled with water and place near your head while sleeping. The next day, make sure you do not drink this water or offer to planet or anyone else. Merely dispose by pouring on the floor of the ground.

This remedy will also improve your savings at hand.

  • Offering of biscuits or chapatis to the dogs. The product that you offer to the dogs, should be made from wheat or an extract of wheat product. Dues which were delayed or any grants from the government which is getting delayed will easily get through.
  • In case of improper flow of income, this is the ideal remedy as per Lal-Kitab. The method will improve your income and reward the efforts appropriately. Just drop an entire coconut in running water. This must be commenced only on the Laxmi puja day during Diwali. Continue this for next 44 days. Along with this, Chant Laxmi stotra as a ritual. With your devotion and fervour, Goddess Laxmi will be pleased to grant you sufficient income.
  • Offer regular pooja to Goddess Laxmi or If possible invite a Purohit (noble man) to your residence and request to chant Sri-Sukta from Rig Veda. This will be performed with appropriate offerings in the form of sweets and fruits to the Purohit, along with Dakshina. You can undertake this for at least once in a year.

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